Meaning of FREEZING in English

I. noun


above freezing/zero (= higher than the temperature at which water freezes )

Tonight, temperatures should be just above freezing.

below freezing/zero (= lower than the temperature at which water freezes )

In winter, temperatures dip to 40 degrees below freezing.

freezing fog

Flights were cancelled due to freezing fog.

freezing point

Alcohol has a lower freezing point than water.

freezing rain (= extremely cold rain )

the icy wind and freezing rain

freezing/icy cold

Take your gloves – it’s freezing cold out there.


boiling point/freezing point/melting point etc


A few rain squalls perhaps, but the temperature was well above freezing .

II. adjective




It was freezing cold in all the rooms.

It was cascading rain and freezing cold .

It was freezing cold and we didn't go inside anywhere.

Then, in the freezing cold of London in February 1969, his feet swelled up.

In the freezing cold and pitch dark, families were driven to clinging to the roof.

We stayed in a frontier hotel about 6,000 feet up, in a night of freezing cold .


It really seems as if some drivers fall prey to a death wish when freezing fog descends.

Creeping in from both sides was a freezing fog .

Both pile-ups happened in freezing fog .

Police blamed the crash on drivers going too fast and too close in freezing fog .

As she stood waiting for a taxi a speeding car appeared out of the freezing fog .

Carbon-dioxide ice smoked all around, making a freezing fog that glowed eerily where the rising sun was trapped in its skeins.

Police and motoring organisations urged drivers to keep their speed down and take extra care as freezing fog gripped the country.


The snow may crust at night, due to outward radiation, even thought the air temperature remains well above freezing point .

This is the freezing point of water at one atmosphere.

These are elevation of boiling point , depression of freezing point, osmotic pressure.

Even in summer, the temperature rarely rises above freezing point .

It is in fact a liquid cooled below its freezing point without crystallising.

An electric fan heater maintains a temperature just above freezing point .

The depression of freezing point can be determined experimentally using the apparatus shown in figure 6.38.

A cooling curve is plotted and the freezing point determined.


When we go out into the freezing temperatures tonight, we know that we should be doing something.

Jubilant, most gave up the idea of protesting in the freezing temperatures again, but approximately 1,000 persisted with their plan.


I got such a shock that I toppled over sideways, ending up chest deep in freezing water .

If you haven't already done so, remove and drain pumps so that freezing water doesn't damage them.

The crewmen had to be pulled from the freezing water by colleagues in an inflatable boat.

He had managed to dislodge the noose from his neck and save himself by jumping into the freezing water below.


a freezing cold day in January

Can't we go inside? It's freezing out here.

Close the window - it's freezing in here.

His friends pulled him from the freezing water.

How much longer do we have to wait out her? I'm freezing .

It's absolutely freezing in the basement.

My flimsy jacket was inadequate for the freezing Japanese weather.

Supporters queued for tickets all night in freezing conditions.

The little children sat in rows in the freezing classroom.

The river is freezing cold this time of year.

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