Meaning of IMPLY in English




implied criticism (= suggested indirectly, rather than said openly )

She sensed the implied criticism in his remarks.




This theory also implies that the internal body clock takes up to five years to develop fully.

This will no doubt make possible the most spectacular progress: but it also implies the longest distance to go.

The fluttering or hovering of the Spirit, which is also implied , paradoxically indicates infinite gentle care.

A parochial orientation also implies the comparative absence of expectations of change initiated by the political system.

A modusvivendi would also imply success.

Co-ordination also implies a certain amount of standardization.

However, they also imply that there could be objects that have always travelled at faster-than light speeds.

It can also imply that all the experiences and aspirations of their members are exhausted by the fact of racial subordination.


Competition and struggle may be the watchwords but this does not necessarily imply outright hostility.

Therefore, it does not necessarily imply an out-of-control situation. 66.

Accountability usually presupposes evaluation, but evaluation does not necessarily imply accountability.

While this does not necessarily imply causality, it does suggest that the climate was compatible with public acceptance.

What Polybius has in common with Cato, especially about the Roman constitution, does not necessarily imply that he read Cato.

But does this necessarily imply more intense faith?

And need a failure of transfer necessarily imply the failure of a contextually mediated retrieval process?

However, the rapid increase in the number of science policy-making organs does not necessarily imply efficiency.



Design implies change and improvement, solving technical problems and meeting new needs.

This seemed strange because the very word premenstrual naturally implies hormonal changes .

Thus changes to some constants imply changes to other constants.

At the same time the new tax system implied a fundamental change in the nature and purpose of the village community.

Similarly, organisational learning implies change-in management philosophies and practices, organisational culture and procedures.

Even before any changes were made in the police force, his presence implied great change.

Such a model also implies a change in the driving force of economic decision-making.

Again, decisions like these implied change .


Secondly the standard routes to chaos imply the existence of a well-defined onset of chaotic behaviour.

The more traditional cross symbolised fulfilment; but fulfilment implied a span of existence transcending the grave.

It implies the existence of a unified global economy that has a dynamic beyond simply the interaction of separate domestic economies.

Local elections would not imply the existence of local politics if local election behaviour simply reflected attitudes towards national politics.

Does not the concept of a citizen imply the existence of a society?


The Gozinto chart does exactly what its name implies .

As the name implies , the service is limited to the graphics-rich World Wide Web, excluding discussion areas.

Library-Collegians reverse the usual conceptual model, as their name implies .

The new system was as deep and mysterious as its chromatic code name implied .

As the name implies , this operation involves emphasizing the boundary or edge features on the image so that it looks less blurred.

Some of these products have fanciful names which imply that they are for the calorie conscious.

As their name implies , merchant banks' function is to finance trade.

A pled ging transaction is structured as its name implies .


The second dimension implies the need for self-conscious implementation of equal opportunities and the questioning and revision of routine practices.

As our discussion of the corporate form implies , the need for money capital is a critical determinant.

Furthermore, the very notion of self-determination implies the need to exclude any outside pressure on a country.

The third dimension implies the need for a society-wide reduction of inequalities and programmes of positive action by institutions.

Allowing for retirements, that still implies the need for 2 million new jobs if unemployment is to be reduced significantly.

Reconciliation implies the need to achieve harmony by making different objectives compatible.

This implies the need to store potentially very large, unstructured data objects as just another field in a database record.


The use of the term steriliser implies a chemical capability that is not possible in the food industry.

These terms do not imply relationships nor are they roles to be played.

What are the terms implied by the Supply of Goods and Services Act?

The academic community depends upon, as the term implies , communication among its members.

Certain other terms are implied into leases by virtue of statute and these are dealt with in their respective contexts.

As the term implies , these traders own their own retail outlets.

These standards arise from terms implied by law.


The subject is a short word , implying the self-effacement of the lover.

In popular language and literature, these two words simply implied contrast.

What their words really imply is that they do not want to think about why they are out of breath on stairs.

This seemed strange because the very word premenstrual naturally implies hormonal changes.

In interpreting statutes, additional words should not be implied or introduced when the plain and natural meaning is clear.

She hoarded words that implied such intimacy.

Did those words imply a halt to recruiting and training guerrillas, as well as to shooting and bombing?

So, is this bank going to keep its word , expressed or implied ?



He meant to imply that the Old King trusted William, that they were close politically, not sexually.

I do not mean to imply that the Ninth Amendment is applied against the States by the Fourteenth.

I do not mean to imply that engineering should or could be an exact discipline.

This is not meant to imply that the details of the interaction are the same in both proteins.


The Bank seemed to be implying that it was all the auditors' fault.

The myths and the archaeological record seem to imply a world-wide pattern of power taken from women.

A change along one irrelevant dimension always seems to imply changes in the relevant dimensions for the preoperational child.

None the less many writers seem to imply that it is, and as a result their position is unclear.

This seems to imply that care programming has been considered and dismissed as redundant in view of prevailing systems of mental health care.

Compromise seemed to imply concern for their own privileges and betrayal of the masses.

That would seem to imply little reliability as either a mirror or informer of public opinion.


Among the ruins there are inscriptions, implying some degree of literacy even in the 9th century BC.

As the examples imply , some markets are local while others are national or international in scope.

Free trade implies shared values.

His criticisms implied a lack of confidence in my work.

Just the fact that he's written to you implies he likes you.

Many prisoners' arms and legs have been broken, implying torture.

Michael did imply that I could have the job if I wanted it.

The article implied that unemployed people are lazy and do not want to work.

The results imply that the disease originated in West Africa.

The way he greeted the boys seemed to imply that he knew them quite well.

You seem to be implying something that is not quite true.


An obligation of confidence can arise through contract, either express or implied.

But research implies something fresh about the material we obtain.

In discussing deviance here, no moral judgment is implied save in one respect.

Obedience did not imply approval, however.

This implies that any differences between forward and futures prices will be inconsequential.

This assumption implies that the forward rate is an unbiased predictor of the future spot rate.

What Polybius has in common with Cato, especially about the Roman constitution, does not necessarily imply that he read Cato.

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