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functional food




These needs are known as functional prerequisites.

Purse nets remain unaffected and are as functional as at any other time.

These authors see the spectating of sporting events as functional for society.

The cloches are just as functional as modern designs, but have an elegance that plastic and aluminium can not match.


Mr Fothergill's 1991 seed catalogue includes a fully functional model which has a traditional iron wheel and is priced at £179.

Assimilation and accommodation are fully functional at birth.

The Museum of Religious Art will be fully functional from immediately before the opening of Mayfest.

Intel is currently preparing fully functional samples of the chips for shipment to manufacturers in the second half.

In all patients the pouch had been fully functional for at least six months.

The patient characteristically believes that the part is diseased or not fully functional .


At its most saintly the religious life offered a much more functional view.

Sprayway's Micro Jammer is a fleece jacket made even more functional with a windproof outer layer.

Many come with detachable straps, which are more functional for day use.


In contrast to Livesey's, the room was purely functional .

The roomy silos of the hull flanks gave it a bulbous appearance that defied approval by any aesthetic but the purely functional .



This event-driven analysis is frequently called functional analysis.

In conclusion, the use of specific molecular probes and insitu hybridisation allows a functional analysis of tissue macrophages.


Each of the three functional areas is dealt with in terms of its salient features and its mainstream activities.

The anytime / anyplace work world is upon us, particularly in functional areas like sales.

Business development managers also interview heads of functional areas within eBay to discover what aspects of past deals gave them grief.

Compared to people in other functional areas , they feel little compunction about challenging or questioning a superior.

Each runs one of the restaurants, and also takes responsibility for a major functional area .

By peers, I mean associates in other functional areas and in the corporate or regional offices.

The breakdown of departments into functional areas is unfortunately subject to frequent change, making computerisation of the return difficult.


Information may be gathered in a variety of ways, including the use of functional assessment instruments and selective assessment forms.

Many practitioners know this, and may be put off from benefiting from the undoubted if limited strengths of functional assessment .

The practitioner works as the officer of the organisation to test for entitlement to its services, perhaps using functional assessment methods.

The first of these current approaches is that of functional assessment .

This neglect is not only by academics, but is also evident in the practice of both selective and functional assessment .

Such a state of affairs can not be ignored, as it tends to be in selective and much functional assessment .


Meisel's second functional characteristic is coherence, which is rather more straight forward.

Meisel identifies three functional characteristics which-Mosca's elite has to have - group consciousness. coherence and conspiracy.


He may also have a contact man in each functional department responsible for co-ordination and monitoring of the work within the department.

In a functional department we face quite properly increasing pressure on our resources.

There is also a general feeling that a co-ordination unit will result in more pressure and control on functional departments .

It was decided early that the organization should be strongly business-led with unified functional departments in support.

Local authorities are often composed of these kinds of functional departments . 3.

The project manager makes agreements with the heads of functional departments which provide the necessary resources in terms of manpower and equipment.

For example, the social services department within a local authority is a functional department.


Neither the provision of contemporary hardware or a functional equivalent is trivial.

Indeed Bourdieu is wont to speak of functions or their functional equivalent .


The residuals can also be used to indicate whether we have fitted the correct functional form or not.

In Piaget's system the behavioural components are functional forms of organic structure.

Getting these into human cells, enmasse, in a functional form is more difficult.

Each of these functional forms is depicted below.


The characteristic functional groups were then indicated by prefixes and suffixes with numbers to indicate their positions.

Then any additional carbon atoms forming the skeleton were added and finally the functional group .

The first section describes some of the general principles that affect the reactivity of functional groups .

Task forces, project teams, committees, boards, departmental or functional group meetings fall into this classification.

The chemistry of the functional groups is considered here with a mechanistic rationale.

This can lead to friction, acrimony and lack of co-operation between functional groups .

Internal interfaces include those between an engineer and different levels of management, departments or functional groups within the same organisation.


He begins by questioning the adequacy of their measurement of the functional importance of positions.

In fact a number of sociologists have argued that there is no objective way of measuring the functional importance of positions.

Thus differences in pay and prestige between occupational groups may be due to differences in their power rather than their functional importance .


Useful - really functional language items that can come in handy in real situations.


Each functional manager appoints a representative who is responsible for the project within his department.

At the start of a project there is often a pressure on functional managers to provide qualified people for the project.

This creates complicated relationships between project managers and functional managers.

Depending on the situation, he may report to the chief executive, to a functional manager , or to a steering committee.

You must be able to develop good, informal contact with functional managers .

As in every matrix structure, the operational roles have reporting responsibilities to functional managers as well as to their immediate line managers.


These needs are known as functional prerequisites .

The major functions of social institutions are those which help to meet the functional prerequisites of society.

A minimal degree of integration is therefore a functional prerequisite of society.

They assume that society has certain basic needs or functional prerequisites which must be met if it is to survive.

They therefore look to social stratification to see how far it meets these functional prerequisites .

Thus a functional prerequisite of society involves at least a minimal degree of integration between the parts.

One such functional prerequisite is effective role allocation and performance.

The major institutions of society are justified by the belief that they are meeting the functional prerequisites of the social system.


The 33 patients with distal disease have functional results that are indistinguishable from those with total colitis.

Half of all the failures are because patients are dissatisfied with the functional results of this operation.

Nevertheless, the pouch operation failed in only three patients, the other seven having satisfactory functional results .

Of the two patients with recurrent pouchitis who have ulcerative colitis both have had pouch excision because of poor functional results .

The functional result in patients with ulcerative colitis is extremely variable.


It is thus possible that the two exchangers have distinct functional roles and are selectively regulated.

Mintzberg worked with managers in industry and devised a model of their functional roles .

It also had a functional role .

The provision of these requirements by a cell line should aid their identification and analysis of their functional role in T-cell development.


What then is their functional significance ?

For these reasons the functional significance of these observations is difficult to assess.

These results lend support to the idea that tenascin alternative splice forms may also have functional significance at the protein level.

The mutation has no functional significance and controls no traits, researchers say.

For the purpose of analyzing the functional significance of chaos it is not necessary to make this distinction.


In other words, the emergence of conscious experience depends only on an appropriate functional structure .

But what happens in functional structures ?

It emphasizes rationally structured systems, built on division of labor and job specialization in a functional structure.


By breaking down the communication barriers among work groups, rotation enhances the flow of information between workers and across functional units .

The result: 100 trillion synapses. 100 trillion functional units .


The company was divided into four main functional areas.

These tin cookie cutters are both functional and decorative.


In a functional sense, spillover was founded on the belief that contemporary economies were based upon a tangle of interrelated sectors.

It can be contemporary or traditional, marginally functional or not functional at all.

Nevertheless it is useful and justified to look at living systems from the functional point of view.

So far, criticism of functionalist theories has been concerned with the view that stratification is functional .

The Rotachute was a simple yet functional design.

There is no question but that agency rulemaking is lawmaking in any functional or realistic sense of the term....

Up to this point, these new officials had no functional responsibilities.

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