Meaning of FINITE in English



a finite resource (= one which is limited in amount, so that it will no longer exist if people continue to use it )

Crude oil is a finite resource.

finite (= showing tense and person )

'Was' is a finite verb.




It isn't a finite amount that makes your share smaller the more individuals added.

There is a finite amount of government resources we can bring to bear.

This occupies the evaluation faculty of which there is a finite amount .

On the contrary, they are partners for a finite amount of time usually dedicated to a finite objective.

There isn't a finite amount of love to go round so there's a danger some one else might nick your share.


This is the power of the finite element method.

The finite element and dynamic stiffness methods are introduced and exemplified in simple cases.

The use of parallel processing in finite element analysis.

In this case the subject for the finite element analysis is the bone.


There would be a finite number - you would be able to count them all.

The series of numbers is like the series of human beings-in-finite numbers of individuals.

In any event there is a finite number of overfed rich providing a flow of plates to be scraped.

What is needed is some basis for estimating the functional from a finite number of experimental results.

There appears to be only a finite number of such theories.

Each partition contains space for a finite number of items which are added and deleted in a pre-defined order.

Similarly there are a finite number of types of module; source, foreign, package, and pmodel.


This indeed has been the case ever since self-replicating molecular assemblages evolved to exploit finite resources .

Plastic-producing petroleum is a finite resource .

Social evolution without ecological reference is ultimately a logical impossibility in a world of finite resources .

However, given finite resources , concepts of effectiveness and efficiency must be considered alongside concepts of need.

Large amounts of undeveloped land, a finite resource , have been covered by roads and built development.

The habitat of an animal population offers only finite resources for its use.


This ability removes the restriction on context-free grammars that only a finite set of grammatical categories are allowed.

At any one moment, there is a definite and finite set of possible futures for elementary particles.

When each state has only a finite set of children, this won't happen.

But the algorithm is the same finite set of instructions no matter how big the numbers.

Bacon's search involves discrete steps in a finite set of directions, rather than steps through a continuum.

In the following, small letters represent natural numbers and capital ones, finite sets of natural numbers.

It is quite easy to restrict normal form programs to finite sets of values.

Small finite sets can be exhibited in several ways.


Fig 2.1 shows a very simple finite state diagram.

The major failing with finite state grammars is their inability to deal with any dependencies that exist between non-adjacent words.

Finite State Grammars Although finite state grammars are weak they have been used in computational systems.


At a given moment finite time came into existence out of infinite time.

It was a case of finite time and brainpower too broadly dissipated, Taylor came to think.

This, like the argument about human progress, suggests that the universe can have been going only for a finite time .

The electrical problem arises from the finite time it takes a signal to travel across a chip.


It consists of the notional component of the finite verb and the rest of the message.

Here, finite verbs will agree in both cases with the superficially plural pronoun.


Oil is a finite resource.

The earth has a finite number of resources which we must protect.

The speed at which light travels is finite .


A straight, uniform and finite line has symmetry about its midpoint.

At any one moment, there is a definite and finite set of possible futures for elementary particles.

But the algorithm is the same finite set of instructions no matter how big the numbers.

How can an infinite intelligence and life everlasting exist within finite bounds?

Rising expectations are driving up demand for gasoline, a finite commodity.

The finite age of the universe is measured in proper time.

Then he took account of the finite size of the planets and treated them as spheres.

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