Meaning of EXPANSION in English



an expansion programme

The company’s aggressive expansion program will double the size of the chain in the next four years.

expansion card

expansion slot

rapid growth/expansion/development

The industry is experiencing rapid growth.

vertical expansion




Moreover, an educated workforce is argued to be one of the important prerequisites for economic expansion and advance.

Wage inequality has widened, with the gains for ordinary workers far lower than in previous economic expansions .

They declared it is sure to guarantee economic expansion and greater wealth all around in the 21st century.

Across much of the developing world, economic expansion has borne a large and growing middle class.

But the Valley remained desperately poor, with little possibility of economic expansion or improvement.

Moderating economic expansion in recent months has reduced potential inflationary pressures going forward.

Second, economic expansion and diversification have provided a solid fiscal base for local government.

Increased local-and-state-shared tax revenues during this period were largely the result of economic expansion rather than tax rate increases.


As well as being a year of further expansion , 1991/92 was also a year of consolidation.

The environmental coalition also has proposed some type of barrier to prevent further expansion of the underground plume.

Managing director Gordon Smith said Prodescon planned further expansion as the recovery sets in.

There are indications, however, that the government is now trying to put the brakes on further expansion .

Profits edged ahead to £12.5m and further expansion of its shops and product licensing is under way.

Keith currently has a team of two with plans for further expansion in the new year.

Acorn would provide us with a ready-made hotel chain ripe for further expansion .

He took over a small department and greatly expanded it, planning a large new building, which ensured further expansion .


And the areas of greatest urban expansion - Flanders and Gothia - were also those where Carolingian judicial forms had survived longest.

What was achieved by the great expansion of research which produced these drugs and the clinical innovation which adopted them so freely?

He was not reckless exactly, but he certainly never stopped to consider whether that loss was too great to hamper expansion .

Ever-increasing demand stimulated a great viticultural expansion in the last half of the fourteenth century.


Despite this huge expansion , our students enjoy one of the most generous support systems in the world.

But the huge expansion of consumer markets offset those losses, and the tide kept rising.

Coal-tar technology could not cope with the huge expansion in the chemical industry that took place after the Second World War.

Under way is a huge trading floor expansion , which will boost space by 65, 000 square feet.

This huge expansion was by no means carried out solely by governments of the left.


It served to prevent the industrial and military expansion pursued during those years from becoming excessively inflationary.

She was in her great era of commercial and industrial expansion .

The depopulation and lack of facilities in rural areas indicates to a few that industrial expansion is detrimental to country life.

The industrial and commercial expansion of the nineteenth century required land to be available for development.

An explanation advanced for this is that industrial innovations generate expansion .

The harbour has made the county a major centre of industrial expansion .

A key question is, therefore, whether industrial expansion and international commerce has a similar impact on the Third World.

Whether the intention was personal aggrandizement on the part of the family or a shrewd step towards industrial expansion is not known.


But it is too late to turn back the clock on the bank's international expansion .

The money raised will be used to fund clinical trials and to finance the group's international expansion .

Many international expansions are clearly the result of more than one of these pressures.


Currently undergoing a major expansion - watch this space for developments.

Other goals that were achieved included a vast increase in green space and a major expansion of the community college system.

The shares took a bit of a knock due to profit-taking but are well worth holding ahead of major expansions .

Will Stansted succumb to major expansion ?

So almost overnight, Aarau decided on a major expansion scheme, and work began on the Laurenzenvorstadt.

W H Smith acquired it in 1903 and carried out a major expansion and refit in 1907.

Therefore, there has been a major expansion .


The sudden and massive expansion of the company's market in the early Seventies had several repercussions.

For individuals this means more complex forms and a massive expansion of means testing.

It fully expected a massive expansion .

If ratified, it would signal a massive official expansion of Community competence into non-economic areas.

There was also a massive expansion in the formal schooling system, with an emphasis on building rural schools.


During this period of rapid territorial expansion the empire was almost continually at war.

This rapid expansion , combined with a large teacher training programme, was a mammoth task.

The move represents the latest step in Starbucks' rapid expansion plans.

Modern art is directed at a public largely untutored in the fine arts amidst a rapid expansion of the means of communication.

The rapid expansion of enrolments, teacher numbers and the volume of materials and support services meant that budgets grew very rapidly.

The advent of the transistor brought rapid expansion in set ownership.

The very rapid expansion of the education system has left support systems running to catch up.


It could make or break with vibration or thermal expansion as the machine warmed up.

So it is difficult to estimate thermal expansion as a result of surface warming.

In the latter case, thermal expansion of the wire proportional to the heating is sensed by mechanical means.

The occurrence of scrub and forest fires provides another mechanism whereby rocks can be subjected to significant thermal expansion and contraction.

Some of the illustrations of shattered pebbles attributed to thermal expansion and contraction are of flint and quartzites.

The importance of thermal expansion , the third mechanism of salt weathering, has yet to be fully evaluated.



Second comes the business expansion sector, the main source of profit improvement.

Critics maintain excessive regulation can stand in the way of business expansion and faster approval of life-saving drugs.

In the sellers' markets of the post-war years there were no pressures for changing this modusoperandi of business expansion .

I understand from the promoters that the project can not fail because it qualifies for tax reliefs under the business expansion scheme.


But the user must be patient when learning the ins and outs of an expansion card .

Choice of an expansion card , with a particular processor, will be determined largely by intended application for the device.

It ha six free 16-bit slots, but the power switch cable blocks access to one full-length expansion card .

NIM6000M is compatible with Sbus expansion cards .

Loosen dust and debris from the motherboard and expansion cards with a soft bristle brush.

Before replacing expansion cards clean the gold edge connectors with a little cleaning solution applied to a lint-free swab or cloth.

However, the 3.5-inch cage projects into the expansion card space so you can only fit five full-length cards.


And one which found that its ambitious expansion plans were rather more difficult in practice than on paper.

It would not disclose expansion plans for the rest of the Bay Area.

Quarries down the road at Ffestiniog are within the National Park, and expansion plans must be carefully thought out.

It appeared that despite campus expansion plans , the commercial area would be saved, and even improved.

The postponement of his much touted hospital expansion plan had been the last straw.

Mr Hook said Accor wants outside investors to help fuel its ambitious expansion plans in the region.

In a few cases, such as steel, it effectively coordinated expansion plans .

Malaysiabased securities analysts generally welcomed the expansion plan .


So the expansion programme has to be linked to our building capacity as well as to student demand and national need.

The outward symptoms arose out of Tudor Grange's ambitious expansion programme , which could only be fuelled by borrowings.

Hepworth raised £100,000 to fund an expansion programme .


It is very important to have the greatest possible support around the expansion slot area.

The Executive case has six expansion slots , but little room for an extra drive.

The Professional case has five full-length 16-bit expansion slots and room for two free drive bays.

Access to the drive bays and expansion slots is reasonable.

Model EWS4800/215 is an entry-level desktop model with VMEbus expansion slot .

Room for growth is unmatched for a machine of this size: a remarkable three full-size and two half-size expansion slots .

The card fits into a free expansion slot on the motherboard.


The first victory is recorded six games into the season, 13-10 over Tampa Bay, in a battle of expansion teams .

The people of Los Angeles want and deserve an expansion team and nothing else.

Nobody has more money to spend on them than the expansion teams .

The team lost for four years, and drew at the gate like an expansion team should.

They were an expansion team in 1991-92 -- and getting worse.

No club can lose more than three players while expansion teams are in the process of picking 35 each.

The question for folks there is will it be an expansion team or a relocated one?



Each section of the deck of the road is carried on sliding bearings, to allow for expansion of the sections.

It stretches and will allow for expansion and contraction without cracking.

Note that some push-fit joints must be fitted into a solvent-weld system to allow for expansion .

It gradually tightens itself so as to not allow for expansion of the rib cage.

Space should always be allowed for the expansion of hot water pipes.


Would it continue to see expansion ?

It will also keep plans to continue its aggressive expansion , opening as many as 232 stores this year.

These calculations understate the continuing expansion of sales through multiple retailers, as demonstrated by data from Taylor Nelson Sofres.

Will it be able to carry on attracting sufficient work to justify its continuing expansion ?

The company attributed the increases to continued expansion of the business.


The mutual structure of building societies means that capital resources to finance expansion can only be built up out of retained surpluses.

It will use the capital to finance and accelerate its expansion , the company said.

In order to finance expansion on this scale, the government has relied heavily on payments and other inputs from the community.

The city will assume responsibility for convention center permit issues when bonds are issued to finance expansion of the facility.

Optimism that the sale will help Wharf finance that expansion drove its shares higher today.

Here are the most popular ways for entrepreneurs to finance their expansions: Internally Generated Funds.


But I doubt if the Gates millions will lead to expansion at Cambridge.

The Storehouse chairman feels far more at home leading the expansion of the group he has built up so assiduously.

The arrival of a railway in a town did not always lead to expansion .

The deregulation of long-distance coach services has led to a major expansion in reliable and cheap services.


Most regions are enjoying rapid economic expansion .

the expansion of the local stadium

The airline has plans for expansion into Asia.


A reading above 50 % indicates expansion in the manufacturing sector and a reading below 50 % indicates a contraction.

Bureaucrats may be motivated to achieve positions of control rather than expansion .

He is an extreme nationalist, who threatens war and expansion at the drop of a fur hat.

It fully expected a massive expansion .

It is a substantial record of investment in the expansion of primary and community health care.

The focus of this will be the expansion of sales to the private sector and to selected overseas markets.

Within a decade we were back to our old ways of profligacy and profit, confident that the expansion would continue unabated.

Without this productivity increase exports could not have expanded fast enough to balance the additional imports required to sustain the 1955-61 expansion .

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