Meaning of INTERVENING in English






During the intervening period , prices had tripled.

But in the intervening period their triumph seemed beyond doubt or challenge.

Contracts are typically for a three- or five-year term and can prove inflexible in the intervening period .

Clearly, the intervening period since the Minister's statement of August 1976 had led to some clearer thinking.

For a considerable part of the intervening period there was recurrent civil strife between magnate and dynastic factions.

It is scarcely found in the intervening period , but its presence here is no accident.

In the intervening period the decision of the Comintern Congress had become public.

I spent most of the intervening period in the National Portrait Gallery.


In effect, teachers become intervening variables in their own experiments.

I regard organizational climate as an intervening variable which affects the results of the operations of the organization.

Let us therefore assume that nervous disorders act as an intervening variable .

The techniques themselves are identical whether the variable being controlled is a prior or an intervening variable in the relationship being investigated.

If it disappears when an intervening variable is controlled, the mechanism linking the two variables has been interpreted.

In multivariate procedures the controls are deployed as potential intervening variables .

If we want to argue that the causal mechanism is fairly direct, we have to control for similar intervening variables .

But in their professional role, teachers are, of course, in charge: they are not intervening variables but intervening agents.


But some underlying patterning remains, despite the intervening years and the subtle shifts in values and beliefs.

They'd answer the outside world by giving their own authorised version of the intervening years .

Some time, then, during the intervening years , he had been granted a barony.

In the decline the church had experienced in the intervening years , fewer catholic school children had opted out.

There is literally nothing of an official nature which can serve as a guide to possible fluctuations in the intervening years .

Agricultural surpluses have become commonplace in the intervening years and this is preventing increased production from upping incomes.

It is interesting to speculate on the possible reasons for his total obscurity during the intervening years of the Restoration.

There's been no increase in the intervening years .

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