Meaning of HISTORICAL in English



a historical drama (= about events in the past )

She starred in a historical drama about Marie Antoinette.

a historical overview

The book gives a historical overview of the revolution.

a historical perspective

It is important to have a historical perspective when considering these changes.

a historical/scientific fact

This was presented as a historical fact when it was just an opinion.

detective/romantic/historical etc novel

a newly published science fiction novel

historical records

Using historical records, we have produced an image of the temple.

historical research

This is a fascinating piece of historical research.

historical/financial/scientific etc data

My research involves analyzing the historical data.

historical/sociological/scientific etc writing

Much historical writing today looks at the lives of ordinary people, as well as at the rich and powerful.

political/social/historical etc significance

The political significance of this change should not be underestimated.

sth’s historical/geographical/political etc origins

This type of story has its historical origins in eighteenth century gothic novels.

the geographical origins of the plant

the social/political/historical etc context

You often need to understand the cultural context of jokes.




It is very convenient, for the presentation of historical accounts , when a specific date can be identified as a watershed.

If I read an historical account about a remote haunt, his name appears.

None the less, one can get some useful mileage out of the 1960s surveys, before moving on to an historical account .


His historical analysis of the problem has proved even more influential than his own philosophical attempts to respond to it.

There is virtually no reporting and only the crudest sort of historical analysis .

At their best your notes can stimulate historical analysis , clarity of thought, and personal interest.

Using a historical analysis , Nehring and Van lest provide a rather gloomy set of forecasts.

But rigorous historical analysis is not Kapuscinski's forte.

Methods employed will include historical analysis , postal survey, interviews, international comparison and a workshop directed at assessing future needs.

For Weber it was a matter for social and historical analysis to discover the real basis of inequality in a particular society.


The flock receives virtually no historical background from its shepherd - who is believed to be the definitive authority on such matters.

Some theological and historical background is necessary before examining the present acclamations of the Roman mass.

Howard Carter's own sketches, excavation notes, photographs, diaries and letters provide the historical background to the finds.

His many references to the Kingdom recorded in the Gospels must be seen against this historical background and contemporary context.

The historical background provided in this chapter helps us understand some of these diagnoses as well as some of the prescriptions.

It is crucial to understand the historical background .

As a preliminary to this, it is necessary to describe something of the historical background to interwar West Ham.


It has to be reinserted into questions of historical change and of the character of the general social order.

Any fundamental historical changes like those wrought during the Agricultural Revolution involve both gain and loss.

Stereotypes, moreover, are subject to historical change and geographical variation and salience.

Henceforth the whole cosmos or at least the whole solar system must be conceived as a process of constant historical change .

I shall consider briefly how these historical changes have affected patterns of support between family members.

Analysis based on historical changes should take account of this fact.

Abundant evidence of ambivalence between ascriptive and associative use is to be found in examples of historical change .

We shall turn to the dimensions of historical change in our next chapter.


They suggest that sociological perspectives are shaped more by historical circumstances than by objective views of the reality of social life.

Force of historical circumstances had dramatically reunited two friends temporarily disunited as a consequence of Cold War expediency.

Of course, only one set of historical circumstances , from all the infinite potentialities, was to emerge.

The underlying cultural patterns anthropologists seek means the implications offered by changing historical circumstances are given insufficient attention.

A particular set of social alliances and historical circumstances led to this specific version of nationalism.

Western Christians, however, took longer to reach this stage in their development than other traditions because of their peculiar historical circumstances .

According to Weber the city's real social and political significance was limited to the particular historical circumstances of the mediaeval period.

The Chicago School work, Castells argued, at best offered good empirical studies of a very specific set of historical circumstances .


John Ridd's sense of honour is practical as well as idealistic and his motives are relevant outside their historical context .

Each at the cutting edge of possibility within its own historical context , each a breakthrough in the standards of its day.

In addition, she emphasises the broader historical context of political, technological and cultural change within which photography developed.

Examining Spenser and Ireland, therefore, raises more questions about relations between literary texts and historical contexts than it resolves.

Both viewpoints are important in a historical context , but not in counselling.

Finally, the historical context was different.

They don't think in any sort of ... of historical context .

Introduction - which places the work in a historical context and explains why it was thought important and worthwhile. 3.


Our historical cost loss of £xxx million was recorded after stock holding losses of £xxx million.

The original cost is an historical cost and is therefore an irrelevant sunk cost.

As in the previous example, the historical cost is irrelevant.

Accounting Principles a. The accounts have been prepared under the historical cost convention.

Land and buildings included at cost or valuation would have been stated on an historical cost basis at: 10.

The net book value of Banner's leasehold properties comes to £1.82m; the historical cost is £2.054m.

The Accounts have been prepared in accordance with applicable accounting standards and under the historical cost accounting rules supplemented by revaluation of certain properties.

Should they be recorded at the original historical cost , or should they be recorded at the current replacement cost?


The collection of historical data on natural hazards is important since it is clear that their spatial pattern varies through time.

Preparing both training and test input files will not depend on historical data sets, which are usually controlled by some one else.

Some well-informed practitioners are highly sceptical of the reliability of corporate betas based on historical data .

This is the way we receive the historical data sheets.

In addition to the specific limitations, there is the general caution which should be exercised in using historical data to document social change.

Neural nets can learn rule structures and patterns on their own from historical data or through experience.

Much of the historical data relate to the County Borough area.

We continue in this manner, using all but 20 percent of the historical data .


However, their historical development as nations has differed considerably.

Whether the fundamental equations of physics are timeless or the product of a historical development is not known.

Thus Marx's model of historical development was in many respects only a sketch which left many problems unresolved.

For the duchy of Savoy the reign of Victor Amadeus marks a critical period of historical development .

The changes in the ways in which these national economies are regulated account for their historical development .

And what historical developments have created, they can also destroy.

It was born and grew as the result of a certain set of specific historical developments .


The Gospels, as we have said before, are unreliable as historical documents .

What really adds depth to this documentary, though, is its status as a poignant historical document .

Irrespective of their original function, these historical documents now provide us with many fascinating insights into the way we were.

It's an important historical document .

In approaching any historical document there should be a progression from lower order to higher order thinking.

However, historical documents are not always true records of the past.

Such mistakes are easily made; the point is that one should not treat any historical document as gospel.


What I wish to indicate here is the complex issues involved in establishing what to call historical events .

Critical assessment of long held beliefs is the first step to new interpretation of historical events and other so called scientific truths.

Historical experience is partial because of the essential arbitrariness involved in distinguishing one historical event from another.

It makes extensive use of mock trials, simulations, and role-playing to reconstruct historical events .

Where evidence is thin, individual men seem to stand out heroically, taking decisions which drastically and simply shape historical events .

For teen-agers, too, this is an excellent introduction to the historical events .

As well as important historical events that helped to shape the town, the walks show how people lived, worked and enjoyed themselves.

The program re-created various historical events complete with conversations no one had ever heard.


This early state was not constructed from proper historical evidence of any kind.

Analysts pointed out that there is little historical evidence to support this theory.

However, while there is no proof, there is ample historical evidence to support many balance-of-power propositions.

C., but biblical and historical evidence indicates that he actually was born several years earlier.

This was predictable, though, looking back at historical evidence relating to a Friday Christmas.

It is important to understand the problematic nature of historical evidence , its advantages and failings, its certainties and its contentions.

With ample historical evidence on their side, the expansionists replied that visibility was a tested means of swelling research budgets.

This is because popular photography is increasingly used as social-historical evidence .


It noted the many differences in historical experience , in values and in interests.

This is supposed to emulate the historical experience of already industrialised countries.

The inclusion or exclusion of information is decided by our historical experience which is gained by reading, discussion and thought.


The historical facts on this point might be disputed but it was so much easier to eat this way.

This book will delight readers who crave an overabundance of historical fact .

I said at the beginning of the book that 50 percent was documented historical fact .

Others want to keep him in action where he is, a historical fact and tourist come-on.

It is based on real people, genuine exhibits and historical facts .

Again we find a mystery of distortions, both of the psyche, and of the historical facts of Cretan religious practice.

Some were based on historical fact - L'Incoronazione di Poppea, Giulio Cesare - but most were mythological.

An attempt to give equal coverage to all years would result in a rather useless chronology that provides isolated historical facts .


The explanation for this apparent paradox is provided by the distinction between the subjective and the objective role of historical figures .

These historical figures are combined with invented characters.

Also, no one has explained how basing contracts on historical figures allows for the changes in Working Families Tax Credit.

The slope of the line is specific to the product and the production organization and is arrived at from historical figures .

The graph restates all the historical figures on the new basis.

Magnus the Pious is one of the most famous historical figures in the Empire and one of its greatest Emperors.


Do you use your notes for developing your historical understanding as well as for recording historical information ? 4.

A great deal of that historical information was conveniently stored at the University of Edinburgh, three hundred miles northwest of Cambridge.

In a heated market, invariably the value placed on the hotel would tend to be higher than historical information .

Players can choose from among a variety of ancient civilizations, and the software provides detailed historical information about each.

To show similarity and difference in historical information .

Remember that you are reading not only for historical information but also to increase your historical understanding.

In addition historical information about the current status as well as the automatic processes applied to the text are contained in the history flag fields.

The more you practise the better you will become at selecting historical information to suit firstly your essay and secondly your argument.


Apart from historical interest , Geireann is also of great interest to the angler, offering the best of all worlds.

And she had said she wanted to see places of historical interest .

Altogether it has three hundred buildings listed as being of architectural and historical interest .

It is precisely this capacity for renewed interpretation that makes literature of more than simply historical interest .

Consideration was also given to ways of ensuring that the archaeological and historical interests of the Park are fully safeguarded.

Only 12 percent believed that roads through sites of natural beauty or historical interest should be built as planned.

He is in fact a figure of considerable historical interest .

It remains a place of much historical interest .


For by far the greater part, the aesthetic is bracketed in the name of a robust historical materialism .

None the less, three views consistent with historical materialism can be found in diverse works by Marx and Engels.

In this respect Bukharin's grasp and use of historical materialism was superior to that of Preobrazhensky.

In this basic sense both historical materialism and Marxist political economy are undeniably structuralist.

But a tame aesthetic is no friend of historical materialism .

Implicit in this historical materialism is a view of man and an explanation of the human condition.

An unpredictable aesthetic, it could be said, is a requirement of an historical materialism adequate to its political task.


What needs to be stressed at this point is that this evolution is rooted in a very specific historical moment of production.

The precise historical moment is unimportant here.

It is accomplished though of small importance, very much of its historical moment .

Margarett was also a creature of her historical moment .

The mission was a spectacular success full of historical moments .

For most political systems at a given historical moment ?

They are the product of the historical moment .


Tolstoy, Hemingway and Hardy, thrillers and spy stories, historical novels , light romances.

Many readers of Historical Romances also read historical novels , broadening the field of selection immensely.

Tony Ballard was a painter and his wife, Zelah, wrote historical novels .

The Gylbys' story reads like a historical novel .

The reverse is also true; those who prefer historical novels may also enjoy some Historical Romances.

The distinction between the Romantic Historical and the straight historical novel is a fuzzy one at best.

Some have said that historical novels have more history and Romantic Historicals have more romance.


The segregation of departments according to media, rather than along historical periods , has always been a hallmark of the Louvre.

Acceptance of the workers states as here to stay for the next historical period .

Over the long historical period since the Industrial Revolution, the focus of industrial development has shifted a number of times.

During the historical period East Prussian amber was considered sufficiently valuable to be declared Crown property, its exploitation subject to licence.

Boas had objected that one could not define historical periods as one defines animal species.

Cultures and historical periods differ greatly in their concepts of time and the continuity of life.

Wandering through the vibrant streets of Rome, one is constantly reminded of the widely differing historical periods .


We begin with three tables that provide some historical perspective .

He would offer nonstop commentary on the action, as well as a rare historical perspective .

I want to defend a radically different picture, which takes a much broader historical perspective .

But the work these performers did early in their careers is more interesting from a historical perspective than a musical one.

Three of the papers in this collection examine the relationship between these two professions from a historical perspective .

First of all, the problem must be brought into historical perspective .

What should be a harrowing 90 minutes in hell ends up another tedious tourist nightmare devoid of historical perspective .

The result is deeply layered, complex works tracing that evolution in its historical perspective .


In the liberal view, the historical process is altogether too rich and complex to be reduced to class struggle.

This cyclical view of the historical process differs from that of modern Western man in a most fundamental manner.

Similarly, a historian will make use of statistical techniques to give objective substance to intuitively sensed historical processes or trends.

Modernity is a historical process that began in the eighteenth century with the philosophical Enlightenment.

The historical process is therefore likely to be more like a shifting see-saw as the balance of development switches between different regions.

Like others before and after him who were influenced by Hegel, Feuerbach understands religion in the framework of an historical process .

This historical process involves three principal stages: 1.

Political organization represents a more or less autonomous factor in the historical process .


It is important to note that, for historical reasons , the tort is committed against possession and not ownership of land.

There were both geographical and historical reasons for this exodus towards the West.

For a variety of historical reasons , initial development occurs in some places and not in others.

But the antagonism was real and deep; and here too there are historical reasons .

For historical reasons , to which many hon. Members have referred, the 1908 Act has a lower minimum.

Non-standard dialects have the potential to be so developed, but for social and historical reasons they have not been.

Beyond electoral matters, there was growing belief that, for long-term sociological and historical reasons , Labour was in terminal decline.

They found that 40% of highly cited papers were cited for historical reasons , but 60% were still actively being used.


All the historical records have gone up in flames.

What the historical record shows is that people are not insects blindly following some genetic script.

I am particularly grateful for his generous help with photographs, historical records and advice.

It is nevertheless possible to make deductions about stages of language before historical records .

Diagnoses are based on evidence accumulated about failure modes, operator observations of symptoms and historical records .

The historical record is thin for most of the other black statesman as well.

I have no desire to rake over the past but we should have the right to refer to matters of historical record .

Brackley itself produced rather few people who impressed themselves on the historical record .


Many staff have interests in the application of social science theories and methods in historical research .

While based upon an extensive data base and significant historical research , this Rand report has been criticized as being too pessimistic.

Labour history too has developed into a recognizable historical research area and women's history is following suit.

The former I conceive as the application of social science methodology to historical research .

This is an extraordinary situation, perhaps unique in the entire spectrum of modern historical research .

Model-making, drawing, scientific testing of materials and further historical research .

Such catalogues include accounts of relevant historical research , and may cause new original historical work to be done.

Along with excellent historical research , the benefits of science and technology to society were clearly demonstrated.


When he collaborated directly with her in opera the result was of historical significance .

Yet something happened, whether or not the perpetrators and participants were aware of its historical significance .

The fact that in many societies all three are illegal does not mean that they have a similar social or historical significance .

The moment was one of unique historical significance .


Museums, historic buildings and historical sites and places of historic interest are key resources for history teaching.

What a natural extension it would be to take Brady to visit historical sites related to those dolls and their historical eras!

Interspersed with the lessons will be visits to historical sites in Britain and abroad.

The centre is ideally located within easy reach of many historical sites and venues for practical and outdoor activities.

Frequently the theatre-in-education group is associated with a historical site , although their workshops can stand alone and take place in school.

These workshops are particularly valuable on a historical site that may be indistinct, puzzling and confusing, or extremely complicated.

A visit to a historical site may be enhanced by carrying out artwork or creative writing or drama work.


Finds can also be dated from historical sources .

His importance as a historical source is considerable.

Even they found access to many important historical sources difficult or impossible.

A good review of historical sources of selection bias.

In the second year, students take a unit on historical sources , methods and interpretations.

An implicit tenet of museum life is that the original object is the ultimate historical source .


Finally, is the Liberal confidence in its historical study justified?

Why do there need to be so many historical studies ?

Historie to history as studied by the means and methods of historical study.

There is no doubt that Angelica Kauffman's work offers a large and varied body of materials for feminist cultural and historical study .

Third, all purely historical study by its very nature can offer only provisional results.

From this point of view, the resulting surveys are sometimes like historical studies .

In recent years there have been three important historical studies of information in business and large-scale organisations.

But generally these researches have been regarded as a branch of historical studies , suitably only for professed historians.


A further complication is the possibility of secular drift, i.e. prevalence changing with the passage of historical time .

The Creation is followed by an indefinite future within historical time .

The actual historical time when that momentous dawn could be said to have occurred is unknown as an historical fact.

Just as there is not one mandatory plot type, neither is there a preferred historical time period.

Grand narrative, whether we recognise it or not, provides us with our markers of historical time and space.

The movies kind of represent the historical times .

This again reflects the influence of historical time .

In schematic form: The arrows indicate an order of determination which is supposed to operate on a long historical time scale.


the Historical Library in Springfield

The legend of John Henry is based on a real, historical figure.


Although sparsely populated, the country offers foreign travelers everything from historical monuments and castles to authentic saunas and high-tech industry.

But the historical odds will be long.

I said at the beginning of the book that 50 percent was documented historical fact.

In approaching any historical document there should be a progression from lower order to higher order thinking.

Other reactionary politicians vie to appropriate historical symbols of pre-communist antiquity.

The structure and relationships of the contemporary organs of government can be understood only in historical context.

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