Meaning of HALVE in English




a number halves (= becomes twice as small )

The number of children failing at school has halved in recent years.

in two/halves/pieces etc

I tore the letter in two and threw the pieces in the fire.




But Coun Carr stressed that the 1990-1 debt had been almost halved from £6.5m to £3.5m in just nine months.

Most strikingly, the Daily Mirror almost halved its public-affairs coverage as a proportion of space in 1937 compared with 1927.

Numbers are down from 700 to 500, as the town's population has almost halved since independence in 1991.

At the same time step-parent adoptions have been discouraged and have almost halved since the Children Act 1975.

The council tax means the number of bills to be processed will be almost halved to forty six thousand.

The chances of being killed in a road accident have almost halved since 1979.

The company's workforce has been almost halved to 102 in three years.

The suicide rate for young men has doubled since the early Eighties, while for women it has almost halved .



If no X appears, halve the numbers that appear on lines 5 and 13.

It contained a plan to halve the number of places in children's day centres from 1989.


A half-speed recorder would effectively halve the rate of tax that consumers would pay, should a levy be introduced.


In the first place, the pension being offered was roughly halved in value .

As a rule, these differences will do no more than double or halve the average value .

But that estimate has risen sharply because most rely on importing components, and the rouble has since halved in value .

It is being paid by people whose money, as of 1 July, has been halved in value .

Linda knew if she offered the chocs around the loss of the four best ones would halve the value of her box.

Not only has their home halved in value .


In the past 10 years drink-driving deaths have halved to 700 a year.

In Gloucestershire, the number of positive pre-Christmas breath tests has halved in 6 years , reflecting a public change of attitude.

At one site, the amount of coral had been halved in just three years .

But after death, the amount of radiocarbon decreases at a fixed rate: it halves every 5730 years .

City experts say profits could halve over the next year as the other supermarket chains eat into Gateway's market share.

Meanwhile, the price of laser-printers halves every four years or so, and their resolution and speed continue to improve.


go halves (on sth)

Do you want to go halves on a pizza?

He generously agrees to go halves on you.

She'd promised to go halves with him if he got anywhere in his negotiations.

go halves (with sb)

not do sth by halves

I'm sure it will be a fantastic wedding. Eva never does anything by halves .

He comes from a family that does not do things by halves .


Halve the eggplant lengthwise and hollow out the center.

His 13-year prison term was halved because of good behavior.

The overseas aid budget has been almost halved, from $18m to just over $10m.


At the current rate, costs will be halved again within a decade.

Farming clubs have seen their incomes halved and, if the economics pundits are right, will soon be halved again.

He aims to halve unemployment to four percent by 2000 by spending about 10 billion kronor to educate and train workers.

The dish can be halved or quartered as needed.

This is estimated at 1.1m pairs and has more than halved in the past 30 years.

Thus, assuming two-thirds of those retiring were replaced in work by unemployment beneficiaries, the financial costs could have been halved.

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