Meaning of EXPIRY in English




the expiry date British English , expiration date American English (= a date on a product after which it cannot be used )

Check the expiry date on your credit card.




Check the expiry date on the packet.

My Visa number is expiry date 09/94.

The block exemptions are subject to review, since they have expiry dates written in, but no substantial change is imminent.

The company is currently seeking agreement, and an extension of its credit agreement beyond the current June 30 expiry date .

Profit diagrams can only be intelligibly drawn for strategies involving investments with the same expiry dates .

These forms are filed alphabetically, the expiry date carefully noted and systematically cleared out after the expiry date has elapsed.

His defence, to start with, was the circular from the Tripoli Committee extending the expiry date on the milk.


All claims should be notified as soon as reasonable possible after the expiry of the insurance.

At the expiry of his term he became free of the Clothworkers' Company on 7 August 1771.

Dissolution of the League did not entail the expiry of the supervisory function.

My Visa number is expiry date 09/94.

No further steamings are planned for the locomotive after its return to York, due to the fast-approaching expiry of the boiler ticket.

The agreement allowed for rises of 9.5 percent between February 1990 and its date of expiry in September 1991.

The Bundestag is elected for a fixed term and can only in special cases be dissolved before the expiry of its term.

These transactions are converted at the contract rate upon expiry .

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