Meaning of DISTRIBUTOR in English






This kind of specialised service has helped make Homegrown Videos one of the biggest distributors in the business.

In the years after, Charlie opened his roadhouse and also be-came the biggest beer distributor in Greene and Ulster counties.

Mike himself used to work in Kendal, Cumbria for Europa Sport, the big equipment distributors .


Wisdom is also exclusive distributor for Triple Gem Press,.


Bill and Sandy Hawkins are two of our top independent distributors in Minnesota.

Last year Jay and I passed out bonus checks to our independent distributors and employees that totaled in the millions.

In a few years we had recruited a wonderful team of other independent distributors for Nutrilite.

Helen and my children are also deeply committed to the Amway Corporation and its two million independent distributors worldwide.


However, large national distributors give economies of scale as goods can be shipped in bulk.


As a first step, growers should contact their local distributor and carry out a risk assessment.

Whether black or white, the label reps went directly to retailers to monitor sales and the efforts of their local distributors .


The 24-packs are available from major animal health distributors .

Ironically, it's the simplicity that has been a major headache for distributors Oak Marketing.


Bertrand makes no apologies for using hefty incentives, such as the recruitment rebates, to line up new distributors .



Secondary distributor roads have no speed signs, but are interrupted by frequent pedestrian crossings of traditional design.

The eastern district distributor road is part of the relief road system round the city of Leicester.



It will be sold through distributors and retail operations.


Demonstrators can rise to the ranks of manager, and ultimately distributor , which brings with it a company car.

Eurotech, designers and distributors of value-added data communications systems.

For a five-minute film the television distributor , Screen Gems, offered $ 2,700.

For example, the business may be the sole distributor of certain products within the United Kingdom.

Greg and Lauri Duncan, like most of our successful distributors, have involved their children in the business from day one.

Small volume issues can be handled successfully - as the distributors of the smaller labels demonstrate consistently.

The goal is to link the company and the suppliers and distributors so that payments can be sent and received electronically.

The life companies had to learn to be distributors of their own products.

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