Meaning of FLUX in English






The discussion in this chapter should not suggest that the entire rural populace is in constant flux .

In continental plate tectonics what seems static, the surface of the earth, is in reality in constant flux .

There is a constant flux , a turnover of letters in the message.

Heraclitus asserted that all nature is the unity of opposites and constant flux .

All of these categories are necessarily in constant flux .

Guided by the churning within the planet, the crust of the earth has been in a constant state of flux .

The proportions considered normal are in a state of constant flux .


The left hand can also be used to demonstrate the magnetic flux surrounding a wire carrying a current.

The field at these sites is particularly intense, as if the magnetic flux lines have been tied into tight bundles.

The other acts as a pickup coil producing a voltage proportional to the rate of change of magnetic flux linking it.

Together with differential rotation, this causes a large amount of mechanical energy and magnetic flux to pass through the surface.

Coiling the wire into a loop permits directional flow of the magnetic flux through the loop.



The integrated flux density for the shell in Fig. 1 is 3.280.24Jy.

As the winding current is increased, however, the flux density in the iron eventually reaches its saturation level.

Figure 2 shows the time variation of the flux densities and velocities at peak intensities for the strongest four redshifted components at.

Although the relative strengths of these components varied, the absolute flux densities of all components generally decreased during January to June.

The spin-down energy flux density is the third highest known, after the Crab and Vela pulsars.


All this leaves business ethics in a state of unhelpful flux .

Anything less is not a change but only a continuation of the flux .

The universe offers no such categories or simplifications; only flux and infinite variety.

Their television deal is in flux , and only two home games are scheduled to appear on the tube.

Today, the world of government is once again in great flux .

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