Meaning of INFORMAL in English




a formal/informal agreement

a relaxed/friendly/informal atmosphere

Helen's flat has a very relaxed atmosphere.

an informal chat

Come and see me any time if you want an informal chat about jobs.

an informal/formal interview

Applicants will normally have an informal interview with the manager.

One out of every six candidates reached the formal interview.

formal/informal register

letters written in a formal register


The letter sounded very formal.




They kept the old biblical landmarks alive, but in a more informal and vernacular language.

Central government can sometimes initiate these rather more informal approaches towards economic and physical renewal.

In lieu of massive press conferences, he preferred more informal sessions with the media.

Dressed once more , in lighter, more informal clothes, he went to the telephone table in the lobby.

Other links between business and local government were more informal .

Of course, in reality there is a continuum between these and more informal types of conflict.

But the term was also available for broader or more informal tendencies.


Privacy, relatively low costs, expert adjudicators, quick and relatively informal proceedings all make this form of determination quite attractive.


The meetings are very informal and friendly with lots of ideas and challenges.

It was a very informal dinner.

This would run counter to the very informal information exchange that gives it meaning in this internal context.

He may have been conducting a formal press conference in very informal dress at a most abnormal time.

Tavernas are very informal , simple quality, great fun, and often in the most beautiful settings.



These aspects, if articulated at all, must therefore be governed by informal agreements .

In fact, the group had reached informal agreement on a range of output that was acceptable.

The definition is very wide and includes both formal and informal agreements or understandings.


Central government can sometimes initiate these rather more informal approaches towards economic and physical renewal.

In instrumental terms there is much to be said for the informal approach .

These perspectives fall under two main headings - the formal and the informal approaches to organisations.

Many formal and informal approaches have been instituted to prevent ideas from faltering.

Conclusion Taken together the formal and the informal approaches almost complete our picture of how to understand organisations.


It is unclear if there are any informal arrangements though the expansion of the Dealerco network would suggest that there are.

The investigation examines both formal and informal arrangements to identify the type and strength of linkages.

This informal arrangement may also help you to relax - interviewers get nervous too!


A particularly friendly, informal atmosphere prevails here and has kept this small hotel popular with Citalia guests over many years.

The journalists can ask their questions direct and can also air any grievances or problems in an informal atmosphere .

In short, a pleasant, informal atmosphere .

It's such a relaxing time of year, and everyone - cook included - welcomes the informal atmosphere .

Passengers like the informal atmosphere , the excellent visibility and the rapid loading and unloading through the aircraft's five doors.


The briefings will take place on an informal basis , however, and will not be specific to individual firms.

Due to lack of time, contact with Churches has only been on an informal basis .


One of the tasks of the project is to develop informal care networks, community, local neighbourhood networks for these people.

It circles around the idea of the mobilisation of informal care .

It looked at formal and informal care for elderly people on their own.

Nevertheless, informal care by families faces considerable pressure at present and this is likely to intensify during the 1990s.

In Britain in 1986 an estimated 1.3 million carers kept dependants out of institutions, providing some £7.3 billion worth of informal care .

The implications for those who wish to mobilise modern-style informal care are obvious.

There are debates about the future supply of informal care by families in future decades.

Divorce, decreases in family size and the increased labour market participation of women raise questions about future supplies of informal care .


Improve contacts with informal carers to access services they need.

Throughout the process any informal carers should be consulted and should be offered their own assessments when appropriate.

The most likely potential informal carers are other members of the elderly person's household.

Women informal carers are also likely to be carrying heavier responsibilities than male carers.

The value of the work undertaken by informal carers is difficult to estimate with precision.

As with other social groups informal carers are not a homogeneous group.

This situation is exacerbated by the inadequacy of current social security provision, for both disabled people and informal carers .

We have also omitted the time of unpaid informal carers and their lost employment opportunities.


They came, not during committee meetings in Whitehall, but after informal chats at ministers' houses during the Easter holiday.

Allow a minute or two of informal chat to relax both of you.

However he has at least promised the bleary-eyed hacks that they can attend an informal chat over breakfast.

Some channels are obviously dedicated to specific topics, for example, but most are merely informal chat limes.

It might be an informal chat with some one or it might be a formal meeting with a group of people.

Although we provided theoretical and practical training in peace-building, the women gained a lot from their informal chats .

I saw a psychiatrist often during my stay, up to once a day, although the sessions seemed more like informal chats .


Through informal contacts in 1971 and 1972 and formally in 1972 agreement was reached in principle to amalgamate.

Contacts between the area staff and the students were not limited to formal classroom work and occasional formally ordained informal contact.

Ceremony was effectively combined with informal contact .

At some stage, informal contacts can be very effective.

The data should preferably be devised by the subordinates 6 Frequent informal contact .

The other side of press management, depending on informal contacts , is less easy to assess.

And their informal contact with the king on such occasions was basic to the whole process of government.

One company, however, had several informal contacts in universities and these contacts would pass on relevant papers and reports.


Over 100 interviews were carried out, lasting some 170 hours in all, as well as several shorter, informal conversations .

I got to eavesdrop on their informal conversations and often attend their presentations or meetings or whatever.

They even used phrases originally employed by the students themselves in informal conversation .


In addition to the informal discussions , corporate planning departments require knowledge of the business environments for their formal roles in the planning process.

But the abortion issue continued to dominate informal discussions .

Meanwhile the king held informal discussions with the multitude.

But the growing pains of the organization rippled through the conference and informal discussions .

Though he lectured, tutored, and held informal discussions , Smith also found time to serve as dean of faculty.

During the next year, scientists will evaluate the proposal and begin informal discussions with possible international partners.

The two apparently had had informal discussions about a deal, but none recently.


This relates to the discussion earlier on the formal and informal economy .

Underwire EconomiesThe dark side: the informal economy booms.

The growth and health of the black and informal economies is one clear evidence of the disincentive effects of taxation.

This older informal economy now co-exists with the more vibrant drug economy.


Often an informal group will eat lunch near a machine or other work station, even though a canteen is available.

An informal group of exchange scientists at the North Carolina research center had already attached their annotations.

Students are encouraged to meet locally in informal groups .

One tactic she has used is to decide matters outside the formal Cabinet, either in committees or in informal groups .

Management will be entrepreneurial in a relatively small informal group .

She is saving for another trip, probably in an informal group of friends.

Nevertheless, in organizations it is useful to note that there are both formal and informal groups .

Within the company, even within his or her department, there will be informal groups and informal vying for status.


As might be expected, there was some dissension during a series of random, informal interviews .

How, then, can the informal interview be used in sociology in an acceptable way?

Two particular functions seem to suit the informal interview .

If a candidate is a newcomer, this might be done by holding an informal interview .

If you can do this after an informal interview or visit then so much the better.

The principle methods of investigation will be questionnaires and informal interviews .

The informal interview , then, is open to question in a number of ways.


The worship group had continued to hold informal meetings and a weekly newssheet and coffee had been introduced.

The Permanent Council will explore the possibility of holding informal meetings on the issues mentioned in the two preceding paragraphs.

The informal meeting , in Hertfordshire, has now become crucial as the prospect of a trade war heightens.

It was recognised that in the meantime there would be a number of informal meetings regarding the Partner-in-Residence.

At the informal meeting I had with and we discussed a procedure for dealing with litter.


Power relationships and relationships within informal networks are vitally important in all child care work.

To get anything significant done within a large organization, every entrepreneur needs an informal network of allies.

By this method, we tapped into informal networks of innovators within the organization.

Downsizing often cut out coordinators, the people most important to these informal networks , leaving them in serious danger of collapse.

Both formal and informal networks tended to divide into sub-networks and problems arose when these were not brought closely together.

This type of communication travels on the informal network .

Many of these needs such as those for friendship, affection and esteem can only be met through informal networks .

An informal network develops but this is different from the fixed network system described earlier.


An informal organisation , in contrast, is loosely structured, flexible and spontaneous.

With every formal organisation there exists, to a greater or lesser extent, a complex informal organisation.

These include the formal organisation , the informal organisation and the nature of the environment.

Those of the informal organisation are generally oral and usually very fast in their operation.


Where this kind of space exists, informal relationships need not always subvert formal goals.

It fit his personal preference to use humor at work and to have warm, informal relationships with his people.

Alongside the formal structures, a network of informal relationships has grown up at all levels of the organization.

Most of what I did, the real work, was building alliances, coalitions, informal relationships to get things done.

While formal management and committee structures require study, informal relationships are also crucially important.


Group norms and values will act as constraints and even informal rules can be as rigid as formal rules.

To enforce this group consensus about how much should be produced, there were informal rules .

Any organisation will have a mixture of formal and informal rules and will allow discretion.

The group could be very forceful in enforcing its informal rules .

The abiding informal rules are the meeting of obligations for the rest of the gang.


Final commodities and services would increasingly be produced in the home in the informal sector of the economy.

The Right had recognized the informal sector .

Some of these problems will now be examined, beginning with those facing the informal sector .

The informal sector More often than not community care means care by families - especially nuclear families.

However, Griffiths also envisages greater support and encouragement of the voluntary and informal sectors .

In this way these schemes form a bridge between the formal and informal sectors .

The informal sector has on occasion generated small businesses and creative enterprises.

The term informal sector has become widely used.


Thereafter a comparison is drawn between informal settlements and the Elandskloof case.

In general, groups and sub-groups continually form, reform and dissolve within informal settlements .


Diners' delight A clean-cut, lightweight informal style makes this natural rattan furniture an excellent choice for your dining area.

In particular, it appears that deletion of the verb to be is a property of all dialects in informal style .

It is crucial to distinguish between formal and informal styles of language before one can compare dialects in an accurate way.

The informal style sentences in the chart are variations of the formal style sentences at the top.

Slang is part of casual, informal styles of language use.


Three women are now ready for an informal support group to share their experiences of the child protection system.

For many, establishing a network of informal support can help.

Friends are another source of informal support .

To help him in his work the Secretary had formal and informal support .

Lynne Moody, nursing sister in Bassetlaw's day hospital for elderly people, runs an informal support group for carers.

It may also be that informal support networks are valuable in managing chronic strain.

He challenges the orthodox view that elderly people turn to formal agencies for help only when informal support is absent or inadequate.


An informal survey of current major league rosters reveals nearly 50 athletes who once viewed themselves somewhat different defensively.

In an informal survey of 167 Muscovites more than 70 percent had watched some of the Olympic telecasts.

The Citrus Ridge Association recently conducted an informal survey in 110 subdivisions around the region.


These are intended to be a cheap, quick and informal way for customers to resolve disputes.

There are informal ways of expressing the topic, even in conversational discourse.

Moreover, behaviour can be sanctioned in informal ways .

I have decided to continue submitting my reports to you in the informal way I settled upon initially ... Friday morning.

All of us have an informal way of speaking when we are with friends and in social settings.


I was offered the job after an informal interview in the staff canteen.

The report was based on informal discussions with women MPs and their families.

The two companies have an informal arrangement to share each other's sports and leisure facilities.

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