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Then it ordered a 21 percent hike in gasoline prices , the fifth increase in 43 days.

The gas tax rollback, initiated because gasoline prices spiked this spring, has since fallen by the wayside.

He noted California experienced two big gasoline price increases in the 1990s.

The decline was in part due to a sharp drop in gasoline prices .

With gasoline prices recently hitting their highest level in five years, is Walker driving less to save money?

It was kicked off when gasoline prices shot up so fast the climb would make a Blue Angels pilot gulp.

If a $ 2 increase were passed through to the pump, gasoline prices could rise by 5 per gallon.


Democrats note that Dole voted several times for gasoline tax increases totaling 10 cents in the 1980s.

Bond revenue and special funds like the highway account fueled by the gasoline tax are earmarked in advance.

Canceling the gasoline tax , a la Dole, will deepen them again.

Dole was seeking to push his own issue, eliminating the 4. 3-cent gasoline tax that Clinton pushed in 1993.

For example, gasoline taxes are typically earmarked for the financing of highway construction and repairs.

But nobody fuses much over daily expenditures on sales and gasoline taxes -- even though they add up to large sums annually.

Dole is leading the push in Congress for repealing the gasoline tax .



In the United State, use of leaded gasoline was phased out on Jan. 1.


February unleaded gasoline fell 3. 75 cents to 54. 44 cents a gallon.

February unleaded gasoline rose 0. 80 cent to 53. 90 cents a gallon.

February unleaded gasoline fell 0. 46 cent to 58. 19 cents a gallon.


After the war everything cost more: gasoline , buses, hotel accommodations, and musicians' salaries.

At gasoline stations it is illegal for customers to pump more than 10 gallons a minute.

February unleaded gasoline fell 3. 75 cents to 54. 44 cents a gallon.

Improved gasoline yields of up to 25 percent have been achieved using them.

In Connecticut, a Waterbury man suffered a fatal heart attack Sunday night after going outside to fill his snowblower with gasoline .

The main gasoline engine can be turned and its valve gear operates.

The National Rifle Association says taggants in gunpowder might act like a match struck near gasoline .

Three hundred gallons of gasoline were loaded today.

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