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This lists all the DOS applications which have been opened and not closed during this session.

To make the most of DOSShell, you need to create program groups and add your DOS applications to those groups.

This is an old cure which is used mainly to force DOS applications to print correctly when running under Windows.

In contrast, many DOS applications are still limited to the 640K of conventional memory - limiting both their power and speed.

It has an estimated 100 million users worldwide and there's still a huge demand for DOS applications .

It's time to put DOS applications under the microscope.


It allows programs, DOS commands and batch files to run without changes.

Is it a program or a DOS command ?


Like it or not, it won't be that long before the DOS prompt is a thing of the past.


Nomatterhow you achieve it you need expanded memory for a spreadsheet such as SuperCalc or a DOS version of Lotus.

There are many improvements over earlier DOS versions .

The DOS version of the program shows the preview picture in the main window.

The obvious contender ought to be Lotus 1-2-3; the DOS version was one of the most successful software programs ever.

Both the Windows and DOS versions are front-ended by the Toolkit program, and they are both visually and functionally similar.

The DOS version is even cheaper - it goes for a very reasonable £59.


However, I'd like to see more DOS word processors supported.

Scroll through a long document in a DOS word processor, then compare that to wading through a Word for Windows file.

Yes, there's still a place in this Windows world for DOS word processing.

Although it's been around since 1985 you could hardly describe it as one of the top-selling DOS word processors.


For instance, as with DOS , the names of Windows documents were limited to eight characters.

I've deleted everything and re-installed DOS 5 and Windows 3.1 from scratch, all to no avail.

In DOS and Windows 3. 1, you have to set up the modem manually for each program.

Pressing the Y key at this stage will return you to DOS .

Prices include DOS 5, a SuperVGA monitor and Windows 3.1.

Printer number 6 is the DOS Text Printer.

This isn't as easy as it sounds because all the DOS 5 files are compressed.

You can do this in Word or in DOS .

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