Meaning of INVENTION in English






Use a diffuser - the greatest frizz-beating invention ever - to dry your hair gently and evenly.

Many of our great inventions first appeared as toys -- fireworks; the steam engine; the gyroscope; laser weapons.

This was the greatest automotive invention of all time.

It is hard for us to imagine what a great invention this was.

Hailed as a great technological invention it immediately became the subject of debates concerning its aesthetic status and social uses.

In 1895 he proposed to Congress that the Patent Office be closed because all the great inventions had already been discovered.

Geoffrey Spasmo was dead, and the secret of his great invention had died with him.

The same principle is at work in the other great invention in this play, Lady Macbeth's sleepwalking.


Our distinction between the private and the public is a relatively modern invention .

It is not a modern invention .

An electric iron was a modern invention when the house was built.

The written signature is a modern invention .

The dust penetrates all man's modern inventions , so strong, so carefully sealed.

However, like all modern inventions , for all their advantages they must be effectively controlled.

Use was made of modern inventions , including fingerprinting, photography, automobiles and telephones.


If other firms can quickly imitate the new invention , competition will rapidly compete away the profits on this new product.

He patented the telephone in February 1876 and exhibited his new invention at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia that same year.

This attitude was also responsible for a new horological invention that was ultimately to be of far-reaching social significance.

It went from being a new invention to a regular household item with remarkable speed.

Creator, the Earth is hypnotized even as we speak, with the latest new inventions .

Their futures may depend on a new invention , patent, or on government approval of a drug, for example.

On page 5 you will see details of a new invention competition being run by Power Farming and Farmers Weekly.

New discoveries and their applications, new inventions , arrived regularly, each bearing the promise of the infinite, controllable future.


In 1986, the employer signed the main contract to supply redesigned equipment based on the patented invention .

However, the evidential task becomes more difficult if the employer opts to make and refine the patented invention himself.

The easiest way to earn money from a patented invention is to license some one else to use it, and collect royalties.

Notably, the quality threshold is tied to the employer's existing exploitation of the patented invention .


Thus, neither is a recent invention .

The immune system is a fairly recent invention in geological terms.

Moreover, we also know that what modern nations identify as their national culture is a quite recent invention .


necessity is the mother of invention


Accounts of Koritz's involvement in the crime are pure invention .

Let's apply America's special genius for invention to our schools.

More than any other single invention , writing has transformed human consciousness.

the invention of the wheel

The Hydro-Ram is an invention which makes it easier for firemen to get people out of crashed cars.

The wedge is an important early mechanical invention .

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