Meaning of FAVORABLE in English




favorable terms

the favorable terms of the settlement




Three years ago, circumstances were more favorable .

He clearly viewed my sharp nose and dark beard in a more favorable light than the starlets had.

But fundamental economic factors turned more favorable to productivity growth in the 1980s and especially in the 1990s.

Large birds have a more favorable ratio of lean to bone than small ones. 12.

It now is seeking more favorable terms.

The outcome of the Geneva summit was even more favorable than I had imagined it would be.

The other story is much more favorable to Theseus.

Quackenbush said he took his action because negotiations with the company for a more favorable settlement for California customers broke down.


The demand for telescope time is by far the most intense, however, at the times of the most favorable oppositions.

The Don wants his Rocking K development annexed by the city under the most favorable conditions he can get.



Few people could have made a less favorable impression or turned out to be such a stalwart ally.

But a November poll found that 58 percent of those questioned had a favorable impression of her.

Perot was viewed unfavorably by 57 percent of those surveyed, compared with 17 percent with a favorable impression .

Schindler flew home and informed the White House of his favorable impressions .


With people in our circles, it really puts him in a favorable light .

He clearly viewed my sharp nose and dark beard in a more favorable light than the starlets had.


Exit polls showed that 81 percent of those who voted for the president had a favorable opinion of his wife.

Reputation is a base of power stemming from others who have a favorable opinion of your work and capabilities.


Tax reform in 1986 ended favorable treatment for real-estate speculation.


The percentage of voters who hold a favorable view of Gramm has declined from 54 percent in 1990 to 41 percent.

In the overall survey, 57 percent said they have an unfavorable opinion of Perot and 29 percent reported a favorable view .

At the same time, 47 percent had a favorable view of Forbes, while only 21 percent had an unfavorable view.

Only 16 percent expressed a favorable view .


Banks are now offering favorable financing terms.

Responses from audiences have been overwhelmingly favorable .

They expect a favorable ruling from the court.


He clearly viewed my sharp nose and dark beard in a more favorable light than the starlets had.

Navarrete attributed the more favorable portrayals to talks La Raza had with network executives after the 1992 study.

Only 16 percent expressed a favorable view.

So, armed with consultants' reports on the favorable economic impact, they offer to provide buildings or infrastructure.

Spinoffs have recently become all the rage, fueled by favorable tax treatment and evidence that shareholders benefit.

The Lakers had a 77-percent favorable rating.

This allows the project to be granted favorable investment and taxation provisions, including the full repatriation of profits.

Three years ago, circumstances were more favorable .

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