Meaning of FOREST in English



a forest fire (= a very large fire in a forest )

Greece has suffered many forest fires this year.

dense forest/wood/woodland/jungle

Their helicopter could not land because of the dense jungle.

forest/park etc warden

forest/rainforest destruction

a Brazilian report on rainforest destruction

rain forest

the destruction of the rain forest

roam the countryside/desert/forests etc

Wild sheep roam the hills.

tropical rain forests

the tropical rain forests




There are also plans to log 57,500 hectares of ancient forest , containing trees of up to 600 years old.

Since this left them without fuel, they began to cut wood from the ancient forests .

The purposes and administration of these ancient forests have of course changed fundamentally.

Locked still in ancient forest dreams, they stand at significant points in the landscape.

The decline of the dormouse has mirrored the loss of ancient forests .

Mussels had colonised the remains of an ancient forest and we asked about waders, so busily taking advantage and feasting there.


Somewhere, in an unknown region, his spirit, his lost ghost, flew above dark forests .

Both of them spoke with longing of the flowering meadows and dark forests .

The hairs prickle on my nape whenever I see a picture representing a deep, dark forest .

Down their slopes the flame ran to the low-lying valleys and the dark forest lands, until all things everywhere were ablaze.

Kislev is a land of dark pine forests , snow-clad wilderness and wind-swept steppes.

It was not everyone who would have relished going off into the dark forest .

I preferred the raven, that black leaf torn from the dark forest .

Miles of dark and silent forest walled the whole camp in.


Day 9 Ottawa-Orilla Head north into stunning wilderness country, a region of sparkling lakes, rushing streams and dense forests .

Inmates were paid 50 cents a day for the back-breaking chore of clearing right of way through dense forests and laying track.

Not like the Harz with its dense forests .

She gazed at the dense forest , then up at the sky.

They are equally at home in dense forest , sparse woodland, savanna, or even on rocky hillsides.

As the pace of deforestation picked up, the area of land covered by dense forest declined considerably.

Some 360 million years ago the beginnings of dense forests showed up in the fossil record, with tall, looming foliage.

I remember going through a dense forest .


A huge, 150 square mile, national forest is now in the process of being planted in the East Midlands.

Despite the closure of nearly 18 percent of national forests in Arizona, developed campgrounds within those closed areas are open.

We will plant a new national forest in the Midlands and community forests elsewhere.

A lot of eco-voters-present company included-think we ought to ban logging altogether in the national forests .

Grants for woodland management will be available from 1992 and a new national forest for the Midlands considered.

For example, about 60 percent of the Coconino and Kaibab national forests in northern Arizona will be closed to campers.

The basis for the great national forest , park, monument, and wildlife refuge systems of the present had been laid.

The bill would pose too much danger to national forests and other public lands, she said.


You soon pass through oakwoods at Glenhead and Buchan - remnants of the original natural forest .

Not the natural forest , the forest that used to be here, which was pine, now cut over and gone.

I watch chalky earth plains give way to natural forest and fear for their future.

Most of the survivors are ornamental trees; only a very few remain in natural forests .

There have even been proposals to clear natural forests and replace them with dense plantations of fast-growing trees to claim extra credits.

If current trends continue, all natural forest land with significant commercial value will be gone within a generation.

With only 2 percent of the natural forest left, so-called secondary forests mean a lot.


Many of the royal forests were granted to them to hold in fee.

Boroughs within the royal forests were prepared to pay for exemption from their hated authority.

The revenues collected and the perquisites enjoyed by the wardens of the various royal forests show a general similarity.

It became a royal forest in Norman times, but, after its disafforestation in 1239, some settlement took place.

Since 1923 they have been, not royal forests , but state forests.

Bishops and barons were to have the right to take one or two deer when passing through the royal forest .


Spinneys and woods are all that remain of once thick forest cover.

We stood on the shoulder and peered down through the thick forest of old fir and knew he was there somewhere.

In such places the abundant rains produce a tall thick forest beneath which the air is constantly warm and humid.

The country we passed through was once thick forest .

On the other hand, the mountains were covered by thick oak forest .

At its foot, the pastures of the valley divide it from the thick forest which rises up the facing mountain.

Hundreds of kilos of muscle and fat manage to snap not even the tiniest twig as they move through thick forest .

Lush mountains, fragrant spice and tea plantations drift via thick forests to fabulous sandy beaches and the stunning Arabian Sea.


The contrasts between temperate and tropical forests are striking.

For the environmentally minded contractor, several lumber companies in California are now marketing ethically chopped tropical rain forest timber.

But the initiative was rejected by the countries where tropical forests are being indiscriminately felled for quick cash profits.

Most are from tropical rain forests , and 95 percent have been studied, Collins said.

Many other animals of the tropical forests have adapted themselves to some means of gliding.

Coral reefs contain a greater variety of species than any other habitat except for tropical forests .

The conference also agreed on a Statement of Forest Principles, aimed particularly at limiting the destruction of tropical forests .

Nevertheless, the data reflect the magnitude of the impact of agriculture on tropical forest areas.


It found evidence of extensive oil pollution of lakes, rivers and groundwater and of the destruction of virgin swamp and forest .

Cloud shadows scudded across immeasurable stands of virgin forests .

Some scientists believe that it can take up to a thousand years for virgin forest to be truly established.

The trees here were all larger and growing much more vigorously than in the virgin forest above.

Another road runs south, through the oilfields, and is constantly being extended into virgin forest .

In response to the beard-shaving incident the Dwarfs chopped down entire virgin forests to spite the Elves.



What is the length and breadth of the largest forest area ?

To the north-east of the town is the Pyhätunturi park, another fine unspoilt forest area .

The incursions... take place in forest areas .

On the way we decided to visit the Catlins, a little-known forest area on the coast, near Balclutha.

The forest areas have deeper soils with an organic layer.

In total, the seven states lost 1,003 square kilometres of forest area and gained 492 square kilometres.

The Kamuku Game Reserve is a typical example of a forest area that is experiencing the kind of problems described above.

But this book takes in many forest areas too and I suppose there isn't room for everything.


No longer was it to look for signs of forest decline , it was to investigate a link between pollution and forest decline.

The conundrums surrounding forest decline were many.

By the mid-1980s well over a hundred hypotheses had been put forward to explain the forest decline .


Think of the might of a forest fire or the burning heat of the sun.

After a forest fire , it is always the first to spring forth.

Like new outbreaks of flame in a forest fire , fresh worries flared in his mind.

However small the sparks at Azusa Street were, within a few decades, pentecostalism had become a full-fledged forest fire .

On one occasion a great forest fire raged through the area of Telegraph Station 30.

In a forest fire , you usually find areas among the trees that have some calming influence on it.

Two were destroyed in forest fire work while the other three are firmly entrenched in museums.

Seems too early in the season to be a forest fire .


Open steel mesh on the walkway decking allows visitors to see through to the supporting trusses and forest floor below.

Impermanence reigns in Atlanta, where white tents dot the landscape like so many mushrooms on the forest floor .

Piles of fallen leaves carpeted the forest floor with gold, and the stillness was broken only by the steady rain.

Pick up a handful of pine needles from the forest floor .

The forest floor is safe at last for us to walk on!

And the potential for catastrophic wildfires is very high because of so much dead wood on the forest floor .

A huge snake was unravelling from a tree, sliding along the forest floor .

Whoo, whoo,-we would yell from the dappled forest floor into the cool green treetops where the jays chattered.


Set among forest land in the Eifel area, its 14-mile lap certainly tested a driver's skill and concentration.

Even without population pressures, such policies could have placed pressure on forest lands .

On Oct. 5 the Council of Ministers issued a decree on the preservation and use of forests and forest land .

Thousands of acres of the forest land where truffles grow have been cleared for farming.

Imposed management is a necessary desideratum, as 11.3 million ha of mature forest land is being lost annually.

Down their slopes the flame ran to the low-lying valleys and the dark forest lands , until all things everywhere were ablaze.


Fifteen reserves are to be established by 2000, covering 12,000 hectares of pine forest , loch, bog and mountain.

We were parked at the edge of a pine forest above Chichicastenango.

When he had his bearings he plunged into the pine forest , heading east.

Sixteen parrots were released in the pine forests of the Chiricahua mountains early this year.

Stately pine forests carpeted the shoreline.

Towards the north these turn into pine forests and eventually thin out to form the grassy plains of Kislev.


Farming, then, is the biggest devourer of rain forest .

A simulated rain forest will be installed inside two climate-controlled buildings, also in the post-2006 phase.

Flowering bushes appear to be taking over the hillside and then we enter what looks like a real rain forest .

It is ideal for trees; and this, indeed, is the region of tropical rain forest .

Most species live in tropical rain forests .

We want to get an idea of what's going on in the rain forest canopy.

Up to half of the tropical rain forests cut down or burned are transformed not into wasteland but into secondary forest.


Navigating along dry forest roads we arrived at the base of Mount Robert.

Mud boggers drive their puddle plowing trucks down rutted forest roads .

Today's final 78 miles of stages are over the notoriously deceptive Yorkshire forest roads .

Beyond the lochan the route follows the wide forest road .

Cross the forest road and keep straight on up the hill.

Do the same at the next forest road .

An old track lead back through the woodlands to the forest road and your starting point at the car park.

Turn left into the forest and follow the track downhill crossing the forest road .


Cairns itself is a spacious city with large areas of grass under low spreading forest trees and tall Alexander palms.

Maybe I should draw those of other forest trees and bushes to go with these.

There are oleander bushes and flame of the forest trees .

And does the demise of the dogwood have some sort of larger meaning for the forest trees with which it associates?

A maple seed is heavy in comparison to the seeds of some forest trees .

Drought resulted in decreased root growth and slower breakdown of soil litter, an important source of magnesium for forest trees .

They are compelled to do this because most of the forest trees protect themselves against molesters with a poisonous sap.



There have even been proposals to clear natural forests and replace them with dense plantations of fast-growing trees to claim extra credits.

At a clearing in the forest we found a tethered camel and her calf.

The problem arose when the government decided to clear the forest along the Sugihan river for a colonisation scheme.

And every-where they lived they cleared the forest .

Covering derelict land with trees, replacing long-\#cleared woods and forests , holds a great attraction.


Acid rain poisons fish, destroys forests , and corrodes buildings.

Two were destroyed in forest fire work while the other three are firmly entrenched in museums.

Since then some 4 million hectares have been cut down and millions more have been destroyed by accidental forest fires.

But fears abound that the dams will actually increase floods or at least their effects, by destroying the protective surrounding forests .

This is one of the reasons we destroy the rain forests at our peril.

Now unscrupulous logging companies assisted by corrupt officials are destroying forests at the rate of 50 million acres a year.

Over the winter of 1997 / 98 huge fires had destroyed large tracts of forest in Borneo.

The institute will also look at ways of harvesting timber without destroying the forests .


Criminals who live in the forests and mountains.

Even furniture will become part of the living forest .

For the rest of their lives they lived in the forest .

Most species live in tropical rain forests .

Sunbirds and bats, which live outside the forest , also work the flowers at this level.

Its members live in a forest , and every year they take more of it to grow crops.

Some bird and animal populations living in forests damaged by acid deposition have been shown to have declined recently.

And every-where they lived they cleared the forest .


Environmental groups also called for measures to protect the rights of forest peoples, which were not adequately addressed in the report.

It is hoped that the findings will help protect forest elsewhere.


In another, stalactites reached down to the floor and they walked through a forest of pillars.

Specters walk in the rain forest .

We were walking through the forest .

I walked through hardwood forest of very thick sugar maples and yellow birches.

Easily Accessible: The area is very good for walking , through forests , hills or along the coast.

It was remarkable how unsafe it had felt walking through the forest like this.

It felt as if Mariah, in leaving, had walked into a forest he vaguely comprehended as eve-one else.


old-growth forests/rainforest/timber etc

But propaganda that all old-growth forests are being hacked down willy-nilly is nonsense.

Like the northern spotted owl, the tiny bird is dependent on old-growth forests.

The floors of old-growth forests tend to be fairly sterile because overhead canopies of leaves prevent light from reaching the ground.

The report has been welcomed by many legislators as the most authoritative and independent assessment of the old-growth timber industry ever prepared.

the depths of the ocean/countryside/forest etc

Illegal activity is not limited to the depths of the forest.

So the depths of the oceans are full of lights moving rhythmically around and continually turning off and on.

The sporadic gunfire, explosions and shouting in the depths of the forest, seemed to belong to a different world.

the skirts of a forest/hill/village etc

virgin land/forest/soil/snow etc

After an initial few hundred feet across virgin land the railway will join the old trackbed of the long-disused Newbury Railway.

Another road runs south, through the oilfields, and is constantly being extended into virgin forest.

Cloud shadows scudded across immeasurable stands of virgin forests.

In low range, it walks with authority across a field covered by a couple of feet of packed virgin snow.

In response to the beard-shaving incident the Dwarfs chopped down entire virgin forests to spite the Elves.

Some scientists believe that it can take up to a thousand years for virgin forest to be truly established.

The trees here were all larger and growing much more vigorously than in the virgin forest above.

Within an hour, Bucharest is buried under a blanket of virgin snow.


a forest fire

Much of Scandinavia is covered in dense pine forest .


Arkansas saw nine million acres of marsh and swamp forest converted to farms.

Bodies crushed and absorbed, Tallis-Holly herself became trapped in the quivering, silent forest that filled the stone place.

First-hog-of-summer and others ran to the palisade and peered at the forest edge.

Its members live in a forest , and every year they take more of it to grow crops.

The Coconino and Kaibab forests imposed closures this year before any other forests in this state.

The study claims that red squirrels have survived alongside grey squirrels for decades in forests in Norfolk and Staffordshire.

They were searching the forest for you.

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