Meaning of ENDLESS in English




an endless/inexhaustible supply (= one that does not end, or seems not to end )

He has an endless supply of jokes.

an infinite/endless variety

There is a seemingly infinite variety of beers to choose from.

endless trouble (= a lot of trouble )

They had endless trouble with the water supply.

infinite/endless/unlimited patience

She was lucky to have a maths teacher with infinite patience.

seemingly endless/limitless (= seeming to have no end or limit )

We motored south through Finland's seemingly endless pine forests.

steady/constant/endless etc stream

A steady stream of visitors came to the house.




This list is almost endless but nomatterhow small the likelihood, every possible scenario must be explored.

In fact, the list of possible new technology driven advertising concepts is almost endless .

Its present director is Sidney Newey, a successful career railwayman who sees almost endless possibilities for new routes.

They will show considerable detail on the Moon, for example, and almost endless superb star-fields.

Change-ringing combinations are almost endless , and the instruction books look like circuit diagrams for a missile.

The Daguerreotype will be able to repay almost endless attention.

There are, as you probably know, almost endless variations of cabling on both single and double bed.


The consequence is an apparently endless flow of death, injury and destruction of property.

He had apparently endless energy, producing throughout his career a steady stream of pamphlets, reviews, papers, and books.

His art is symbolic, diagrammatic, highly decorative, repetitive and, like the landscape itself, apparently endless .


There are few hills to break the seemingly endless vista of lakes and forests.

From more than a mile away, the figures are swallowed by the seemingly endless Everglades.

Hill after seemingly endless hill take you through picturesque Broadstairs, Margate and back to Thanet.

To some critics, this seemingly endless procession of school fund-raisers has a serious drawback.

The seemingly endless variations and applications all circle round and reflect the single theme.

He climbed seemingly endless stairways leading him ever upward.

The past year has charted a rocky course for the Rialto and its advocates, with seemingly endless trials and tribulations.



Bernice continued to walk through the endless corridors .

The huge structures have endless corridors , barren hallways like tunnels that turn back upon themselves, leading nowhere.

Along corridors , endless corridors, with doors on either side.

It is easy to get lost in the endless corridors of its administra tive offices.

They are depressing, alien environments, made more dismal by drab walls and endless corridors .

In the mornings my husband walked the endless corridors of oil power, hoping for patience to overcome impatience.


Incarcerated in Terry's room, they made do with sandwiches for dinner, and endless cups of tea.

They are drinking endless cups of coffee and have already thrown the room service menu out of the window.

He drank endless cups of tea, too.

Through the night feeds, he sat transfixed, preparing endless cups of tea.

Al Pacino sips one of the endless cups of coffee downed during a day filming.


Thus the endless cycle of reform, repression and violent response may be about to enter a new phase.

The lives of peasants are dictated by the arduous and endless cycle of their crops.

Yet breaking the endless cycle of global poverty that powers these wars is achievable, Mr Annan says.

Blaming quickiy becomes a dangerous and endless cycle that may escalate into acts of violence and crime.

Hindus believe in an endless cycle of creation and destruction.

Until recently her life had been an endless cycle of grinding poverty and growing hopelessness.


Even popular television war comedies were taken off the air, for fear of jarring too awkwardly with endless hours of Gulf coverage.

My professors spent endless hours with their books.

We spend endless hours planning where to go on holiday, or to celebrate with friends.

You can end up a slave to the system, putting in endless hours of tedium and hating it.

Pieces of pine from apple cases became cricket bats, tennis rackets or hockey sticks and gave them endless hours of pleasure.

As a 3 handicapper who will no longer work endless hours , he will have a chance to hone his game.

Father and daughter would spend endless hours at a nearby tennis court, playing pitch and catch under the lights.


As you'd expect on the Isle of Wight there's an endless list of bed and breakfasts.

The questions are concise and well worded soas to avoid endless lists of fact gathering queries.

So what if your situation isn't perfect, or you've got an endless list of jobs to do?


Coiled in on herself, Chesarynth reeled dizzy across her endless night .

Or endless nights singing karaoke with the client at the only bar in town.

Instead, from the spangled endless night that dimmed the hall, meanings shone.

It had been a perfect endless night of love-making.

The palaces of meaning that she built with Friend in the endless night inside her - what were they for?


The work kept me going, and fortunately there was lots of it, an endless parade of winter bookings.

Back at home, he is exposed to an endless parade of eccentric guests and blundering workers.


Whatever it is, they say it hundreds of times an hour with endless patience and cheerfulness.

Despite a shy and diffident manner, Davison was a hard-working and gifted teacher of endless patience .

The endless patience and hospitality of the people was astounding.

A clear head and diplomacy were vital as well as endless patience .


Its present director is Sidney Newey, a successful career railwayman who sees almost endless possibilities for new routes.

The endless possibilities of what could have occurred occupied me completely.

Here, we at least were on the threshold of a new life, with all its endless possibilities .

Mayor Brown looks at Treasure Island and sees endless possibilities .

There are endless possibilities for good gourmet wining and dining with style, tasting the superb local delights.

There are endless possibilities for creating teaching materials.

There are endless possibilities for further experiments like this.

They also opened the eyes of the audience to the endless possibilities of expressing meaning through dance.


These were two ex-marines, one of whom had led the trek the previous year and who answered endless questions .

Instead of a warm and fuzzy public relations tour during campaign season, she now faces endless questions about supposed hanky-panky.

However she never lost control, giving polite but non-committal answers to endless questions about her feelings for the Prince.

The Rabari women made up lies on the spot to field the endless questions about me.

Without support or reassurance from anyone, she faced the seemingly endless questions .


His inspiration fell on fertile ground, prepared by endless repetition .

Escher worked in endless repetition , attainable here with a click.

The endless repetition strikes one as inexorable, like a recurring dream.

His parents, perplexed by this endless repetition , thought it meant that he was unable to get anything right.


It saves me getting involved in all that endless round of relatives.

People who do so condemn themselves to an endless round of debate over something they can never achieve.


So you still see parties walking on glaciers unroped, or climbing easy routes in an endless series of laborious pitches.

Slowly, aided by a remarkable memory for visual patterns, he became familiar with the endless series of new star groups.

We were catching a bus-one in an endless series in my fugitive childhood.


She had an endless stream of admirers, and I was jealous of all of them.

He takes great trouble over a seemingly endless stream of difficulties.

An endless stream of self-powered ants can be sent up to the end of the cable with no further power input whatsoever!

An endless stream of proposals had poured in for the £20 million a year it had to dispense.

His life is an endless stream of interviews and news conferences, often back to back.

Heriot's forwards tore into the game and won an endless stream of possession which their backs used superbly.

The endless stream of parties, dinners and galas all seemed to draw from the same guest list.


At peak times there is no let-up with an endless string of calls back-to-back.


It has survived an endless succession of changes and locations, some of which no longer exist.


And her endless supplies of Paris Match keep her in touch with the Royals.

They keep going with an endless supply of fuel. 20,000 pints of milk and 9,000 bananas.

Patients must not expect an endless supply of alternative drugs.

As it brought me an endless supply of free wallop I played along with this.

Those bidding up share prices these days must believe in an endless supply of future suckers.


On Monday the endless time to fill suddenly collapsed, for Mrs Dummett developed a violent bilious attack.

I've tried to do it endless times since but the drink just goes everywhere.


By cross-hatching, an endless variety of marks can be achieved.

Thousands of mental states, endless varieties of love, and countless supernormal powers are dramatized in the lives of the saints.

Negotiation is about bargaining and the latter occurs in an endless variety of forms at the workplace.

Although the rules which provide its definition are surprisingly simple, the set itself exhibits an endless variety of highly elaborate structure.

An endless variety of approaches is adopted.

It displays an endless variety of moods: lonely, majestic, dangerous, fickle and serene.

At Monticello he grew endless varieties of apples and grapes and flowers, so his use of gardening imagery is understandable.


The possibilities for the use of plastics seems endless .

We had to sit through endless meetings.


At Cambridge he was always the centre of a circle of friends, willing accomplices in his endless schemes and parties.

But to us, the swamp was a place of endless mystery and magic.

For at least a month before Christmas we were subjected to an endless barrage of ads for fattening festive foods.

Initially, Ishmael is completely optimistic about this endless journey, affirming both the motion and the endless uncertainty associated with it.

One effect on the rest of us will be that we cause ourselves endless trouble by losing them.

The huge structures have endless corridors, barren hallways like tunnels that turn back upon themselves, leading nowhere.

The self of a thermostat system has endless internal bickering about whether to turn the furnace up or down.

When not trying to match his 15-hour days, they regale each other with endless stories about his idiosyncrasies and absent-mindedness.

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