Meaning of ELECTION in English



a business/economic/election etc cycle (= related events in business, the economy etc that repeat themselves over a certain period )

the presidential election cycle

a campaign/election promise

He was accused of breaking a campaign promise not to raise taxes.

a campaign/election slogan

His campaign slogan was ‘Peace, stability and prosperity’.

a party wins/loses an election

Do you think the Labour Party can win the next election?

an election broadcast (= shown before an election to persuade people to vote for a party )

a Labour party election broadcast

an election rally

The senator was due to address an election rally that evening.

an election/campaign/manifesto pledge

The governor had kept her campaign pledge to slash taxes.

an election/electoral campaign

He was candidate in the 2008 election campaign.

an election/electoral defeat

It was their worst general election defeat since 1982.

an election/electoral victory

The Democrats were celebrating their election victory.

an electoral/election contest

What will be the outcome of the electoral contest?

campaign/election trail

politicians on the campaign trail

election/carnival etc fever (= great interest or excitement about a particular activity or event )

Soccer fever has been sweeping the nation as they prepare for the World Cup.

election/market etc day (= the day when an election, market etc takes place )

Wednesday is market day in Oxford.

election/sports/political etc coverage

He claims the election coverage has been biased against him.

fight an election/a campaign

The prime minister decided to fight an early general election.

forthcoming elections

the forthcoming elections

free elections

He became president following the country’s first free elections last year.

general election campaign

during the 1987 general election campaign

general election

during the 1987 general election campaign

hold...general election (= have a general election )

an attempt to persuade the government to hold a general election

leadership election

The next leadership election is due in November.

legislative elections

legislative elections

primary election

seek election/re-election (= try to be elected or re-elected )

He hasn’t decided whether to seek re-election.

win an election

Which party is likely to win the election?




In the Congressional elections of 1942 the trend away from New Deal reform continued as the Republicans increased their numbers.

More crime legislation is expected as the Nov. 5 congressional elections approach.

It reflected growing concern about the level of spending on congressional election campaigns.

As the country braces for congressional and municipal elections in March, reconciliation takes on particular importance.

Next year brings the mid-term Congressional elections .

There were even a few concessions to the responsive chords the Republicans struck in the 1994 congressional elections .

State and local parties have also become significantly less important as campaign organizations for Congressional elections .

And the last congressional election demonstrated that the tactical politics of Mediscare and Gingriphobia are inadequate.


Now he is giving himself the chance to be chosen by direct election again, thus gaining a mantle of legitimacy.

His opponents say his return was a violation of a town code calling for direct election of the mayor.

In the event direct elections were held.

One made the protection of the environment a constitutional obligation; the other provided for the direct election of mayors and Landräte.

It provided for a separation of powers, the establishment of a constitutional court and the holding of direct presidential elections .

These would be the first direct elections under the 1976 Constitution to the second and third tiers of government.

During municipal elections last December he pushed for direct elections, in place of the old system of lists controlled by party bosses.

In direct elections for 272 of the 360 Supreme Soviet seats there were on average five candidates for each seat.


Cossiga emphasized in a television interview that compromise had been necessary to avoid an early general election .

Instead, the center-right opposition coalition that is leading the street demonstrations is demanding early elections .

The bomb followed the announcement on Tuesday that early regional elections will be held in May.

But the prospect of an early general election has concentrated minds.

The financial strain of the earlier primary elections means there will not be a television-advertising blitz in California.

Defeat on a confidence motion would prompt an early general election .

An early election would have concealed these problems.


He explained his resignation on the grounds that he wanted to spend more time preparing his candidacy for forthcoming presidential elections .

Is the practice of marking each voting counterfoil with the electors electoral role number to continue in the forthcoming election ?

The final communiqué reported the decision to establish an observation committee to monitor the cease-fire as well as the forthcoming elections .

Under the Bill parties must give half the candidates' places in forthcoming town council elections to women.

Increasingly, the key domestic political issue was the forthcoming presidential election of 1992.

He is running for a place on its ruling council in the forthcoming elections .

Parties adopt or disavow policies not only to win forthcoming elections but also as a response to past electoral outcomes.

The Labour Party is currently establishing Labour groups overseas in order to mobilise support for the forthcoming general election .


The first genuinely free elections since 1945 were held in March 1990.

All adults enjoy the right to vote in free general elections that must be held at least every 5 years.

The Bonn government said the resignation was insufficient and free elections must follow.

Mazowiecki also conceded that the first fully free elections should take place later in the year.

A democratic, parliamentary system of government has been set up with free elections at least once every five years.

They also pressed for free elections .

This government would subsequently organize free elections within nine to 12 months.


At the general election on March 5, Haglelgam failed to secure re-election as the at-large senator for Yap.

They lost in the general elections by the two biggest margins in the post-war period.

All adults enjoy the right to vote in free general elections that must be held at least every 5 years.

Unemployment in his constituency has fallen by 37 percent. since the last general election .

Rather than cut shabby deals, he should call a general election .

Yet mass media coverage of general elections and parliamentary politics is highly personalized and concentrates on the party leaders.

Gandhi was killed on May 21st, the day after the first of three days of voting in the general election .

However, the legislation would not be applicable in the aftermath of the June 1992 general election .


Chances are the competitive nature of state legislative elections will increase also.

Abisala pledged to retain the majority of ministers in their posts until legislative elections , scheduled for Oct. 25.

At the legislative elections in 1990 it had advocated a strongly right-wing economic programme.

The government's unpopularity was demonstrated in the January 1991 partial legislative and local elections .

All the candidates were said to be in favour of free legislative elections and economic reform.


Candidates in local elections can expect their followers not only to vote for them but to campaign for them as well.

Major said holding local elections is the best immediate way to build confidence in the stalled peace process.

The 32-year-old confirmed that he will be a candidate for the Northland ward in Londonderry in the local government elections in May.

This is occasionally true in local elections , where the margin between candidates can be rather small.

It is, of course, conceivable that the community charge will have a bigger direct effect on local elections in future years.

One explanation is that the Conservatives have not fared well in local elections .

At the political level, proportional representation was abolished for local elections in 1922 and for Stormont elections in 1929.

There remains a local component in local elections .


The charges will start in January 2003, a year ahead of the next mayoral election .

This year the midterm nosebleed will come with an extra agony: the London mayoral election .

He won the mayoral election with a stunning 62 percent of the vote.

Just possibly, the politicians might begin debating that as they campaign for November's mayoral election .

Uncontested mayoral elections are becoming an Orlando tradition.

If so, this November's mayoral election ought to be timely.

In the seven days since the Grand Forks mayoral election was held, I've visited five area communities.


The new party was setting its sights on multiparty federal elections expected by the end of the year.

Municipal polls held on Jan. 19 offered the first opportunity to vote in multiparty elections .

In a radio speech on April 15, Eyadema predicted a new constitution within the year and multiparty elections .

They would be the first free multiparty elections since 1946.


The significance of their municipal election on June 30 stretches far beyond this unfortunate town.

Allegations of fraud had tainted recent municipal elections .

During municipal elections last December he pushed for direct elections, in place of the old system of lists controlled by party bosses.

As the country braces for congressional and municipal elections in March, reconciliation takes on particular importance.

Free municipal elections were last held in 1971.

In 1943, the annual conference carried a motion suggesting all local branches put forward their own candidates for municipal elections .

Labour's campaign in the weeks leading to municipal elections bore all the traces of populist pragmatism.

With important municipal elections due in October, they were unwilling to be associated with his highly unpopular economic austerity policies.


Later that month it was announced that national and state-level elections would be held in Punjab in mid-June.

In national elections each candidate usually had the backing of one or more of the leading papers.

The electoral system would not be changed before the National Assembly elections due in March 1993.

But history suggests that true realignments occur over two national elections .

This will have clear implications for voting patterns at local and national elections .

The arrangement sprang out of Compaq winning a contract to supply hardware, which was used to manage the 1991 national elections .

S.-brokered peace agreement in Bosnia as 2. 9 million people prepare to vote in national elections scheduled Saturday.


In 1999, only 28 competed in parliamentary elections , down from 43 four years earlier.

A parliamentary election dominated by his Communist opponents.

Privatization has stalled since the parliamentary election last December.

The 1993 parliamentary elections resulted in a conservative landslide.

The last parliamentary elections were in 1968.

The result of the parliamentary election of 1970 was, therefore, crucial to the final outcome.

There had been dissent over the issue of whether to contest the forthcoming parliamentary elections on separate party lists.

Under the new Constitution, the President would appoint a government on the basis of the results of the parliamentary elections .


Female speaker I used to work for McGovern, who challenged and lost the Presidential election to Nixon.

With a presidential election nearing, Republican challenger Ronald Reagan campaigned against the sale.

But presidential elections are quadrennial affairs, whereas Superbowls happened annually.

However, December 1990 saw genuinely democratic presidential elections .

And Republican strategists are anxious to keep them within the fold for the 1996 presidential election .

The vacuum created by the postponement of the presidential elections led to a revival of campaigns for a revitalized democracy.

During the 1992 presidential election , Democrats spent less than $ 325, 000 in Texas.


This was odd, given that they had already been cleared before the presidential primary elections held last March.

Nine of those will be chosen in a state-wide primary election on March 12, the traditional date for delegate selection.

Success in primary elections , it would seem, can not simply be bought by political commercials however cunningly they are crafted.

Jones now must try to implement the open primary law in time for the 1998 primary elections .

We are proud to present the first quadrennial awards, to be known as Lexingtons, for outstanding contributions to primary elections .

The financial strain of the earlier primary elections means there will not be a television-advertising blitz in California.

By comparison, the turnout for the 1992 primary election was 29 percent.


That concentration has become marked in recent elections .

Allegations of fraud had tainted recent municipal elections .

His top priority is survival, not the mandate for sweeping change his followers won in recent parliamentary elections .

In the recent elections , Bustamante, who had returned from exile, had been elected as a deputy to Congress.

Elected representatives hold office for three years; the most recent elections were held in February 1990.

In recent elections , Propositions 187 and 209 stirred racial and political passions.

Yet the reconstruction of the nation is not part of the new politics as evidenced in all the recent elections .

Anyone who has noticed recent elections knows that Alan won that bet.



Spending on election campaigns has multiplied.

Do you ever get angry at some of the things that go on in election campaigns ?

It reflected growing concern about the level of spending on congressional election campaigns .

In the election campaign you are arguing that it's the guarantor of the transition.

How can we reconcile the low frequency of expressions of emotional involvement in election campaigns with the high frequency of antagonistic partisanship?

The Bishop of Oxford says this is the crucial moral issue of the election campaign .

One of the issues in his last re- election campaign was that his eyelids frequently drooped during meetings.


If the election campaign begins this low, it will sink below anything ever seen by election day .

On election day , the regime brought contingents of troops into the city to vote for its candidates.

The 10 p.c. gain since election day is looking increasingly sustainable.

Yet he seemed eager for what is sure to be a grueling contest leading up to election day in June.

Mr Hague's meeting last week was the traditional one granted to leaders of the major opposition party as election day looms.

Primary election day is September 16.

The expectation in both camps is that a bombing so close to election day would mean certain defeat for Peres.

By election day , only 44 percent actually voted for it.


I don't know if the general public has fully grasped just how undemocratic the present Labour leadership election rules are.

Many observers say that if the leadership election were held now, Redwood could topple Major or at least come close.

He had been moving towards resignation since being routed by Mr Smith in the July leadership election .

Labour is now embarked on a leadership election .

At the leadership elections expected today, it is their votes that will determine the outcome.

There should be a provision for annual leadership elections in the Parliamentary Party.

In the leadership elections scheduled for mid-February 1992 it was expected that Peres would be challenged by Rabin.

So leadership elections are as much a threat as an opportunity for the left.


Although Illinois is considered a pivotal state, California is by far the most important political prize in the November election .

Nothing happened, however, because Congress was eager to adjourn for the November elections .

Both sides suggested they may just fight out their dispute in the November elections .

Jackson soon became involved with affirmative action, the November elections and numerous other controversies around the country.

And then came the November elections .


What would it be like to be black and watch the election result in Cheltenham?

This becomes crystal clear when Tuesday's election results are read alongside results of February's special election.

Does that affect the general election result ?

He filed a complaint with the House of Representatives seeking to overturn the election result .

The election result has left Green Party members confused, dismayed and dejected.

Recognition of election results is not enough.

His difficulty is that, as the election results showed, there is little optimism left in the population at large.

Forecasts predicted that the overall election result would be close.


Modern science Two of the fundamentalist board members were defeated in state elections last autumn.

The Reform Party also has petitions pending with state election officials in Arkansas and Utah.

It effectively ended when a new Legislative Assembly was formed following the November state elections .

Those responding said they vote regularly in state elections .

Successive state elections have seen the governing parties pummelled by a dismayed electorate.

It could well lose this at the state election due in the autumn of 1994.

At two state elections this month, Mrs Hanson stunned everyone by reappearing, fielding candidates and causing havoc with the results.


The Saatchi brothers made their names helping Mrs Thatcher to three election victories .

Bill Clinton's two election victories in 1992 and 1996 owed everything to women voters.

After this fourth successive Tory election victory , we think it would be better if a Labour Speaker had a turn.

The election victories had lulled many of our supporters into a dangerous complacency.

He came from far back in the polls to stage an upset general election victory in 1992.

On 30 June the Gaullists completed their election victory .

In the 1950s, 85 percent of all election victories resulted in a first contract.


The party's political managers thought it a ruinous ploy in election year .

But before this election year is over, there could be a flood.

This will comfort those on the Labour side who most feared negative Nice fallout in an election year .

Now it looks like that bad idea will be played out during an election year .

In this election year , books about politics are as plentiful as presidential primaries.

I drew a parallel between the grinding plates and the grinding, unresolved pressures underlying this election year .

Unfortunately, election year is looming.



He expected his successor to call elections in the autumn.

Kwasniewski has said he may dissolve parliament to put the issue to rest and call for new elections .

Delhi resembled an armed camp as the government pulled out all the stops to prevent a rally called to demand early elections .

His opponents say his return was a violation of a town code calling for direct election of the mayor.

The Prime Minister did not call an election on 7 November, because he knew that he would lose it then.

Rather than cut shabby deals, he should call a general election .

He had called the election three months before it was constitutionally due on the basis of favourable opinion polls.

Whenever the Government want to call a general election , that is what we will do.


The five other parties contesting the election failed to secure sufficient support to gain representation.

No one there had expected a contested election .

Half a dozen other parties also contested the elections without securing representation.

The AFL-CIO elected John Sweeney as president last October in the first contested election in its history.

The Tigers say they will not contest elections until there is peace.

With 223 House Republicans elected so far, the winner in a contested election would need 112 votes to win.

By early 1989 over 230 parties had registered and a total of 93 parties contested the May 1990 elections .


He fought the 1987 election campaign.

The Conservative and Unionist party will fight the next general election as the party of the Union.

Is not that a terrible record on which to fight a general election , in which the Government will be defeated?

Twenty parties are registered to fight the election and some of the smaller ones are making a respectable showing.

There was a time when the provisionals sought to ride both horses simultaneously, fighting elections and plotting murder.

He unsuccessfully fought the next three elections .

It seems important, therefore, to try to establish how the decision to fight the election came about.


This question needs to be addressed, following the presidential election on May 20.

It's said that the court follows the election results.

Two other legislators were also reported to have joined the coalition following the elections .

If that candidate wins a certain percentage of the vote, the party then would be recognized in the following election .

A change in administrations following this years presidential election could affect how aggressively federal officials pursue the case.

He played a key role in Clinton's transitionary team following the 1992 presidential election victory.


Gen Musharraf has promised to keep to a supreme court ruling that requires him to hold general elections by October 2002.

Under conditions of a clear parliamentary majority, the choice of when to hold an election lies with the Prime Minister.

We held our elections at the meeting.

More likely, whoever was Prime Minister would advise her to dissolve Parliament and hold another election .

In April 1950, Acheson told Rhee flatly that he had to hold elections .

He challenged de Klerk to hold a whites-only election .

The interim government was going to hold the first free elections in thirty years.


Yes, it has lost its fourth successive election .

And what Republicans recall is that in each of those contests, the embattled party lost the national election .

Labour claimed then that although it lost the election , it had the better campaign.

Under his premiership, the Conservatives have lost one election after another.

Dole is going to win or lose the election on his own.

But the old idea that governments lose elections was proved wrong on April 9.

Thompson also lost the election campaign.


If her party backed her, she said, she would stand in presidential elections later in the year.

Of the 20 Cabinet ministers and ministers of state in the outgoing government to stand for election only four were returned.

The right to stand for election still remained restricted to Matai.

His party stood in these elections pledging to fight the undoubted problems faced by many constituents.

He flatly rejected the pleas of Aung San to stand for election .

Did you know that 30 Tory knights of shire and suburb are not standing at the election ?

On Jan. 20 Chalerm, leader of the Muan Chon, announced that he would stand in the forthcoming elections .

You have said that you will stand in the presidential election next April.


An elector in Britain has more opportunity to vote in local elections than in national ones.

From a rational choice perspective, you would be rather foolish to vote in a presidential election .

The first round of voting in the presidential elections took place on Aug. 2.

A new town charter gives out-of-state property-owners the right to vote in local elections .

Most of them had not voted in several elections .


Political parties compete to win elections by submitting distinct programmes from which the electorate can choose.

Nationally, Clinton won the election with 43 percent of the vote to 37 percent for Bush and 19 percent for Perot.

However, the Catholic parties refused to take the seats they won in the assembly elections .

In return for our consent, he swore he would give it up the day after he won the election .

The call, the first by any network, created the false impression that Bush had won the general election .

He is a moderate who won election and later was able to parlay that experience into national exposure as a Washington outsider.

Chris Patten has now joined me as a party chairman held responsible for winning an election by running a bad campaign!


Independence/election/Christmas etc day

By election day , many observers will question why Bill Clinton and Bob Dole were nominated and why they are running.

It was July 1, almost Independence Day .

Legislation to outlaw Christmas Day trading looks set to be in place in time for this year's festive period.

She has a rat on top of the living room door on Christmas Day , for example, and it will last her two days.

Then came the Christmas Day massacre, by an Inkatha mob several hundred strong.

come up for election/re-election/selection etc

At each two-yearly election one-third of the Senate comes up for re-election.

It affects us all and its practitioners do not come up for re-election every five years.

snap election

Henry McLeish also promised to address the deep disaffection among Labour backbenchers exposed by his snap election last weekend.


America is preparing for the presidential elections, which will take place in two weeks time.

It will be interesting to see what happens at the next election .

South Africa held its first multi-racial elections in 1994.

Taxation will be one of the major issues at the next general election .

The government may decide to call an election early.

This is Sanders' fourth trip to Washington since his election as governor.

This year's presidential election will take place on November 4.


A further general election in October of the same year gave him a majority of three.

A period of uncertainty such as an election causes people to be either optimistic or pessimistic.

Congressional elections are by universal and compulsory adult suffrage.

Federal officials said that the law required them to withhold the keys while the election outcome was in doubt.

It was soldiers returning from the battlefields who're credited with making that election a labour landslide.

Ten cooperative candidates ran at the 1918 general election , only one of whom was successful.

This must happen once in each Parliament, usually not later than thirty-six months after the last general election .

Under this pressure the Modrow government set an election date of 18 March 1990.

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