Meaning of EXTENSIVE in English




an extensive range

The winner will receive a brand-new kitchen from Magnet’s extensive range.

an extensive survey

We conducted an extensive survey asking patients to suggest ways in which the service could be improved.

an extensive/wide-ranging review

He is currently conducting a wide-ranging review of public spending.

considerable/extensive/vast knowledge

She had considerable knowledge of antiques.

considerable/massive/extensive publicity

The opening of the trial generated considerable publicity.

extensive modifications (= a lot of changes )

They had made extensive modifications to the script.

extensive repairs (= a lot of repair work )

The boat needed extensive repairs.

extensive research (= research that examines a lot of information and details )

Extensive research has proved the theory wrong.

extensive (= with many different dishes on it )

The menu is extensive and adventurous.

extensive/widespread (= covering a large area )

Because of the size of the bomb, the damage was extensive.

extensive/wide/widespread coverage

Newpapers and magazines have wide coverage of diet and health topics.


She has a very wide vocabulary.

widespread/extensive use (= when something is used in many places or situations, or among many people )

The widespread use of computers changed business completely.

wide/widespread/extensive consultation (= involving a lot of people, groups etc )

Strong recommendations were made after wide consultation.




Although not as extensive in its filter design as some of the above, it is still an impressive product.

There also was damage to wine grape and tree fruit crops, but it was not as extensive , officials said.

There are corridor-like store-rooms in the West Wing, though not as extensive as those at Knossos.

Pathologist's reports established the cause of death as extensive chest injuries.

Disbelief vied with sideboards as extensive and useless as Chesil Bank for domination of his face.

The opening of mail was as extensive and systematically organised as telephone tapping.

The Cabinet changes of September 1981 were as extensive as any made in the Thatcher years of Government.

But could the platforms, seen as extensive patterning in aerial surveys of the Maya lowlands just as likely have formed naturally?


Typical of the questions a sociological perspective might prompt are: 1. How extensive across the world is the discipline?

Did Cornell realize how extensive his legacy would be over time?

How is the force organized and how extensive is its discretionary power?

You may not know how extensive the damage is until warmer weather.

But how extensive were such developing opportunities?

Tisaby could not say exactly how many windows were broken in the building nor how extensive the damage was in dollar terms.

In quantitative and qualitative terms, how extensive have the changes in education been?

Alcohol abuse is often described as a minority problem. How extensive is it?


Studies using this method are more intensive and less extensive since they encompass more of the nuances specific to each country.

Research findings on other modes of political behavior are less extensive and less consistent.

That share is rather less extensive and exalted than is often claimed for these bodies.

There were further less extensive outbreaks in 1814 and 1816.


The growth and increasing economic weight of groups generated more extensive and complex demands of government.

Security at the courthouse in downtown Denver, already massive, grew even more extensive as the anniversary weekend approached.

Yet the experiences described in this chapter suggest that a more extensive collaboration with the schools is both possible and doable.

The relationship display in a thesaurus is often more extensive than that in a subject headings list. 5.

A proposal by the opposition Labour Party for a more extensive package failed to gain parliamentary approval.

Mrs Clinton has said her work for the institution was minimal, but documents appear to indicate more extensive dealings.


In response, Mr Burgreen undertook what he says is the most extensive study ever of the use of force by policemen.

What is the most extensive political action in which you have engaged?

Radiated emissions and immunity tests require the most extensive facilities.

In December there followed the most extensive anarchist rising of the entire Republican period.

The most extensive option is forecast to generate around 31,000 extra public transport passengers per day.

Where these changes have been most extensive , the landscape has reflected them.

It holds the most extensive services of all the Union Houses.


This, however, does not explain why the purges were so extensive .

In fact, his list of credits is so extensive , it is understandable that an employer might overlook one glaring omission.

Some warrens are so extensive they can range over as much as 50 acres or take in a complete gravel working.

It is in fact an underground river so extensive that the trip in a flat-bottomed boat lasts twenty-five minutes.

In any case, his use of search was not so extensive as to merit using a large number of firms.

Usually such data are so extensive that considerable compression or smoothing is a vital preliminary to analysis.

Such an analysis is so extensive that life moves on before the implementation is complete.

In Ireland, the coverage of unions is now so extensive that the loan sharks have been almost driven out of business.


The amount of material available to provide a context for Charles the Bald is very extensive indeed.

He has gone through a very extensive course of reading, and is acquainted with all the sciences.

These rights were very extensive , but they were threatened by, rather than dependent on, recent papal legislation.

It is obvious that the review of literature could be very extensive .

Theology had long been familiar with this kind of argument, and had on occasion made very extensive use of it.

But in some areas EDs are very extensive physical units and the shapes will be quite distorted.

He has received the advantage of a liberal education, and possesses a very extensive degree of legal knowledge.



Later still it was found covering extensive areas of the sea floor south of Ireland.

They are separated by an extensive area where stimulation at the same strength fails to block naming.

Once more they claimed the disafforestment of extensive areas .

In Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset also the jurors demanded the disafforestment of extensive areas .

Observation has revealed extensive areas of detergent responsive light soiling.

In some cases these can completely cover the topography over an extensive area and form an ignimbrite plateau.

In Northamptonshire, Christopher Taylor has mapped large numbers of shrunken settlements with extensive areas of earthworks.

An extensive area grew up in which widely divergent dialects were spoken.


She undertook the first serious application of photography to science by making photograms of her extensive collection of algae.

His extensive collection on transgenderism includes his own diaries as far back as junior high school.

Most trains are steam hauled by one of the railway's extensive collection of tank engines and include full buffet car facilities.

Maybe if you'd spared a few minutes, you could've become part of Gillian Wearing's extensive collection of personalised banners.

The Society already has an extensive collection of gas appliances which will also be displayed.

The Library has an extensive collection of files for correspondence and papers on all aspects of the Department's work.

The latter proteins are also responsible for the exceptionally smooth consistency of all the Hydro-Protein cosmetic treatments in this extensive collection .

The minutely detailed classification is of the type appropriate to an extensive collection . 4.


Databases which had higher percentages of these citations were considered to have more extensive coverage .

This book boasts extensive coverage of how to wed and honeymoon at Disney.

Newspapers and magazines carry extensive coverage of diet and health topics and diet books are among the best sellers.

Using the extensive coverage provided by the aerial photographs a whole network of prehistoric roadways was identified and mapped.

It is one where the clear purpose of extensive coverage was titillation.

There was a far more extensive coverage of our match.

The aerial photographic units of both Aerofilms and Cambridge University have extensive coverage of country house gardens and parks.


This caused a violent explosion resulting in extensive damage .

With more extensive damage he will just repeat the proverb-one example of what is called concrete thinking.

More frequent and more extensive damage is evident on all the subsequent categories.

According to Moscow radio reports there followed a renewed rampage by rioters through the city resulting in extensive damage .

In fact Etruria was hit by incendiaries several times, but thankfully survived without extensive damage .

Seedlings may not survive because of extensive damage to their roots.

From there the Franks crossed over into Valencia, where they did extensive damage .

If the muscularis propria escapes extensive damage , we assume that the impaired bowel propulsion is allowed to recover to some extent.


The chapter ends with an extensive discussion of Kron's eigenvalue method followed by proofs of the Wittrick-Williams and Simpson counting algorithms.

This image has attracted extensive discussion from a range of perspectives, reflecting many differing concerns.

This followed extensive discussions with the unions over the last three months but was without their agreement.

In such situations, the task analysis requires extensive discussion rather than observation.

An extensive discussion has also been provided of the extent to which implementation requires interagency co-operation.


Gordon has extensive experience of the textile industry, specialising in production and planning control.

Those with extensive experience and access to sufficient capital may head their own consulting firms.

Kay brought extensive experience of contract selling from competitors Hugh MacKay.

We also have extensive experience in the rapidly growing field of licensing.

It was simply due to his extensive experience of decapitation.

Tony, Bob, Edna and Andrew all have extensive experience of training and teaching.

It is partly because of this early extensive experience of stories that so much writing in primary schools is in story form.


The author is one of New Zealand's well known spinners and weavers who has an extensive knowledge of the craft.

The shadow appeared to have an extensive knowledge of dolmens and their whereabouts.

His extensive knowledge , and training at Paris, doubtless served him well.


The tradition of sporting excellence at Coleraine is reflected in the extensive list of clubs currently supported from Union funds.

There is an extensive list of references so that the paper may also serve as an introduction to the literature about these animals.

Siobhan embarks upon an extensive list of introductions.

They choose seven specialist courses from three extensive lists .

It has a 400-plus wine list and 250 bin-ends, and an extensive list of ports and malt whiskies.


We employ more than 1,500 highly qualified service engineers and have an extensive network of High Street shops.

An extensive network of carrying services was also provided from the 19 inns in or near the market place.

It has also provoked extensive networks of defensive alliances, as we indicate later on.

The degree of social closure of the upper class is considerably enhanced by the extensive networks of interlocking directorships.

It provides a coordinating linkage in an extensive network of community groups and activists, and furnishes them with a gathering place.

It is an extensive network which we sometimes refer to as the alternative multinational.

Getting around Stresa isn't a problem with its extensive network of public transport.


Training Despite the present state of the market, an extensive programme of training and management development continued throughout 1992.

The yard was cleared, the mill pond dug out and an extensive programme of rebuilding and renovation carried out.

The week gave the opportunity for a quite extensive programme .


Paul Central High School she took advantage of the extensive range of courses offered.

Ryarsh also makes non-standard special shapes, although it is most economic to select from the extensive range of standard specials.

Finally, it's worth noting that most colleges have an extensive range of services offered by the college or student union.

But, says ocean voyages manager John Alton, it also sells an extensive range of mainstream travel services.

Toyology Toyology supply an extensive range of educational toys designed to help your child's early learning development needs.

Sailing yachts 31-53 feet, motor yachts 37-46 feet, plus an extensive range of crewed sail and motor yachts 42-120 feet.

She has an extensive range of designer fabrics including Henry Newbury, Gainsborough &038; Percheron.


Bellesiles's extensive research is undermined by errors of fact, omission and judgment.

But, as we know from extensive research , experience can saddle individuals with a myopic view of their current circumstances.

In addition, extensive research is being undertaken to improve existing lines and develop new products.

Nevertheless, many agrochemical companies are undertaking extensive research programmes on biological control.

Doctors there have now begun extensive research into the connection between pregnancy and the onset of the disease.

Despite extensive research , how humans achieve their linguistic competence has still to be fully explained.

Despite extensive research , the exact prevalence of hyperlipidaemia has not been determined due to methodological differences.

Royal Reward was launched following extensive research .


Any reconciliation can not be achieved upon the basis that some judges preferred more limited and some more extensive review .

Three comments on extensive review are warranted.

A division will be made between those authorities advocating limited and those advocating more extensive review .

The latter would be subject to less extensive review than would tribunals and other administrative institutions.

Administrative systems have also been subject to an extensive review .

Any attempt at continued demarcation is impossible once the courts move to a theory of extensive review .


In response, Mr Burgreen undertook what he says is the most extensive study ever of the use of force by policemen.

There have been no extensive studies of xenobiotic metabolising enzyme expression in colonic adenomas.

It has therefore become the focus for extensive study and research.


Elsewhere, it is likely that the original boundaries between the fields will only be recognized through extensive survey and excavation.

And when I made extensive surveys I found them almost exclusively on sugar maples.

An extensive survey of the Gulf in 1986 sighted only 31 animals.

The first step was to administer an extensive survey to find out which students suffered from work inhibition.

After an extensive survey , the infestation was traced to flooding below the concrete floor of the factory.

Experts from their Ross-on-Wye headquarters carried out an extensive survey of the coastal waters around the Shetland isles.


An extensive use of these relationships will lead to an excess of spellings which are phonologically acceptable but orthographically incorrect.

It makes extensive use of mock trials, simulations, and role-playing to reconstruct historical events.

This dictated the extensive use of in-depth interviews.

These circuits are aimed primarily at business planning to make extensive use of the Internet.

It was Freud who made the first extensive use of hypnosis to probe the depths of the subconscious mind.

Spacewatch makes extensive use of modern electronic detectors and computers to automate much of the discovery process.

Some judges make extensive use of shoulder headings; some do not use them at all.

The reason for this is an extensive use of reliable contraception.


Plans for extensive work on the mansion had to be abandoned.

It has a large practice with commercial and investment banking clients and does extensive work in insolvency and real estate.

But you have to ask yourself whether the amount of sound still entering your house warrants such extensive work and cost.

Cal-Volair did the Zeke modifications and the extensive work on the Kates.


Abortion has been the subject of extensive debate in the US.

Adelman has done extensive research into the effects of stress.

Damage to the forests from the wildfires was extensive .

Forests were destroyed due to extensive logging.

The ancient Greeks had an extensive knowledge of the stars.


Additionally and importantly, for from this so much resulted, there was extensive correspondence to be dealt with.

He gambles on football, thinks Las Vegas is heavenly and isn't averse to extensive investment in the stock market.

It can be fitted to a jeep or truck without extensive modifications to the chassis or bodywork.

It has a large practice with commercial and investment banking clients and does extensive work in insolvency and real estate.

The event attracted extensive media coverage.

The tradition of sporting excellence at Coleraine is reflected in the extensive list of clubs currently supported from Union funds.

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