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This practice will ensure that the average project duration will be minimized.

The average total duration of treatment is about I year, after which the disease usually remains quiescent.

She found that: The average duration of the quarrels was 23 seconds - surprisingly short.

The average duration of each cycle seems, on the basis of geological evidence, to be very roughly around 500 Ma.


For this man, the expected duration at the 1978/79 benefit levels is 74 weeks.

A 10% cut in benefits brings down his expected duration by only 0.1 weeks.

The expected stability and duration of political institutions is an important value in itself, since they allow for long-term planning.

I calculated their expected duration and noted this information on an index card, arranging my listings in alphabetical order.

His expected duration of unemployment is 12.9 weeks as calculated at the average values of benefits, earnings and extra income.

His expected unemployment duration of 17.9 weeks is trimmed to 17.7 weeks by a 10% cut in benefits.


Disqualified drivers can now be required to resit tests of longer duration .

Patients with muscle-contraction headaches often report chronic pain of long duration .

Results Patients included in the present study had diarrhoea that in some cases was of long duration .

They can be regarded as events of long duration , stripped of superfluous detail.

These patients were characterised by an early onset and long duration of pernicious anaemia.

At the opposite extreme of a pulse of extremely long duration , the Fourier spectrum only contains extremely low frequencies.

The relationship is of long duration and is asymmetrical.

There is precedence for this long duration between introduction of the drug and the development of hepatitis.


Hourly frequency and mean duration of reflux episodes in the upright and supine period were also calculated in each patient.

Secondly, the mean duration of treatment before study termination was similar in both groups.


Oesophagitis was treated with omeprazole 40 mg/day for a median duration of 12 weeks.


Afternoons were chosen by two-thirds as being especially suitable for courses of short duration .

Repercussions were also felt in Tabasco where General Ignacio Martinez led an uprising of short duration .

The first is very short duration , maximum output attacks.

The blindness, however, was of short duration .

This risk was reduced by the relatively short duration of the study, and the outpatient facility in which it was performed.

Thus, although youth unemployment is high, it tends to be of shorter duration than that among the older age groups.

The circumstances of the Allied occupation and its short duration undermined the achievement of both goals.

The combined adenoidectomy and ventilation tube groups had the shortest duration of glue ear.


The total duration of maintenance drug treatment was comparable in the two groups.

The average total duration of treatment is about I year, after which the disease usually remains quiescent.



The estimated hazard may increase with duration for some individuals and not for others in the sample, depending on their data.

Whatever the exercise, start gradually and increase the duration progressively in order to build up your endurance and fitness.


Anderson's proposal is for the tax subsidy to be limited to a five-year duration .

The order, or any provisions it contains, may be limited in duration .


It would be more realistic to measure the duration of the tantrums.

Some people prefer to measure the duration of tantrums.


Adenoidectomy will considerably reduce the overall duration of glue ear.

The results were promising, showing that in 100 people the lozenges appeared to reduce cold symptoms and duration by 42 percent.

Their aim was then to reduce both frequency and duration .

First, earlier and accelerated treatment to reduce duration of ischaemia.

Short term supplementation with vitamin C reduces the cell proliferation to normal values possibly by reducing the S-phase duration .

Finally, tertiary prevention aims to reduce the duration and severity of the disease which is established.


After a long voyage of two years' duration , he arrived in Canton in 1669.

He refused to comment on his salary or the duration of his contract.

It was decided that we would stay with my cousins for the duration of the war.

The doctor will ask you about the duration and frequency of your headaches.

These workshops, usually of one or two days' duration , bring teachers and industrial managers together.

To avoid injuries, increase the duration of your exercise gradually.

Zoe's temper tantrums had increased both in volume and duration .


According to the event, the duration of this state may last from just a few months to many years.

For example although duration is commonly measured for tantrums, this does not exclude the possibility of measures of frequency.

I stayed there for the duration to try and prove to myself that I was able to do it.

Speed is of no consequence, but duration is vital, the very nub of the matter.

Such meetings can last all day and night, or for the duration of the trip.

The duration of the semiconductor design right depends on if and when the topography is commercially exploited.

These patients were characterised by an early onset and long duration of pernicious anaemia.

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