Meaning of FULLY in English




all-inclusive/fully inclusive

The fully inclusive fare for the trip is £22.

be fully booked (= all the seats, tickets etc are sold )

I’m afraid that show is fully booked.

be wide/fully awake (= completely awake )

I'm never wide awake until I've had a cup of coffee.

completely/fully/totally/entirely satisfied

If you’re not completely satisfied, you can get your money back.

cooperate fully

I advised my client to cooperate fully with the police.

firmly/totally/fully etc convinced

Herschel was firmly convinced of the possibility of life on other planets.

fully automated

The production process is now fully automated .

fully automatic

My camera is fully automatic .

fully comprehend

I did not fully comprehend what had happened.

fully comprehensive

The report does not claim to be fully comprehensive.

fully developed

Labour has a more fully developed programme for the unemployed.

fully dressed (= with all your clothes on )

She was so tired that she went to bed fully dressed.

fully dressed

She collapsed fully dressed on the bed.

fully expect (= completely )

We fully expected to win.

fully functional

By 2004, the Supertram is expected to be fully functional .

fully furnished

a fully furnished flat

fully guaranteed

All our products are fully guaranteed .

fully informed

Please keep me fully informed of any developments.

fully intend (= definitely intend )

I fully intend to return home next year.

fully justified

In the Chief Constable’s view, the use of force was fully justified .

fully mature

The human brain isn’t fully mature until about age 25.

fully occupied

She’s fully occupied with work.

fully operational

Our main offices are now fully operational .

fully qualified

He was a fully qualified engineer.

fully understood

How the drug works isn’t fully understood .


It is a row that may never be fully resolved.

fully/heavily laden

The lorry was fully laden.

fully/partially/scantily etc clothed

The children lay on the bed, fully clothed and fast asleep.

fully/totally/wholly committed

Both sides claim to be fully committed to the peace process.

participate fully

They welcomed the opportunity to participate fully in the life of the village.

thoroughly/fully deserve sth

He didn't work so he thoroughly deserved his poor marks.

totally/fully organic (= containing only food that is produced using organic methods )

All the ingredients are totally organic.

well/fully/acutely aware

They were well aware that the company was losing money.

well/fully/inadequately etc prepared

Luckily, we were well prepared for the storm.

well/poorly/fully etc equipped

a well equipped hospital




It had a spring suspension axle for which a fully automatic tracking axle system is also available.

After the war, semi-and fully automatic rifles were developed.

The Slotopal On-Line Analyser from Schloetter is for fully automatic titrations of plating bath constituents and other processes.

Honda also designed the four-wheel-drive system, which engages only when needed and is fully automatic .

Our fully automatic video cameras are so easy to use - just point the camera and press the record button!

If there was a drawback, it was the rate of fire on fully automatic .

Such control is often fully automatic .

This pump-house was fully automatic and the latest example of technological design.


So the possibility was that the leadership there, if any, would not be fully aware of what had just developed.

Obviously, it was not always fully aware of this exceptional position, or fully able to exploit it.

It is important that expatriates be fully aware of local customs and their effects on life style.

I said to myself, fully aware that what I was saying made no sense.

The play leaves you with the impression that he was fully aware at the time of what was going on.

I am fully aware that I have nothing to offer you, no inducements, nothing to give you in exchange.

The Banks are fully aware of and fully supportive of the measures which we have recently announced.

This was, in fact, standard practice and Barratt was fully aware of it.


He's a fully fledged pilot now.

Even fully fledged homosexuals often return to the pursuit of women.

The longer-term tendency may be for the joint boards to develop into fully fledged special purpose authorities.

He wasn't hurt, but I was a fully fledged professor before I could afford another.

Several goldsmiths developed into fully fledged banks and issued banknotes.

We are now fully fledged instructors.

I was quite happy to reap the benefits of being a fully fledged malai killer.

These constraints put out of the question any prospect of training fully fledged navigators for the thousands of landing craft crews.


Two methods can be used, both requiring a healthy and fully grown leaf from your selected plant.

Elsewhere fully grown trees were uprooted, and were found laid out in the direction of the blast.

A fully grown woman, the muscles on her arms and legs as thick and obvious as a man's.

The initial stages of training are not exactly kind but there is no other way of breaking a fully grown elephant.

It is the largest living bird - a fully grown male weighing 140 kilograms and reaching 2.5 metres in height.

I would like to put a fully grown male in with her.

A kitten requires three times more nourishment, relative to body weight, than a fully grown cat.

All the corpses he examined were those of adults - of fully grown men.


A social worker is usually involved because a person has ceased to be fully independent in some aspect of daily living.

There is a fully independent , four-wheel-suspension system with McPherson struts and stabilizer bars, front and rear.


Once the country's largest dry ski-slope is fully operational it is hoped to offer up to 70 part-time jobs to experienced skiers.

Implementation would take at least six months, culminating in fully operational work-unit teams.

Once fully operational , they should process 3,000 tons of effluent a day.

What had to be sacrificed was time, since it would be years before the shuttle would be fully operational .

Once the system is fully operational , then one may consider moving to an in-house installation if the economies are worthwhile.

It is to be fully operational by mid-2003.

The muscles had been fully stimulated during the growth period and Ewan had supposed they'd be fully operational immediately.

The new office in Campbell plans to have 45 real estate agents when fully operational .



Unless parents fully accept the child, the burden of pain and failure will be passed on.

Yet he could not fully accept it.

A lesson had been learned, but not fully accepted im-mediately, and it was enormously frustrating.

Resolving this conflict was critical in fully accepting the responsibility in being a manager and developing credibility.

Nowadays we fully accept short sight.

But that big, awful secret from her past prevents Lisa from fully accepting his love.


And for once he knew he was fully appreciated by his Buttermere neighbours and even by his wife.

Maybe we only come to fully appreciate many great athletes and artists just before they walk out the door.

Although so far no one has succeeded in interpreting the Etruscan language we can fully appreciate their sculpture, painting and craftsmanship.

He had not till now fully appreciated the pleasure of calling.

In fact Mozart did not fully appreciate the gravity of the situation.

However, many of its attributes are not fully appreciated and the following notes are intended to increase awareness of these.

Work by other engineers was obviously germane to the investigation of geomorphological processes but was not fully appreciated until the 1960s.

It is only comparatively recently that the scale and significance of the Sterkfontein deposits have begun to be fully appreciated .


Only recently has the importance of the timing of insulin injections in relation to meals become fully realised.

Marx argues that a social group only fully becomes a class when it becomes a class for itself.

If your company has a five-year plan you become fully vested after five years.

The jaw does not become fully grown until the horse is between five and eight years old.

The decisional roles can not become fully operative until he has more information.

It was only later that the significance of the surrendering of providing powers in 1930 became fully apparent to the District.

It was then that I became fully aware of how your personality is really at stake.


Oddly the cottage was fully booked when we tried to take it again at Easter.

Coming back, we stood all the way from Naples to Paris on a fully booked train.

Berths only become available to staff or relatives when the ship is not fully booked .

The trip is now fully booked and money for tickets should be paid in as soon as possible.

No one knows how many are coming; the fully booked hotels say perhaps 100,000.

And we weren't fully booked .

Two coaches are fully booked with dozens more Italia-bound by air, mini-bus and car.


Ralph Lauren's Polo aftershave came galloping into the kitchen, followed shortly by a now fully clothed Lee.

I took off my boots and lay down on the bed fully clothed .

Children, many suffering from malnutrition, keep warm by doing exercises fully clothed .

Condrey said he was still holding Higgins' hand when they walked into the water, fully clothed .

After all I was fully clothed .

But we all make concessions to age and physical erosion, so Young remained fully clothed on his naked bootleg.

But even if she'd been fully clothed the chance of escape was gone before it arrived.

It was like watching a postgame inter-view with an athlete, except that Roz was fully clothed .


The Labour party is fully committed to health promotion and prevention care.

She makes her evolution, from neutral to fully committed , a credible, touching experience.

Yet most existing fundholders find they do not have the available money as their management fees are fully committed within their practices.

Throughout life you need to be fully committed to each course of action.

But he complains that I give him the impression that I am holding back and am not fully committed .

But never fully committed to the program, the government soon abandoned it.

We are fully committed to reinvigorating the economy of west Cornwall.

Dan Holloway how-ever was fully committed to the effort he led.


To fully comprehend space we need stereoscopic touch, hearing and vision.

I wonder if there -, %, as some moment when she fully comprehended and appreciated him?

Rivalry between them is unnecessary and tends to disappear once each fully comprehends the other's role.

Fully comprehending the imminent danger, Warren sent to General Meade for a division.

If not, does it fully comprehend the awful consequences?

And he comprehended fully how great is the benevolence of the boundlessly compassionate Kuan Yin.

They learn not to take things on trust, but to make sure they fully comprehend in order to make their own assessments.

A proper engineering drawing can not be thus fudged; like Wolf, the draughtsman must fully comprehend what he is drawing.


We're prepared to cooperate fully with any security council inquiry.

She cooperated fully in the project in a most commendable spirit of scientific interest.


The entire restoration project is fully described in a forthcoming publication by Ello De Rosa.

Poor communications Lack of understanding often arises through failure to communicate accurately and fully describe the state of the process.

Describe fully what took place, in a way which will arouse the feelings and sympathy of your readers.

The facilities available for creating users and allocating privileges are described fully in Section 11 of this manual.

The changes in accounting policy are fully described in the financial review.

Children also need to develop a specialised vocabulary so they are able to describe fully the features they find.

It fully describes a variety of stimulating exploitation techniques that will involve students in active viewing.

The horrible sufferings and uproar which resulted are fully described by two independent observers, Osbern and Eadmer.


And the underdogs fully deserved their win over the Galway men.

He had overcome the rivalry of his son and felt that he fully deserved the expensive lifestyle he enjoyed with Mary.

Those responsible for bringing the Imperial War Museum to Hartlepool fully deserve the congratulations of the town.

The combination of coal mining and iron making produced a world which fully deserved its name.


Flavours rapidly evaporate from hot wort while bitterness requires up to an hour to fully develop .

It will be more advantageous for the aquarist to acquire pre-cultivated seedlings or fully developed plants from aquatic plant shops.

The inherited traits can be suppressed because a puppy is born with a brain that is not fully developed .

Reproductions is by the separation of daughter plants which arise on the leaf margins or fully developed specimens and take root readily.

The skeletal width of the shoulders is hereditary but an illusion of breadth can be created by fully developing the shoulder muscles.

Large dogs with fully developed human intelligences, although a tendency, when examining anything, to sniff it.

Every one of these older persons is a fully developed personality.


These duties are discussed fully in detail in the following chapters.

Nutrition labelling is also fully discussed in Chapter 4 and is thus described but briefly here.

What to do if the relationship is curved is discussed fully in the next chapter.

Only the first two of these problems are discussed fully here.

Second, having fully discussed what the customer wants, the salesperson knows which product benefits to stress.

Both are of fundamental significance, and will be discussed fully in Chapter 6.

The properly drafted agreement will contain only those provisions which the partners have discussed fully and agreed upon.

Prototyping is discussed fully in Section 6.5.


He was lying face downwards in the shadow of the short diving-board, fully dressed in a blazer and white linen trousers.

He was still fully dressed , except for the jacket and he, literally, hugged his side of the bed.

She took one step forward and toppled Mitch fully dressed in to the swimming-pool without a moment's hesitation.

She was fully dressed , wearing a hat and coat.

When the bell is deployed, the divers descend fully dressed .

After a while I went back to my room and lay down, fully dressed , waiting.

As I suspected, Richard was fully dressed .


Attractively converted town house close to Portobello market, with spacious, fully equipped rooms.

They come fully equipped with beds, furniture, bathtubs and cooking utensils.

The accommodation here is all self catering, and the apartments are fully equipped with cooker and fridge.

The conference was held in a fully equipped auditorium.

All the studios sleep 2-3, have private facilities and terraces and are fully equipped for the self catering gourmet.

A fully equipped tipi had almost as many ropes, lines, pegs, and parts as an old-time sailing vessel.

Doubles are smart but small; fully equipped suites are spectacular, as they should be for over 300.

Fully equipped Mustang convertible, $ 28, 210.


Goldstein fully expects an Architecture-Neutral Distribution Format product programme to be initiated during 1994.

Any day now, we fully expect to hear some guy playing Sousa marches in his armpit.

Irene had fully expected that Douglas's move to a new branch would lead to promotion, but it hadn't happened.

I fully expect that Tony will end his career with the San Diego Padres.

She had fully expected to be dismissed the next morning, but nothing was said and she didn't ask.

She fully expected to be back in Boston July 1 for the opening of the vacation activities.

He was waiting to see you and fully expecting you would be there.

She fully expected to see her suitcases standing somewhere.


For reasons not fully explained , the military pilot had decided to close in on the civilian airliner.

The therapist should explain fully why certain areas of questioning are being broached so that parents feel part of the assessment procedure.

In an odd decision that White did not fully explain , veteran defensive lineman Nolan Harrison did not suit up Sunday night.

Their relationship is never fully explained , but it is serious enough for Meadowlark to become obsessive and out of control.

For some reason, which probably will never be fully explained , a loner with a passion for guns snapped.

But this can not fully explain the slowdown.

How each of these causes maintenance insomnia is fully explained later in this book.


Compiled annually, it is a voluminous source which can now be fully exploited for the first time using computer techniques.

By fully exploiting their market position currently, monopolistic firms might elicit adverse public opinion and governmental censure.

Currently, the recogniser does not fully exploit information about the physical properties of the input.

The photographic record alone, indeed, has still to be exploited fully by historians.

However this is not sufficient to ensure that the research potential of the data is fully exploited .

Both sides shall give real substance to the agreement on the creation and work of cultural centres and fully exploit them.

Doubtless there will be many highly strategic opportunities where this humiliation will be fully exploited .

Whether managers fully exploit the pocket of discretion thus created depends on the intensity of their own commitment to profit maximisation.


By this time Dawn was fully grown .

This fish feeds readily on larval Artemia, but fully grown adults are too large.

The jaw does not become fully grown until the horse is between five and eight years old.

The most mistaken idea is that you can Xerox people and somehow clone a fully grown adult.

Make a note of their position and come back a few weeks later to collect them when they are fully grown .

The tastiest lamb comes from animals that have been grazing, but are not yet fully grown - about 10 months old.

When the caterpillar is fully grown it usually hangs upside down from a leaf or plant stem, and begins to pupate.

Lions breed well in captivity. b. When fully grown , a lion is bigger than a lioness.


However, it is expected to encompass all civil originating processes by the time the system is fully implemented in 2002.

As school desegregation is more fully implemented , only the most isolated suburbs will remain exempt.

The main weakness of these republican reforms was that they threatened fundamental change but didn't fully implement it.

These requirements were never fully implemented .

At St Mary's, we decided to set up a 10-week pilot study before fully implementing the new role.

Preparations had started almost a year earlier, but it was not until winter 1916/17 that they were fully implemented .

Funding is now needed to ensure that the experiments of the project are fully implemented .


In order to fully inform such study there is a need for more research in this field.

And he kept them fully informed .

One primary intervention therefore was for me to liaise regularly with the ward so that Mrs Allen was fully informed about the situation.

Four facts about car alarms: Fact 1: Buyers are not fully informed .

To ensure a mutually beneficial outcome it is necessary that both parties be fully informed of all relevant information.

Such behavior would scarcely be acceptable to a fully informed public.

Their 1S09002 project management structure meant we were fully informed throughout.

He studies his council material in close detail and refuses to cast a vote until he is confident he is fully informed .


Moreover, such a theory must more fully integrate diverse moments of social reproduction, both semiotic and political economic.

He will also be responsible for Johnson Brothers' customer service when it is fully integrated later in the year.

So the cosmic mind is one, though it contains infinite aspects of being within its fully integrated and indestructible unity.

They must also show their HIV/AIDS services are fully integrated into their community care plans.

The specialists were moved from their functional silos into those teams and integrated fully with all other maintenance technicians.

Unlike the Maze, Maghaberry is a fully integrated prison where loyalists and republicans live cheek-by-jowl.

It had been fully integrated into the Telecom system five years previously.


Branson had fully intended to keep his word on not seeing or communicating with Joan for three months.

Smolan maintains he fully intended to go forward with a book from the time he and Negroponte began discussing it.

The Grange has always been a happy house and still has a faint atmosphere of piety, fully intended by Mr Teulon.

The pair fully intends to be on stage this weekend, returned to all their companions in the salad bowl.

There are massive opportunities for a group like Emap in the digital environment and we fully intend to take them.

After all, the 27-year-old farm worker fully intended to return to work when his 30-minute lunch break was over.

Last night had completely undermined her resolve, though - as he had fully intended it should.


I think the number of cyclists in this area of the city fully justifies the implementation of these additional measures.

Until evidence of such ore bodies can be produced, skepticism regarding their existence is fully justified .

Berger's irrationalist pessimism about the fate of ideas in history is neither fully justified by history nor required by logic.

The long-term repercussions fully justify the significance attached to Emancipation.

An employment tribunal has ruled that food retailers are fully justified in refusing to employ men who wear them.

We not merely retained it but expanded it, and it has fully justified our confidence.


Are not Earth's children fully occupied with human inventions?

My mind was on my work, and I had never been more fully occupied .

The four beds in the lying-in ward were usually fully occupied .

He was always friendly enough, but seemed fully occupied with the bevy of young beach-boys who seemed to swarm around him.

But I had many other interests which kept me fully occupied at the time.

The reason that Leith did not immediately answer was that her brain was fully occupied .

The department is extremely busy and all existing machine and labour capacity is fully occupied .

Johnny was by now fully occupied with the fastenings on the controversial halter-necked garment.


Living art forms will finally use technology to bring art to the point where the brain can fully participate in it.

We also invite our children to participate fully in conversation.

It was obvious that they participate fully , even in churches where the pastor is a man.

Legislation will not necessarily change the role of interest groups so that citizens can participate fully in democracy.

Some fully participate in the overparenting.


Hewlett-Packard Moscow head of representation Nick Rossiter says the contract is fully paid for and took 18 months to negotiate.


Most men sported an absurd amount of lethal weaponry, which they were fully prepared to use.

Jackson came over at once, armed with a fully prepared draft of a bill, which he read to the assembly.

You've lost a close friend and however much you anticipated this, you can never be fully prepared for a bereavement.

Intel is currently preparing fully functional samples of the chips for shipment to manufacturers in the second half.

There are so many options prices vary, but Tony suggests a fully prepared Trakmeister car would start at around £14,000.

Haig wisely refused to do this until he was fully prepared .


The guides are fully qualified to take groups anywhere on these mountains; safety is always paramount.

They typically earn about one half to two thirds the pay of a fully qualified worker.

He undertook an in-service youth work qualification while working and became a fully qualified youth worker two years later.

Even for those who are most fully qualified , full-time jobs with full-time benefits are scarce.


I was too numbed still to take in the situation and to realize fully the drastic change in my life.

The second reason for disregarding potential short-term bene-fits is that they are seldom fully realized .

Ultimately, it has to be worked at so that its possibilities are realized fully by those who possess it.

I fully realized the futility of this enterprise, an unrequited obsession, a one-sided infatuation.

The function of the state was to plan the social environment so that individuals could more fully realize themselves.

The ramifications of the wrong use of imagination have to be fully realized before we can hope to control it.

The government could pull in two opposite directions without fully realizing that it was doing so.


But for a nagging worry she was fully recovered .

Maybe it has taken the girls this long to fully recover from the demoralizing Arizona road trip.

It is hoped to released the bird back into the wild when it is fully recovered .

By spring practice, tailback Skip Hicks is expected to be fully recovered from knee injuries.

During the wars themselves there had been considerable disruption, but by 1785 trade had fully recovered .

A victim never fully recovers from the feeling of insecurity.

Edmund will fully recover , we hope.

After a skin graft on his leg, the patient is now fully recovered , he said.


There was nothing particularly creditable in giving up an immoral life when you had fully satisfied that nagging curiosity.

It can not fully satisfy both.


The idea is to eliminate or severely limit private financing and fully support both presidential and congressional campaigns with public financing.

Furthermore, the harsh treatment of slaves was fully supported by the legal system.

Enlightened stuff - and fully supported by Morrissey.

Our Job Review and Management Review schemes are fully supported by directors and management.

This has been discussed at the recent meeting of Nether Wyresdale Parish Council and they fully support your proposals.

This theoretical uncertainty was fully supported by the experience of ancient and medieval technology.

It is important that all limbs are fully supported in a neutral position while the patient is anaesthetized.


It is the broker's job to make sure the haulier fully understands the small print of the exemption and other clauses.

With all the complexities in human nature, behavior can never be fully understood and predicted.

I can fully understand him being pissed off.

I fully understand what I am doing but I can not stop.

Diana was sympathetic, but did not fully understand his unrest, nor his frantic soul-searching.

The function of the stripes is not fully understood and the pattern is in fact different on each zebra.

Check that the subordinate fully understands what has been discussed and can explain back to you roughly what is the next stage.

We shall look briefly at the issues involved to fully understand these points.


a fully paid-up member of sth

Are you now a fully paid-up member of the new economy?

At the moment I would describe him as a fully paid-up member of the politically embarrassed tendency.

Listen to that big-mouthed gilgul, acting like she's a fully paid-up member of the team.

Thus, Milwaukee-based guitarist Daryl Stuermer became a fully paid-up member of the Genesis live auxiliaries.


Fully 75 percent of cultural articles were devoted to sports.

a fully equipped kitchen

I can fully understand your concern.

Patients must fully understand the risks involved in this type of surgery.

Please keep me fully informed of any developments.

The house is fully furnished, including washer and dryer.

The President is fully aware of the problem.


And for once he knew he was fully appreciated by his Buttermere neighbours and even by his wife.

I don't know if they ever fully understood it.

If your company has a five-year plan you become fully vested after five years.

In contrast, public monopolies that are thrust fully into competition have little choice but to please their customers.

The prayers of both could not be answered; that of neither has been answered fully .

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