Meaning of FALLEN in English




fallen leaves (= that have fallen off the trees )

The children were jumping in piles of fallen leaves.

fallen on hard times (= did not have much money )

He had clearly fallen on hard times .


But eventually it had all fallen into his lap, and Sarah with it.

Fearless until now, I suddenly remembered the reason why pressure cookers had fallen out of favor.

First, women were probably regarded as more hopelessly incorrigible, more totally irredeemable when fallen .

Most of the surrounding marshland had fallen to the crippling infection.

The hon. Gentleman will be delighted to know that unemployment in the Holloway area has fallen since 1987.

The sun has now fallen behind the uneven horizon of buildings.

Waiting game on hospital lists Hospital waiting lists have fallen by more than 100,000 since the general election.

II. adjective




However, his elves are very like fallen angels , quite similar enough for confusion in the minds of fallible men.


He hid the second shotgun under a fallen branch at the foot of one of the pines shading the beach.

Bogwood can be placed to represent fallen branches or roots in the stream, and provides further shelter for the fish.

Across the centre of the Cages was the fallen branch .

He crawled over to the fallen branch by the big pine, found his second shotgun and unwrapped it.

Lee was sitting on the fallen branch .

The woods were damp and overgrown; she stumbled through brambles and fallen branches .

I look down at what I tripped over; a fallen branch , about the size of a man's arm.

I picked up a fallen branch , and as he passed I struck him on the head.


Gratefully Paige dumped her bag beside the fallen tree .

The cost of removing the fallen trees which have caused damage to the Building and/or Contents is also covered.

She went on foot at first, past the litter of fallen trees .

Charity personally felt he was going further and further afield to find fallen trees , but that was his business.

The band retreated safely, blocking pursuit with rocks and fallen trees .

He was working in a thicket of briar, elder and dead wood from a fallen tree .

One false turn and I would have been lost among boulders of ice and snow, rocks and fallen trees .

Caspar came bounding out of the tangle of fallen trees below the cliff.


Whatever she can urge in mitigation, she is a fallen woman for the rest of her life.

Brian and his friends advance on the fallen woman .

She was a fallen woman , and her hair knew it.


A couple of inmates were collecting fallen leaves and stuffing them into black bags.

Klift lay beneath the fallen slab, broken in body and mind.

Kopyion pulled out the old revolver stolen from the Academician's apartment and moved over the fallen figure.

Out of her window she watched the wind whisking fallen leaves along the gutter into pavement-high stacks of yellow and brown.

She ducked her head in, and tried to go deeper before making towards the fallen flare.

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