Meaning of GRAPH in English



bar graph

graph paper


We plotted a graph to show the increase in sales figures this year.




A search space is a labelled directed graph .

Next, we come to the notion of a directed graph , sometimes called a digraph.



This can be done on an annual basis with a bar graph which reveals the annual growth rate.

The output was a bar graph to show how much the new input resembled each of the ten people.

Breathing rhythm was established by the movement of a bar graph displayed on the computer screen.

Underneath the bar graph are listed the inbred mouse strains or transgenics from which the analysis was made.

The following bar graphs or charts show how the information can be broken down and looked at more closely.

A bar graph shows present depth and maximum depth reached.

About how much of every £100 is spent on each item shown in the divided bar graph ?

After each set of lessons bar graphs can be generated to illustrate the progress made.


They can be represented vertically, horizontally or be combined with line graphs .

Typically these will include bar charts, pie charts and line graphs although numerous other types can be prepared.

The major advantage of the line graph is that it is easy to analyse the relationship between variables.

In order to construct a line graph , at least two sets of tabulated data are required.


Special types of graph paper can be useful in different circumstances.

This consisted of drawing on graph paper ten figures of slightly varying geometric size, made up of squares.

Probability graph paper exists to show the extent to which a distribution deviates from the Gaussian shape.

It is best to work out a pattern in advance and draw it out on same graph paper .

It takes a bit of time to learn to use these more specialized sorts of graph paper but it is worth the effort.

This permitted the use of arithmetic graph papers for plotting.

Sitting down with a slip of graph paper and jotting down a few ideas will help, you make sense of your thoughts.

Use the half pattern below and enlarge it on dressmaker's graph paper .


Paths could then be continued from all new short words that are stored on the word graph . 7.3.1.



He should draw a graph of the increasing pressure upon his work.

This consisted of drawing on graph paper ten figures of slightly varying geometric size, made up of squares.

If it is thin enough you will be able to trace the outlines of a plot originally drawn on graph paper.

Q I've been using Lotus 1-2-3 to draw various graphs from the data I collect each week.

When scientists draw graphs they typically plot a scattering of points which show some pattern.


The results can be plotted in a graph , like the one below.

True, the global figures advanced by Soviet historians to plot the graph of peasant disorders leave much to be desired.

This data is plotted on the graph and a line is drawn to link the points.


With any luck, you should see a graph of the data appear.

It can be seen that the graph slopes up and although an exact relationship does not exist, a systematic ones does.

The scatter seen on the graph is the normal biological variability of plant material.

You will see from the graphs below that our turnover and pre-tax profit figures reached record levels last year.


This shows a graph G which is actually a tree, and its cover G-.

To demonstrate this astonishing finding, she showed me a graph she and Swetnarn had prepared.

Statistics have come to convey three rather different ideas: 1 numerical facts and figures, often shown as charts and graphs .


As to the arrangement of the motif, for a full-length version use the stalk-extension graph before starting the main graph.

For a shorter version, just use the main graph .

The fundamental selectivity issue which can occur when graphing financial information is the basis of deciding whether or not to use graphs .

We checked the assumption of proportionality by using graphs of the log-log survivor function.


The graph on page 6 shows population growth over the past 50 years.


Allow the graph to dry overnight before hanging it up.

How many graphs and charts will viewers look at?

If you do not get a satisfactory graph , try resetting the graph settings to the default.

Other products are treated in the same way, building up a graph of the aggregate sales of existing products.

The oscilloscope graph of both voices was flattened in the lower register: tension was restricting the movement of their vocal chords.

This may be in the form of a report containing written evidence, diagrams or graphs as appropriate.

Together, the graphs sum up what happened during the intervening eighty years.

We can map out our budget and time performance on a graph .

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