Meaning of DIRECTLY in English




be closely/directly/strongly etc linked

Our economy is inextricably linked with America’s.

directly below

The kitchen is directly below her bedroom.

directly proportional

The fee charged by the realtor is directly proportional to the price of the property.

directly responsible

Cabinet members are directly responsible to the President.

directly/indirectly related

illnesses which are directly related to poverty




This figure is directly comparable with those reported from other parts of Britain.

The explanations, being of differing character, are not directly comparable .

The scar tissue with which animals seal their wounds is not directly comparable to the callus tissue of plants.

In consequence the definitions used in table 3.3 are not directly comparable with their procedures.

Hence, different experiments may not be directly comparable , and there may similarly be difficulties of comparison between experiment and theory.

No group was directly comparable in 1961; but by 1976 the Thomson group was strong in all sectors.

They're directly comparable with personal laser printer speeds, while offering far more versatility in what can be printed.


With the particular merits and demerits of these proposals I am not here directly concerned .

It is directly concerned with individuals, with their minds and with their own way of looking at things.

You will find your professional abilities to be in constant demand and you will be directly concerned with the provision of services.

It is likely to occur to an individual directly concerned with the problem.

The majority of blacks are working class and many black organizations are directly concerned with improving their class situation.

On a more general level, the past was often implied in works which were not directly concerned with portraying it.

The directly concerned populations are invariably viewed as passive recipients of plans.

That is, it is not directly concerned with material gain; delinquency centring on vandalism or violence is an obvious example.


A total of 667 candidates fielded by 17 political parties contested the 225 directly elected seats in the 325-member Assembly.

It also established a 150-member National Assembly elected from among the members of eight directly elected regional councils.

Five directly elected deputies are sent to the National Assembly in Paris and three indirectly elected members to the Senate.


Again, the increase is not directly proportional to the blocking factor.

Hence a current flows; the current is directly proportional to the PO2 in the sample. 25.

The usefulness of most Web sites is directly proportional to the benefits it offers to the people who visit it.

The voltage induced in the pickup coil by this waveform is directly proportional to the rate of change of magnetic induction.

This luminescence is measured and is directly proportional to the number of trapped electrons, and thus to the total radiation dose.


In its emphasis on institutional culture it is directly relevant to the pursuit of equal opportunities.

The intricacies of the alteration itself, begun in 1980, are not directly relevant here.

The second issue in Exparte Handscomb is, however, directly relevant to our decision.

All this detail is directly relevant to the fishing.

The research itself was laboratory based, although directly relevant to academic obstetrics.

How data are input is directly relevant to the way the same information is retrieved from the system.

Most directly relevant in this context, however, were Spemann's experiments with two-cell salamander embryos.

The safer approach is to start with that evidence which is directly relevant .


Well, perhaps not directly responsible .

It is directly responsible for 35,000 deaths from lung cancer and twice this number from other diseases every year.

The constitution also made military leaders directly responsible to the emperor, allowing them to bypass the cabinet.

Severing the umbilical cord between landlords and peasants vastly increased the proportion of the population for which the centre was directly responsible .

In some places, women have been directly responsible for its introduction, whilst in others feminist ideas have influenced the law-makers.

Sender of message and person responsible for delay in clearance will be held directly responsible for possible deaths of thousands.

They are frequently directly responsible for its execution.

Woodrow Wilson held them directly responsible for the First World War23 and his successors have accumulated a catalogue of complaints.



By the outbreak of the revolution in December 1989, only about seventy villages had been directly affected by rural systematization.

They directly affect the entirety of social relations in different societies.

This means that the fate of the body does not, in fact, directly affect the inheritance of the offspring.

Whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly.

The latter does not usually directly affect the defendant's pocket as he will be insured.

Our college education is going to directly affect our future.

Now we want you to add your views to future Plans, whether or not you are directly affected by the proposals.

Caffeine also directly affects many parts of the body by attaching to adenosine receptors found outside the brain.


Makeup had been applied directly to the mask; his lips were rendered huge, clown-like.

Interesting word use; a personal, exciting message; information that applies directly to them.

These are more effective than shampoos because they are applied directly to the scalp and left on for longer.

The remedy can even be made into a paste and applied directly to the sting.

It can be applied directly on to a stripped wooden surface without the need for primer.

This he proceeded to apply directly to the process of recruitment.

This analysis applies directly to generalization tests for acquired equivalence of the sort depicted in Table 5.1.

Responses to controlled hypoglycaemia induced in a laboratory setting can not be directly applied to the clinical situation.


Their inputs come directly from the retina.

The animal had come directly and deliberately to the raft, and spent a minute or two investigating us closely.

Much of the bad publicity came directly from the philistinism of the tabloid press.

They came directly from hospitals or drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers and, in a few cases, from prison.

Twenty years ago more than three quarters of Imperial's total income came directly from government in the form of a grant.

Some jobseekers come directly to him.

The most effective source of heat recommended comes directly from the Maker.

The money comes directly from the investment-banking firm, and indirectly from the investors to whom that firm sells the bonds.


The cistern of the close-coupled design sits on top of the pan and is connected directly to it.

It can also connect directly via an Internetstyle network connection.

The engines of the rocket do not apply a force directly to his body as he is not connected directly to them.

It was the first time a person directly connected to the $ 5. 8 billion Metro Rail project was criminally charged.

There are several factors which directly connect postmodernism and the new mode of economic regulation.

He says they have to photograph issues not connected directly with the rally, perhaps the environment or wildlife.

Only a small charge directly connected to the detonator exploded.

Your social worker is available to discuss any worries you have, even if they are not directly connected with your child.


They might have to deal directly with the country's ethnic and class divisions.

Often, everyone deals directly with the leader, who can make most decisions on the spot.

There are a few works by scholars which deal directly with aspects of my subject.

He was now dealing directly with his mother and his feelings, rather then beating up other children.

It does not deal directly with possession of weapons, nor with the legitimacy of resort to war in the first place.

With such access, a manager can deal directly with a key decision maker or find out what is really happening.

However, most travel agents do not deal directly with these companies.

As early as 1821, the first state law dealing directly with abortion was enacted by the Connecticut Legislature.


Executive power is vested in the President, who is directly elected for a five-year term.

The only federal officials to be elected directly by the citizens themselves were the members of the House of Representatives.

Clearly, members of the second chamber would not be as accountable as those directly elected to the Commons.

About a dozen services were transferred to the directly elected London boroughs.

All departmental governors would be directly elected .

Mr Tung must maintain momentum towards democratic reforms, increasing the number of directly elected representatives in the territory's legislature.


If the exact location of the incident is known the team members go directly to it.

They went directly as their mother must have known they all would go: mother turtle, or Mother Nature.

She raced back to the toilet, went directly to the wash-hand basin used by her ... it had gone!

The money generated by Pemex, both in profits and taxes, goes directly to the federal government.

He went directly to the radio above the navigation table.

However some instructors may want to go directly to Chapter 26.

This meant that any Gascon appealing against the verdict of one of the sub-seneschals could not go directly to Paris.

In the former it is superfluous since the reader can go directly from character to meaning.


It contains allegations which do not directly involve the third defendant.

That access is also central to patterns of trade that do not directly involve the United States.

There is obviously little room for the school to be directly involved in curriculum development at any level.

Proponents say the program can directly involve middle-class church members in the lives and struggles of the poor.

A smaller and smaller part of the population is directly involved in industrial manufacture.

About 25 percent of these are New Economy companies, with only five involved directly in optics.

Why is the government directly involved in providing defence, schools, and health services?

Asking parents to be directly involved in managing schools is like saying consumers should collectively manage an automobile factory.


The rest he divided, some by the shore road, others by the causeway that led directly to the wharf.

And building it leads directly to the issue of management systems.

So technology that builds the boats leads directly to biological adaptation and evolution.

Both plays led directly to Dallas touchdowns, which led directly to the outcome.

This does not lead directly to higher prices, but the burden has inpart been passed on to the consumer in reduced variety.

The 800 number led directly to central reservations -- normally a toll call.

Sometimes the decision to buy itself leads directly to one particular type of credit.

Sometimes trusting the impulse leads directly to brilliance.


Heart attacks and lung cancer are directly linked with cigarette smoking.

The second phase also provides upgraded services for 200 to 300 research facilities directly linked to this backbone.

The collapse was not directly linked to the motor car side, but it threatened the cars' future.

Things in a system are intertwined, linked directly or indirectly into a common fate.

The brick-making operations were often directly linked with the railway, as for instance at Whittlesea, near Peterborough.

Dialogue also gives readers an interesting-sounding, firsthand account of information directly linked to your subject.

Needless to say you can link directly to the vendor's Web site from the listings.

This tale gives symbolic expression to these inner experiences directly linked to the mother.


It is probably best found by looking directly between Achernar to the one side and Lepus to the other.

Her eyes questioning, my mother looks directly at me.

Commoners were discouraged from looking directly at any part of his person other than his feet.

They did not look directly at each other, not straight into the eyes anyway.

For a moment, she was looking directly out of the picture.

At one point, Blue thinks that he is looking directly at him and ducks out of the way.

One needs to look directly for the seeds of potential attitudinal positions.

It was polarized; so that Gaal could look directly upon the blazing star above.


The only restriction being that a condition must directly relate to the site and must be reasonable.

These results on the local stability of the steady state can be related directly to the existence of periodic solutions.

But whether they were related directly to the main body of the puzzle was not yet clear.

But it is an indispensable beginning-a beginning directly related in women to specific and intelligible changes in their bodies and their lives.

Price is directly related to size, and comparisons should always be made by the m 2 rather than simply between individual rugs.

Producers must receive a higher price to produce these more costly units. 7 Price and quantity supplied are directly related .

Of these, only cost structure directly relates to financial control; the remaining factors cover non-financial and external issues.

The activity of state medical boards is directly related to their independence and financial backing, Winn said.


The newly created position will report directly to Black.

Communication Sun Life appointed a relocation officer at executive level who reported directly to the company's general manager.

In addition, two small staff groups, data processing and personnel, and the legal counsel reported directly to the president.

He will report directly to Mr Kinnock.

He reports directly to State Street president Ralph Verni.

Located in the Cabinet Office, he reports directly to the Prime Minister.

The opportunist, though he liked to claim that he reported directly to John Gutfreund, had a boss.


Why do people not just speak directly and say what they mean?

This smallest of lawyers speaks directly , quickly.

Later she spoke directly to Rachel.

Telephone a few days later and ask to speak directly with the director, using the techniques described above.

Although they never spoke directly of Lachlan, each knew the other's mind; though not as well as she believed.

Dole spoke directly about his age, saying 73 years of life are not a liability.

There are a variety of ways of defeating a proposal other than directly speaking against it.

This is, however, a book that speaks directly to the home cook looking for new challenges and tastes.


A specific objective is that this new body will work directly with the local enterprise companies.

Between eight and twelve people work directly under me.

Five years ago, increasingly concerned about the environment, he decided to work directly for an environmental group.

Ten staffers work directly for the Dodgers in planning community relations and coordinating this year's team-wide efforts.

Indeed, working directly with consultants proves invaluable in gaining access to high-quality morbidity data.

More than two hundred thousand of its seven hundred thousand residents worked directly in manufacturing.

There are a number of independent pressure groups in the United Kingdom working directly on behalf of consumers.

Do we need a few sharp analysts working directly for Rice and the top group?


Have you noticed how he never looks directly at you?

Mike and his wife sat directly behind us.

New evidence directly linked Nathanson to the killing.

The new law won't affect us directly .


Cindy experienced directly what it meant to coach and advise, and saw that it worked.

Frankly, he did not suppose Adam had had anything directly to do with this at all.

If the outlet is directly over the pipe, simply cut the pipe to length and push it over the outlet connection.

It also provided some of the strongest evidence to date that Sellafield did directly and routinely harm people's health.

It prescribes, directly for them, a rule of evidence not to be departed from.

The 800 number led directly to central reservations -- normally a toll call.

When asked directly what were their visions of Howdendyke's future, interviewees made fairly consistent replies.

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