Meaning of EEG in English



Activation procedures { 5, 110 } are methods used to induce a seizure during an EEG recording session.

By averaging the EEG across a large number of these events the noise cancels out and the signal emerges.

In various animal studies, there is a coherence in the EEG between different brain areas involved in the same task.

It lasts 10-15 seconds during which time the EEG shows generalized 3-per-second spike and wave discharges.

The EEG typically shows a spike and wave pattern that is slower than the 3-per-second discharges associated with absence attacks.

The next few pages contain an explanation of the working of the EEG , written in a non-technical way.

These people rarely volunteer for investigation in controlled EEG studies.

Volunteers were wired up to an EEG machine which records skin responses as well as brainwave patterns.

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