Meaning of GENERATE in English




arouse/generate enthusiasm formal (= make people feel enthusiastic )

The changes to the timetable failed to arouse enthusiasm amongst the staff.

arouse/generate/attract interest (= make people interested )

This extraordinary story has aroused interest in many quarters.

cause/generate excitement

The arrival of a stranger caused some excitement in the village.

generate an income (= provide one )

He decided to invest the money to generate an income for the future.

generate cash

The website generates cash from advertising, and by charging for downloads.

generate profit(s)

We have the capacity to generate more profit.

generate publicity

The publication of the book generated an enormous amount of publicity.

generate/produce electricity

We need to find cleaner ways of generating electricity.

generate/produce energy

a power plant that generates energy from household waste




This is because they generate excessive amounts of data and information that must be interpreted by specialists.

Main Course went platinum and generated amazing amounts of black radio play.

Simple sieving, on its own, is obviously nowhere near capable of generating the amount of order in a living thing.

Even that source is far too small to generate any significant amount of electric power.

Three months after they were launched, the new awards are already generating a tremendous amount of interest.

The radioisotope thermoelectric generators steadily generate large amounts of power regardless of where they are in space.

Markevitch generates a staggering amount of energy and draws brilliant playing from the Philharmonia.

The domestic space and the urban environment generate a fair amount of music and sound in their own right.


A package of accelerations, improved peak-hour services and upgrading of the Master Cutler to Pullman status has generated new business .

Twelve months ago when Graeme joined us I had hoped that we could generate enough business to justify an extra man.

Investment in an agency, branch or subsidiary will be expected to pay for itself by generating extra business .

Important for a firm that focusses on generating repeat business from big blue-chip companies rather than one-off jobs from smaller organisations.

The informal sector has on occasion generated small businesses and creative enterprises.

It will help fight terminations and generate additional business .

Clustered together, branches of the same bank help each other to generate and retain more business than they would do independently.

The centres are all currently Executive Agencies which between them generate business worth more than £100m a year.


Tivoli isn't looking for any more investors and should soon start generating cash .

Coupons generated electronically at the cash register are popular across the country, because they mirror consumer preferences.

A star may or may not be able to generate its own cash to provide for its own investment.


By extrapolation it is concluded that today's rising income levels generate increased demand for services compared with manufactured goods.

In other cases, generating a demand requires the emplacement of an infrastructure of maintenance for the successful adoption of innovations.

Armies of unheard-of size, fighting on a scale never before known, generated an unprecedented demand for military information.

And they generate consistent demand for services such as laundry, housekeeping and restaurants.

Thus quite considerable amounts of labour could be generated by demand for private health and education provision.


There is as yet no firm estimate as to the amount of electricity which could be generated by such a scheme.

Fuel cells, which provide electricity generated by a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen, constitute one part of that research.

The total cost to the electricity generating industry, it said, would be £6 billion over the next 10 years.

Between 1952 and 1981 electricity generating capacity grew by over 14% per year.

One is to construct extra high-voltage transmission lines to transmit electricity generated at mine-mouth power plants to distant load centres.

He will recharge it from his house mains-supplied by a specialist electricity company which generates its power from the wind.

Small-scale hydropower projects and electricity generated from waste make up the majority of the schemes which have received approval.

Several large gas-fired electricity generating stations will begin to operate and that will inevitably take away a proportion of the market.


There are grants for developing industrial crops to generate energy , make plastics and grow hemp for manufacturing.

In order to be successful on the field, everyone needs to generate positive energy and emotion.

Then there's even more pollution caused by burning the fuels needed to generate the energy to make new products.

Our apartment was generating serious energy , shifting from its usual somnambulism to a flushed and slightly kinetic mode.

Keeping a steady blaze is akin to the way in which women generate and maintain emotional energy .

You have to generate the positive energy and just keep going.

They then build the plants required to generate the energy .

They tend to generate some energy as well as a clarity of purpose and a sense of definition.


Doyle talked with the fervour of a preacher and generated enough enthusiasm to fuel 10 teams.

Some researchers feel it is important to let others generate enthusiasm for their ideas so that they remain aloof and objective.

David Douglas wanted to generate the same enthusiasm and rigor in its other career clusters.


These strange and beautiful candlesticks balance motionlessly on their needle-sharp points, generating excitement by the very fragility of their inertia.

The construction, which took a few months, generated increasing excitement .

Instead, it generated excitement and renewed vigour.

It generates a lot of excitement , and is brimming with ideas.

Often a race against time, such programs can generate much excitement .

BThat Pratt continues to generate excitement is understandable.


A lightly-taxed economy generates more economic growth , and more revenue.

The reason money fund fees are waived is to generate asset growth .

Another conference at Llangollen on Wednesday examines how indigenous cultural resources can generate economic growth .

As a result, he said, Unix software and services will increasingly generate higher profits and growth .

Gertz and Baptista argue that three strategies are good at generating growth .


So if all the deuterium fused it could generate substantial heat in the Earth.

Molten rock generated by the heat and pressure associated with the zone wells up through the Earth, erupting at the surface.

Frankenstein's lights generated a lot of heat .

It is important to use small bags, since a large number of acorns together will generate heat .

Computers, faxes and photocopiers generate heat waves of their own.

But those proposed amendments are merely the ones that generate the most political heat .

That makes sense, but they can't be accurate because compost heaps generate heat which might accelerate decomposition.

After the fire investigators tested a similar oxygen canister to determine whether it could generate enough heat to cause the fire.


Tactical information Marketing mix item Type of research Product policy decision Qualitative research to generate ideas for new products.

The problem-solving sessions began to generate ideas for fixing problems such as water leaks and glass breakage.

Plant: innovates, generates new ideas and approaches, problem solver; dominant, intelligent and introvert.

Some researchers feel it is important to let others generate enthusiasm for their ideas so that they remain aloof and objective.

Resource Investigator: the team's contact with its environment, generates ideas and resources; intelligent, stable and introvert.

Today, few restaurant companies generate ideas in-house, relying instead on acquisitions or joint ventures with entrepreneurs.

As was suggested earlier, competition may generate new ideas , stimulate and channel energies, set standards for others to follow.

Designing a piece of furniture from limited stock can be an effective way of generating new ideas .


By extrapolation it is concluded that today's rising income levels generate increased demand for services compared with manufactured goods.

Ironically the release includes fees for attorneys, water and environmental professionals as income generated for the city.

Despite this, many dealers earned staggering incomes by generating incredible turnovers.

Supplementary income generating activities include clinical work and consultancies for donor agencies.

Even the possibility of using income generated by the sale of council houses has been sharply restricted.

It shows that a third of average incomes is generated by migrant labour and only a fifth by selling crops.


Will such businesses be sufficiently profitable to generate the interest of the private sector?

Online services like Napster helped generate interest in a slew of new computer products in recent months.

In order to generate interest in his players and their careers, he has become a press and publicity machine.

Here at home, recent hearings and growing media reports have begun to generate more interest in the issue.

It generates interest in Apple and it sells hardware.

Predictably, the case has generated huge interest on the computer network that connects millions of people around the world.

There was, however, no Wolverhampton presence in the category which generated the greatest interest this weekend - the light-heavyweight.

The Hersey-Blanchard model has generated interest because it recommends a leadership type that is dynamic and flexible, rather than static.


The bad news is that a given rise in output therefore generates fewer new jobs .

We put into place a comprehensive and tough economic package to create growth and generate jobs .

In addition, computer-aided guidance packages will be available, which will generate career and job suggestions, matching your computer profile.

Maritime business generates better-paying jobs than tourism, which has been the bread and butter of the port.

Steady and sustained economic growth will generate jobs that last.

Additionally, Harman is investing $ 10 million to build a computer speaker manufacturing line that will generate 200 jobs .

To expand the pool of that wealth, the society simply needed to keep generating new jobs .

Small, streamlined companies generate more new jobs than the big, old traditional industries.


From this base, a set of performance indicators were generated as the top level of the information set.

The model is meant to describe what operations the speaker performs upon each level of representation to generate the next level.

The final level in Garrett's model - the articulatory-level representation - is generated from the phonetic level.

This may give an unbalanced impression of the competition as a whole and of the enthusiasm generated throughout at local level .

A straight fight between John Smith and Bryan Gould will never be able to generate that level of fall-out.

This mixture, heated by recession and high unemployment, inevitably generates a high level of crime.


They generated a lot of hostility as well as admiration.

Parents who successfully draw their child out are the ones who generate a lot of emotional energy.

Frankenstein's lights generated a lot of heat.

The high-profile venture has generated Siemens lots of community goodwill.

But their offer of free financial health checks proved just the tonic and generated a lot of new business.

All parties suffered, yet it was difficult to generate a whole lot of pity for any of them.

That can generate a lot of waste.

Reich has generated a lot of good publicity for the Clinton administration.


It is on course to generate revenues of £150 million this year.

Experts say there is an additional demand for 130, 000 lines, which could generate $ 150 million more a year.

It estimated that these activities generated £160 million in gross expenditure and over 6,000 full-time equivalent jobs in the Highlands and Islands.

Over the same time period the United States generated thirty-eight million net new jobs even though it has one third fewer people.

They already generate $ 477 million in retail sales every year in Florida.

Wasserstein and Perella, in 1987, generated $ 3 85 million in fees for their employer, First Boston.

Federal officials estimate that the timber salvaged from Southeastern forests damaged by Opal will generate about $ 10 million .

Royal Bank currently generates C $ 335 million in annual premiums from the sale of creditor life and disability insurance.


In order to generate sales successfully a number of secondary functions are also carried out by most salespeople.

He said the show has generated a number of telephone calls from other parents across the nation similarly accused.

The point is that human beings have relatively few needs, but can generate an enormous number of wants.

Exhibitions in Connecticut this year have generated a number of worthy catalogs that will remain valuable long after their respective shows close.

Pachomius's monastery quickly generated a number of offshoots.

That is, a new key is generated as a random number for each message.

New techniques of mass-rearing should generate large numbers .

When the sender generates a message, the system generates a random 128-bit number as a session key for that message only.


CompUSA, purchased last year, now generates some 73 percent of company sales.

Sunnyvale generates 37 percent of its operating budget from fees, another 3 percent from franchises and concessions.

Coal mined underground generates an 8 percent gross royalty.


The power he generated with his simple swing was devastating.

This insight taught me something about the enormous power that is generated by desiring something very much.

This will result in the loss of about one-third of power generated .

The power generated on the Moon is then transmitted by microwave beam back to Earth.

The resulting market power will generate static welfare losses.

The smokestacks from a power generating station rise over the horizon.

The higher thermal efficiency resulting from the topping cycle reduces the amount of carbon dioxide produced per unit of power generated .

There was always a power of inevitability generated by a self-confidence that made things fit together well.


It may even have a permanent effect due to the dynamic process generating economies of scale.

The election process generates very little information about the population's demands for specific public services.

This process generates short chain fatty acids which are absorbed, and hydrogen and carbon dioxide.

The abolished process is that which generates the functional predicate/argument structure for a sentence.

All these processes generate and use documentation.

It is not clear what processes are generating these changes.

Stochastic theories look to the statistics of the situation and ask what type of statistical processes will generate the observed result.


We know that strategy 2 generates zero profit , and strategy 1 should generate the same zero profit.

In many cases, a business may not be generating enough profit to take full advantage of these tax benefits.

Banks are generating record profits and using excess cash to buy out competitors and repurchase their own shares.

East Midlands Electricity added 1p to 408p after generating a 23% profits rise to £30.3m.

Stock markets in both countries value the corporate assets that generate these profits relatively cheaply, he says.

As a result, he said, Unix software and services will increasingly generate higher profits and growth.

Many universities see their law schools as businesses generating pure profit .


Is the revenue generated by such contracts truly derived from the employer's position as patentee of the invention?

No exact figure on how much revenue this generates could be obtained from state tax officials.

It creates enterprises and revenue generating operations.


If this continues, electronic information in the United States will be generating greater revenues than books by 1996.

Time Warner will continue to operate and generate revenues .

First, it sells software packages, which generate 20% of revenues .

While UniChem has fewer retail outlets than Lloyds, it has a larger wholesale division and generates higher revenues .

These sites currently have over 600,000 unique users driving over 14 million monthly page impressions and generating annualised revenues of £1.6million.

The tabloids ridiculed the house when it landed one of the first big handouts generated by National Lottery revenues .

It is on course to generate revenues of £150 million this year.

Despite the barriers, the online industry is beginning to generate substantial revenues .


On this basis, by about 1996, sales of electronic information products will be generating more revenue than sales of books.

Calculated in the currencies where Sandoz generates its revenue, sales showed a 14 percent rise.

In order to generate sales successfully a number of secondary functions are also carried out by most salespeople.

The most-used protease inhibitor, Crixivan, generated sales of $ 141 million in the most recent quarter.

Even the possibility of using income generated by the sale of council houses has been sharply restricted.

Now, he believes Starbucks generated same-store sales increases of only 5 % in December.

The adverts were designed to generate some sales leads as well as the main aim of raising awareness and these will be handled by.

Instead, it generated 4 % sales increases when post-Thanksgiving sales turned out light.


By contrast, some Marxists are more inclined to emphasize capitalism's economic success in generating proletarian support .

As a result, crusade volunteers worked overtime to generate support .

This issue has generated cross-party support and those remarks were a bit off, given what we are trying to achieve.

They also responded to the king's skilful use of propaganda to generate support for the war.


In question-answering systems the computer generates answers to the user's query based on stored information.

Like a biochemical carrot and stick, these systems generate pleasurable or painful feelings that powerfully guide behavior.

The waves and the pebbles together constitute a simple example of a system that automatically generates non-randomness.

Will such an auction system generate only poor volunteers?

On the other hand, the new system has generated matches involving eliminated, unmotivated teams.

The political order depends upon the economic system to generate goods and services for the survival and prosperity of its citizens.

We are introducing a new system that will generate 6,000 straight forward reports a year.

When the sender generates a message, the system generates a random 128-bit number as a session key for that message only.



By increasing the Group's focus on the digital environment, Emap expects to generate significant new revenue streams.

San Francisco-based McKesson said the contract is expected to generate revenue of $ 250 million in the first year.

Sales of the higher margin 6000 Series are expected generate an increasingly higher proportion of the company's revenues in fact.

Boston Chicken, another company expected to generate strong earnings, rose 1 1 / 4 to 31 3 / 8.

We may expect to generate a better estimate by using pseudo-costs.

Current landfill sites are more than sufficient to handle all of the trash expected to be generated for the next several years.

This is expected to generate renewed pressure on the California Legislature to reconsider a controversial helmet mandate it approved in 1990.

Consumer devices attached to the Internet will be expected to generate an unambiguous origin identification.


The exuberance that Minton helped generate at Camberwell was related to a deeper excitement animating the whole school.

A solar panel on the roof even helped generate 12-volt power.

It will help fight terminations and generate additional business.

Online services like Napster helped generate interest in a slew of new computer products in recent months.

The authority took the action in order to help generate a convention.

Brain-storming comes with practice and simply helps to generate ideas.


Similarly, Branchplan can be used to generate a plot of customer distribution around a particular store location.

Of these, uranium and thorium can be used to generate power in nuclear reactors.

Initially the three are to develop an Assertion Definition Language, which will eventually be used to generate test suites.

For example, 500, 000 was used in generating the cost per kilowatt of coal-natural gas units.

Any of the above techniques may be used to generate new solutions of Ernst's equation.

We will use that information to generate a material requirement plan which we will give to our suppliers.

Some artists use a computer to generate altered versions of an original.

The possibility of using wood to generate electricity should also be explored.


Completing the project on time and under budget generated a feeling of pride and accomplishment among the team.

France generates a large part of its electricity from nuclear power.

Realistic programmes about crime only serve to generate fear among the public.

The 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine generates 138 horsepower.

The computer industry has generated hundreds of new jobs in the area.

The friction between the satellite and the atmosphere generates great heat.

The murder trial has generated enormous public interest.


Fourth, decentralized institutions generate higher morale, more commitment, and greater productivity.

Initially the three are to develop an Assertion Definition Language, which will eventually be used to generate test suites.

Stress can easily be generated in a class by a teaching program, through the use of competitive situations, for example.

The second is generated by people fighting to claim credit when money is made.

What the Liquor Board was most interested in is what was happening with the funds generated from these special events liquor licenses.

Yet, significant as many of these developments were, the majority seem chiefly remarkable for the wealth they did not generate .

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