Meaning of DIVORCED in English




be divorced from reality (= not connected in any way to what is really happening )

His ideas are completely divorced from reality.




It's too easy, as a divorced man living away from your children, to buy into self-pity.

The same holds for divorced men .

In addition many divorced men re-marry and have second families.

Generally speaking, a widower or divorced man was three times as likely to remarry as his female counterpart throughout the period.

Slightly more divorced men , 37,000, marry single women.

I even joined a group for divorced men but in the end I left because it fed my negativity instead of alleviating it.


Allred said she had been retained by the divorced parents of the boy to represent his interests.

It is understood the girl's divorced parents have reconciled.

By contrast, only 20% of divorced parents with children succeeded in stopping smoking.

Sometimes divorced parents will jointly host their daughter's wedding.

Her divorced parents have undergone a reconciliation.


There were also changes in the numbers and age distribution of widowed and divorced women .

The bulk of this increase comes from families headed by a lone woman and, most often, a divorced woman.

This is due inpart to rising divorce rates, but also because remarriage rates among divorced women have fallen in recent years.


divorced women

At twenty-five Maria is now divorced , and lives with her three children.

He's living with a divorced woman and her two children.

More than 80% of divorced men, and 75% of divorced women, go on to remarry.

Sue's parents are divorced .

They got divorced only three years after they got married.

Yes, she used to be married, but she's been divorced since last year.


After one year Charles suddenly divorced Desiderata on the grounds that she was barren and weak.

By contrast, only 20% of divorced parents with children succeeded in stopping smoking.

During the few minutes they chatted, apart from mentioning he was divorced , he did not bring up Liza's name.

He's divorced and doesn't seem to have a job or much money.

Last week, I received a touching postcard from a recently divorced friend in Bonn thanking me for a letter.

The Bishop takes an old-fashioned high church view on divorced clergy.

The same holds for divorced men.

We are getting divorced , after the first flush of twenties marriages.

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