Meaning of GARLAND in English




At Barwick the new garlands are taken round the surrounding villages and a collection made before they are attached to the maypole.

Both men wore garlands of wild jasmine, sold to them by child hawkers who worked the front of the Continental.

Each garland has a steel framework which is wrapped with silk stockings before being lined, inside and out, with hessian.

He could faintly smell her sweat, and also the lavender of the garland she wore in her hair.

She was wearing a sarong and several garlands of flowers.

The streets were adorned with garlands of flowers, and the balconies were covered with beautiful flags.

Then the group of assembled pupils began to sing, as they waved their flags and garlands in the air.

These usually consist of large, naturalistic floral garlands or medallions set against an open or sparsely decorated field.

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