Meaning of ICY in English




an icy/biting/bitter wind (= very cold )

She shivered in the icy wind.

cold/icy contempt (= that shows in a very unfriendly way )

I noticed the icy contempt in his voice.

freezing/icy cold

Take your gloves – it’s freezing cold out there.

icy patches (= on a road )

Some icy patches are likely on roads as temperatures drop tonight.




For letterboxes, look out for seals with brushes which will prevent an icy blast when the post is delivered.

We sat in the icy blast and ordered pizza.

Cold air or icy blasts may cause chapping.

She shrank inwards as an icy blast of air enveloped her.

She got out and shivered in an icy blast which struck right through her anorak.


She found she was shivering as if she were icy cold .

Paul D felt icy cold in the place Sethe had been before Beloved came.

My chest felt icy cold and I had difficulty in breathing.

The next day was icy cold .

It seemed to her that her heart had been crushed in metal hands, icy cold and shining.

Her sharp nose was icy cold and her face wet with rain.

Jim shuddered, and not from the icy cold which now knotted his every muscle.

Winter was exceptionally hard: icy cold and damp, all life arrested.


A modest dusting on icy roads and pavements would eliminate slipping and sliding without all those expensive tons of sand and salt.

In winter, workmen put a mixture of salt and grit on icy roads to stop cars skidding.

When workmen put salt on icy roads , the salt makes the ice melt and so the roads become safer for cars.

Horses drawing guns slithered helplessly on the icy road , ambulances full of wounded skidded into ditches.

Orders are orders, and I don't give a rat's fart about mumbling monks, icy roads or cold journeys.


He stepped gingerly into the Five Lions River, knelt down, and splashed icy water all over himself.

Back at the East Bathhouse we prowled the corridors and showered in icy water .

Johanna Young's semi-naked body was found floating in the icy water after a four-day search.

I held him under the spigot and squeezed his chest as the icy water ran over him.

Thérèse held it for her, burning her fingers even as the icy water dripped over them.

My master manoeuvred himself round, using his hand to scoop out the icy water , shouting at me to pole faster.

They came with noses and lips blue and numb, and fingers stiff and swollen from the icy water .


There's nothing more enjoyable than diving under the icy waters in search of tasty titbits.

Susan Bate, 20, struggled in the icy waters of the Solent off Southsea, Hants, for 20 minutes.

Fur seals and sea lions are restricted to the Bering Strait area and seldom enter icy waters .


An icy wind howled and a great wall of snow bore down upon them.

She felt an icy wind howl over her, a graveyard stench enter her throat, a chill finger touch her cheek.

It is often their only protection against the icy winds of winter.

Through her fingers Tallis could hear the horses protesting against the growing, icy wind .

It snowed again in the night, on an icy wind .

Cold icy winds swept under the gaps of cottage doors rattling them fiercely.

It was cold, too, an icy wind sneaking in through the thatch and through gaps in the mud wall.


Be careful - the roads are icy this morning.

Despite the icy ground, he was urging his horse on faster and faster.

Her question got an icy response from the chairman.

The sidewalks were icy and slippery.


But as it moves southward the icy air moderates.

Cold icy winds swept under the gaps of cottage doors rattling them fiercely.

During most of these four hundred years of capitalism, Western capital and labor were locked in an icy kiss.

I held him under the spigot and squeezed his chest as the icy water ran over him.

My heart leapt into action so fast it was like being flung in an icy swim-ming pool.

None of them shared the icy restraint of the last letter.

Though a gust of icy wind made his eyes water, blurring the caller's features, he knew them well enough.

Winded, her face crushed against the soft warmth of his coat, she felt icy breath whispering over her forehead.

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