Meaning of GENERATOR in English





The electrical generator is about 98% efficient.


Some power companies are taking advantage of the technique to clean large generators quickly.

Ampair's stern-mounting kit would appear to be the most sensible system for fixing larger generators on yachts.



Much of the new demand will come from a doubling in the amount of gas consumed by electricity generators .

Its original plan was to unload the problem on to the electricity generators .

The two major electricity generators , PowerGen and National Power, declined to comment until they had assessed the white paper.

Or we could leave it up to the electricity generators to reduce the impact, at the expense of higher bills.

In 1990, it emerged that he had held discussions about buying PowerGen, the state electricity generator , outright.

A hotel's conventional boiler for heat production alone usually achieves 70% and standby electricity generators , 50%.

Motorways, electricity generators , municipal dumps were all subject to kickbacks.

Whether this is because of the impending General Election, or the impending conclusion of negotiations with electricity generators remain to be seen.


Also, tidal power generators must be designed to withstand severe wave action and the corrosive effects of seawater.

Professional television crews, in fact, bring their own power generators with them to enable them to light large areas.

This left them unable to pay some independent power generators , so they had to shut down.

Then there is the massive power generator which can weight 20 tons or more.

Dalek firepower threatens to destroy the expeditionary force until the attackers hit on the idea of disabling the city's power generators .

Such an idea might sound rather optimistic, but some power generators are already trying to look environmentally friendly by doing it.


All the wind generators tested used standard ferrite magnets.

The batteries for the torches were recharged from the wind generator and the solar panels, as was the radio battery.

There are two techniques for using a wind generator or a solar panel.

Surely a manufacturer could develop a wind generator which has a cage enclosing the turbine?

Over the past few years wind generators and solar panels have become cheaper.

It is essential to fit wind generators as well out of the way as possible: on the aft pulpit, for example.

The major factors governing the use of wind generators are as follows.



There are two techniques for using a wind generator or a solar panel.

Instead, in an ingenious way, it uses a flywheel generator .

They were using a nearby generator to provide lighting and music.


Andre Berry switches on a standard domestic vacuum cleaner powered by a petrol generator to collect material to repair an historic mound.

Evidence of electrical power on main and stand-by systems has to be determined and generator or alternator functioning assessments must be made.

In this phase, the most active generators of ideas were sociologists and psychologists.

The Coliseum has several backup generators, and additional generators were also brought in, Trask said.

They put in new heating and air conditioning, carpeting and a generator .

When the generator shuts off, they have no electricity.

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