Meaning of HYPOTHETICAL in English






A sterile culture because a purely hypothetical one, he wrote.

Sense organs for lunar and planetary influences, for atmospheric pressure and cosmic rays are as yet purely hypothetical . 2.



Let us consider these points in relation to a hypothetical case .

Civil servants and historians can ponder the merits of hypothetical cases .


Consider the following hypothetical example from political science.

Profits and expanding industries A few hypothetical examples will explain more concretely how the market system determines what is to be produced.

An hypothetical example can further illustrate the difficulties.

Let us first consider a hypothetical example drawn from the earlier discussion of the causes of absenteeism.

A calculation of this sort may be illustrated by the following hypothetical example .

It is then illustrated using a hypothetical example from political science.

Take, as a hypothetical example , the fairly successful film shown in the table on the next page.

The results of the hypothetical example are as follows:.


Royal author Andrew Morton said yesterday his comments on the future friendship between Gilbey and the princess were based on hypothetical questions .


Moreover, the hypothetical situation presented by the court is really one of mistake of fact.

None of these is a hypothetical situation .

One of our questions confronted the respondents with the hypothetical situation of the marriage of a son or daughter.

Concrete operational children, lacking fully developed deductive reasoning about hypothetical situations , can not solve problems in this form.

You can always use hypothetical situations .

We confronted our respondents with two hypothetical situations .


The car insurance for a hypothetical family with two cars and three drivers would be $3,200 a year.


By the 1870s Darwinians were using diagrams showing hypothetical family trees to account for relationships among species.

He or she can reason effectively about the present, past, and future, the hypothetical , and verbal propositional problems.

If the theories are successful, some one will find a more direct way of showing that the hypothetical entities are actually there.

Income, consumption and savings for a hypothetical economy.

The data are hypothetical and the axes are logarithmically transformed to produce straight lines instead of curves.

Theoretical explanations in the sciences tend to be of an essentially hypothetical nature.

They are inferred to exist and are properly called hypothetical constructs.!

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