Meaning of HUSBAND in English

I. noun


future wife/husband/son-in-law etc (= someone who will be your wife, husband, son-in-law etc )

house husband

jealous husband/wife/lover etc

late husband/wife

Mrs. Moore’s late husband




She's now left with little more than photographs to bring back memories of her late husband .

Mrs Hancock kept the white mansion and some other property interests of her late husband .

Suitum and her late husband bought their land in the early 1970s.

Olympic gold medalist Ekaterina Gordeeva is writing a memoir about her life with Sergei Grinkov, her late husband and figure-skating partner.

It never occurred to me that Karen might be grieving for her late husband .

Marion Witherspoon had married her late husband when she was twenty or twenty-one.



After the trial she left her husband and became Jaggers' housekeeper.

In these conversations, Foxwell said she counseled the younger woman to get a job and leave her husband .

It was the third trip she had made that year, leaving husband , sons and job to visit her father.

That was just before Pamela left her husband and got an apartment up in Westchester, near the college she taught in.

It is understood that Mrs Say had left a note with a neighbour saying she was leaving her husband .

Creusa, leaving her husband in the town with one of the priests, went on up to the sanctuary by herself.

Tonight, she would leave her husband and the tall house in the Burrows.

I can leave my husband on his own.


She lived with her husband and little girl in the city of Worcester.

That does not mean that she should submit to violence or even that she must live with her husband .

But the courts will only agree that they're living apart if the husband and wife run totally different lives.

In most societies women travel to live with their husbands , whereas men tend to remain close to their relatives.

We go up several flights of stairs to the room where Rezia lives with her husband and son.

But I can not live without my husband .


The Marchioness had lost her husband , but worse was to follow.

Some people just die, and some lost their child, husband or wife.

Yet a woman who had lost a husband or failed to get one at all, might find herself in genuine distress.

Country lost and husband and children.

She'd lost her husband and her only daughter and didn't want anything to happen to her only granddaughter.

She had lost her husband and all those she had loved because of Ireland.

But only the swiftest of action will save a woman who's already lost her husband from losing her home as well.


He thought she would marry him when her husband died.

Marion Witherspoon had married her late husband when she was twenty or twenty-one.

Chatman had a tumor removed 12 years ago, six years before she married her husband , Dennis.&038;.

Women are working more across the board, but the biggest increase has come from women married to higher-earning husbands .

In 1973 she married her present husband , Taufik Kiemas, a well-connected businessman who owns a string of gas stations.

I sold papers until I was 17, then I married my husband .


She met husband John at Capenhurst when he was a wages and salaries officer at the plant.

Madness, of course, but then I met my husband .

Would you like to meet my husband ?

She then went on to Yale Law School where she was on the board of the law review and met her husband .

It was there she met her present husband , Ray Preis, an executive with the company space program.

He had met her husband , Vos, a young clergyman, and seen their baby son.


battered woman/wife/husband/baby etc

It was not intended to suggest that these were battered wives.

Moreover, battered women often wind up dropping the charges as reconciliation with the abuser.

Now the ikons of female suffering are all around us; the image of the battered woman is high fashion.

The church has already erred on this side in the counsel it has given battered women.

The groups most adamant about denying help to battered women were the conservative fundamentalists and some orders of Catholicism.

The person on call made us a cup of tea - battered wives' homes are the greatest!

They took us to the police station and then to a battered women's house at about 2 a.m.

We have often been tempted to abandon this task; then another battered woman would come into our lived.

common-law marriage/husband/wife

deserted wife/husband/child etc

In practice, the treatment of widows and deserted wives varied considerably from region to region.

sb's estranged husband/wife


Gary's her second husband .

How many husbands would stay at home and take care of the children while their wife goes out to work?

I don't like Francesca's husband very much.


Her big manly husband - at this moment she hated him.

Her throat dried to think that she might have revealed things about her husband to another man.

Mr Nicholls was, after all, a good husband for Charlotte.

My husband was furious, so was 1.

See, he boarded with this woman and her husband in Ambler, and the husband was kind of dopey.

She lived with her husband and little girl in the city of Worcester.

Valerie Hermreck brings a batch of warm-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookies to her husband and children.

II. verb


Families have been husbanding their small reserves of food.


And he should husband his capital accordingly.

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