Meaning of GYPSUM in English



A cellulose-based paste is being applied to the gypsum deposits followed by a micro-sanding with fine alumina powder.

A small, white-backed lizard waddled and hopped across the hot gypsum , moving away from us.

Glassy sheets of gypsum crumble out of the bluffs.

It was brackish, laced with gypsum , but she forced it down, and she filled the bottles.

Its walls and floor were sheathed in gypsum slabs, whilst its ceiling was painted blue and supported by a gypsum pillar.

The gypsum crust is more soluble than the limestone so it is quite rapidly weathered by rainwater.

The calcium sulphate was probably concentrated by evaporation of shallow lakes, though wind-borne gypsum dust may have contributed in places.

The winds over the dunes were constant, and they peppered us with the gypsum sand.

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