Meaning of FLYING in English


I. adjective


a flag is flying (= a flag is shown on a pole )

Flags were flying at half-mast because of the death of the Premier.

a flying insect

Toads mainly eat small dark flying insects.

a flying start (= a very good start )

The appeal got off to a flying start at the weekend when the group held a raffle.

a flying visit British English (= a very short visit )

Timpson was due to pay a flying visit to London.

come running/flying/speeding etc

Jess came flying round the corner and banged straight into me.

flying at an altitude

We’re flying at an altitude of 40,000 feet.

flying buttress

flying debris

She was hit by flying debris from the blast.

flying doctor

flying fish

flying fox

flying leap

He threw a stick into the river and the dog went after it in a flying leap .

flying officer

flying picket

flying saucer

flying squad

the head of Scotland Yard’s Flying Squad

flying tackle

knocked flying

Garry answered the door only to be knocked flying as two policemen came rushing in.

passed with flying colours (= got very high marks )

She passed with flying colours .

sparks...flying (= people were arguing angrily )

The sparks were really flying at the meeting!




Between the chapels radiate the forests of flying buttresses .

Those at Canterbury are among the earliest datable flying buttresses .

Moreover, in the building of the great Gothic cathedrals many new devices were introduced, including flying buttresses .

It is an architectural cathedral, long and low on the exterior with geometrical traceried windows and simple flying buttresses .

All are lofty with high vaults supported by flying buttress schemes.

A flying buttress transmits thrust rather then resisting it.


And they now look set to promote more harmonious race relations in the community after passing with flying colours .

Fortunately, like the other tests, the 31-year-old convent-educated beauty passed with flying colours .

He would have passed it with flying colours .

So far James has never given a scrap of trouble and has passed his MoT test with flying colours .

The Honey Thieves are a band who would graduate with flying colours from such a straight-forward system of appraisal.

Now he's gone back to driving school in an effort to pass with flying colours .

Before the setbacks, the new Lancias had passed their tests with flying colours .

He did not seem the type, yet he passed his course at Achnacarry with flying colours .


Although flying fish leap out of the water they do not porpoise but glide, using their pectoral fins as aerodynamic surfaces.

We rose early and sailed back among the flying fish to Kalkan.

There were flying fish all around us, heading into shore.


Gregarious, flocks often hawking for flying insects and spiralling up to perform aerobatics.

But flying insects have much more ancient enemies.

Gnat and Mosquito larvae, including Bloodworms, can not be bred, as they are the young stages of flying insects .

Such late flowering plants are an important source of nectar for late flying insects .

It feeds upon flying insects and the tiny fish that inhabit the Aquasphere.


On this particular occasion however, it is a nifty little flying saucer .

If we can not accept flying saucers , we must at least accept floating plates.


However, you also need to give yourself a flying start by stimulating the circulation through massage and natural herbal extracts.

Racers, once the top team in Britain, will want a flying start to the season to reassert themselves.

Video-Taped report follows Voice over Despite missing 7 first team regulars Gloucester got off to a flying start .

David Currie gave Barnsley a flying start , scoring after 31 seconds, and Andy Rammell added their second.

But this year it was Cairngorm, further east, which got off to the flying start .

The appeal got off to a flying start at the weekend when the group held a jumble sale and raffle.

It's given them a flying start ahead of their Japenese competitors, who until now were the traditional market leaders in electronics.


Its inventor looks like he's on a flying visit to the twentieth century.

On another flying visit , Norbert Wollheim found that one of his charges was over the age limit.

And during his flying visit to Belfast, Mr Grade took time out to chew the fat about the old days.


be bitten by the showbiz/travel/flying etc bug

be flying high

The Rams are flying high after winning the Super Bowl.

He was now on to the mid-irons and these were flying high and true.

I was always happy to be flying high.

Like the other Salomon executives, Massey was flying high in 1985 on the back of a series of record earning quarters.

go flying/laughing/rushing etc

Any minute I expected the poor little madman to go flying in the night, dead.

Bodies not strapped in by seat belts go flying.

But shouldn't you try and find out some more about him before you go rushing off?

It tripped on a book and almost went flying, but it just succeeded in remaining upright.

So why had she gone rushing north from Lima to see this half-brother of hers?

Spit went flying, seen by millions.

The doll and blanket went flying, bounced off the far end of the block, and fell into the make-believe river.

The next member of the team took his place at the stumps only to see both bails go flying.

keep the flag flying

rumours/accusations etc are flying

send sb/sth flying/sprawling/reeling etc


a flying insect


And they now look set to promote more harmonious race relations in the community after passing with flying colours.

He had covered his face from flying glass and watched the two men and the Returner escape through the office doors.

Some had been killed outright by flying shrapnel, others had been badly wounded and had died slowly.

The flying filly had trainer Jack Berry purring after a stunning success at Beverley last month.

The first blow came from a corner and a flying header by Dave Higgins.

II. noun


She's afraid of flying .


Different types of glider behave slightly differently, so explore all the gliders you fly and adapt your flying accordingly.

In practical terms this required a duration that recorded the most recent 25 hours of flying .

Last night's film examined a one-day course which helps people overcome their fear of flying .

Male speaker Going to the Gulf was more routine flying .

Team kites fall into several categories, chosen for precision flying or ballet and to suit the wind conditions.

The young were free flying , and the future status of this species in Sussex will be strongly influenced by this population.

To fully appreciate the reasons we must ignore the training aspect and look at the basic costs of flying .

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