Meaning of GRATING in English


I. noun


A grating is a set of tight and dark stripes, usually of equal width.

A spectrograph uses optical elements called gratings or prisms to separate the light gathered by a telescope into its component colors.

Gullies often become blocked by dead leaves and small stones which fall through the grating .

Only a trail of blue sticky stuff all on the gratings.

Sometimes I added a few gratings of nutmeg.

Such patterns are known as gratings.

This process forms gratings in the crystal, a record of the interference pattern.

Those that had iron gratings locked them across the plate glass.

II. adjective


a grating personality

a grating voice

The machine began to spin faster and faster, with the grating screech of metal on metal.

We could hear a group of tourists, talking in loud grating voices.


Calls a short high-pitched whistle and a harsh grating note.

Rincewind tried to shut his ears to the grating voice beside him.

The gangplank that linked the slipway to the boat shifted to and fro with a grating sound.

The luminance profile of a typical grating pattern is shown in Figure 4.3.

The statue slowly slithered off his body; a grating noise as it hit the floor.

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