Meaning of INSTALLATION in English






In the case of electrical installations , or procedures involving hazards, preliminary safety actions and final safety checks are needed.

We will carry out a free survey of your electrical installations and visually check the condition of your wiring.

These include electrical goods, energy-efficient systems, mechanical and electrical installations .


A new feature provides system administration from all Co-operation domains, whether local or remote, to facilitate large installation .

There will be one-to-four port configurations for the desktop and T-1 configuration for large client/server installations .


We gave them to an Embassy official as we passed through that city, enroute to military installations near Fallujiah.

However, outside your sitting room thousands of wartime military installations still survive as historically important reminders of Britain's epic struggle.

Afterward, many military installations and key federal buildings were surrounded by concrete barriers.

Draft laws on the protection of military installations and on city planning were also discussed.

All of us are lucky to live near a major military installation .

He also met Bush, congressmen and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and visited military installations .

Large numbers of important military installations are located in or immediately adjacent to urban areas.


Pitch fibre pipes are no longer used for new installations .

In fact, the new installations of the collections in Denver were the collaborative work of curators, designers and educators.

The calculations compare new installations which would be operational by 2003 and include research and development costs as well as reprocessing and waste-disposal costs.

This is directly attributable to this major new installation .

The software, binary compatible with Solaris 2.0, boasts new installation , administration, security and internationalisation features.


He is entirely right because there is no proven link between leukaemia clusters and nuclear installations .

Indeed, leukaemia clusters occur in areas that are far removed from nuclear installations .

They also occur in New Zealand, which has no nuclear installations .



In order to improve matters, installation costs must fall.

As a result, Smithsonian officials are asking interested cities to underwrite the installation costs for any future visits.

The subsidies will cover up to 40 percent of installation costs of new windmills.

One of the cost-cutting measures that that the company is examining is to share the installation costs with the other utilities.

And that all means lower installation costs .


Their intention is assessed as being to seize the oil installations at the earliest opportunity.

At Pitesti the road turned left amid a forest of oil installations and then cut south-west to Craiova 120 kilometres further on.

From the harbour, I could see oil installations in the distance, another source of Galwegian prosperity.


But one thing it does have which others don't is an installation service .

A detailed leaflet with illustrations is available for self-assembly, but the company offers a complete installation service as well.

It provides consultancy and installation services for all flavours of Unix.


This will allow refitted wagons to be marshalled in mixed train configurations pending the completion of installation work .



They are also on target to complete installation of toilets and showers by Easter.


In order to improve matters, installation costs must fall.

Datastorm also has dramatically improved the Procomm installation and setup routines.

Version 8. 0 also comes with an improved installation routine that is faster and better able to anticipate conflicts.


It will cost a flat rate of £39.99 per month, which includes line rental and installation .

The initial hookup costs $ 175, including installation of a network card in your computer.

Other elements include installations , sculpture, text and posters.

The diesel engines cost around $ 60, 000 each, not including installation .


Those who have recommended a change in the law to require the installation of smoke detectors have now got their wish.

Check local building codes; bridging may be required in some installations .

The new technology requires the installation of a wall, which contains a chemical that cleanses the water as it flows through.


Surround-sound capabilities can be added to older video installations.

the installation of a security system

The bombing raids targeted military installations.

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