Meaning of INTERCEPT in English






He suggests using a dial-back modem which intercepts calls , asks for identification then calls back.

An unsuspecting crew member intercepted a call destined for the prince and passed it on to Diana.

It is a federal crime to intentionally disclose the contents of an intercepted telephone call .

Police intercepted the call and raided the address.


The police announced they had intercepted four letters to the godfather at Mezzojuso, a town 25 miles from Palermo.

But the son intercepted the letter and persuaded them to sign.

It was in Alistair's mind that he might locate and intercept his own letter .


It is thought he may have intercepted the cab company message on his radio.

Packet modification is an integrity threat involving one computer intercepting and modifying a message packet destined for another system.


It is a federal crime to intentionally disclose the contents of an intercepted telephone call.

It is a federal crime to intentionally intercept a telephone conversation or to disclose its contents.

The tape was made by people who intercepted a cellular telephone transmission with a police scanner.



He quickened his pace to try and intercept her but the crowds on the pavement and the traffic on the street intervened.

If an eavesdropper tried to intercept the transmission, it would disrupt the signal.

A ball is thrown from player to player and the person in the middle must try to intercept it.

Don't try to intercept track if the turn does not finish on track.

You will never have the put-in at two scrums in succession unless the other side knock-on trying to intercept .

Perhaps Kev would try to intercept her going home, he often did that.


All three fighter planes were intercepted and destroyed.

Clay intercepted nine passes during the game.

The boat carrying 653 refugees was intercepted at sea.

Two British ships were sent to intercept the convoy.

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