Meaning of ISOLATED in English




a remote/isolated area (= a long way from towns and cities )

a remote area of northeast Afghanistan

an isolated incident (= one that happens on its own, not together with others )

Luckily the attack turned out to be an isolated incident.

isolated individuals (= one on their own, not in a group with others )

Society does not consist of isolated individuals.




The jaws were unrecognizable by this stage, and all the teeth were exposed as isolated teeth.

Nor was I as isolated as might at first appear.

They remain as isolated upland masses.

But she wanted to squeeze Dinah, make her think she was as isolated as possible.

Public transport to Roos is poor: without a private car, residents are as isolated as their forefathers were.

The Montgomeryshire breed survived as isolated individuals in 1919 but it, too, has become extinct.

Furthermore, women are not as isolated from each other as they are in the world of the 1980s.

However, the image of modern families as isolated and inward-looking does not only extend to relationships with kin.


Adapting the curriculum just for children with special educational needs may lead to their becoming increasingly isolated and segregated within the classroom.

Ever since Prost confirmed his intention to leave McLaren, he claims to have been increasingly isolated within the team.

The contest ended in a stalemate, but as the year progressed Aoun became increasingly isolated .

She had no Cabinet intimate and seemed increasingly isolated on her lofty eminence.

Throughout the 1930s she was an increasingly isolated figure.

But he is old, deeply unpopular, and increasingly isolated from his own party.


Outside the Cabinet the rejected Mr Heath became an even more isolated political figure.

I was left on the memorial bench, more isolated than ever.

In many respects, this village was more isolated than Brackley.

Women are much more isolated , since their culture and religion control their public appearances.

It is hard to imagine anyone else in this island who was more isolated and more materially deprived.

That, in turn, makes her feel even more isolated .

Today the farm worker is more isolated as an individual.


His life is remote and rather isolated from the rest of Britain.

It is completely restored, set in about ten acres of land, rather isolated but with fine views.

Until relatively recently, Instructors delivering National Certificate modules in prisons tended to be rather isolated .

She struck me as a rather isolated figure, psychologically as well as physically, sitting at that distant table.

Actually Alpha is rather isolated from the rest of the constellation.


Parsons' view is that the modern industrial family is relatively isolated from society, certainly more so than its pre-industrial predecessor.

Dynamo theory had developed as a relatively isolated discipline within geophysics, and not just because it thrived in Great Britain.

The sense of involvement has grown considerably and what had previously been a relatively isolated job has now become increasingly rich.

The church now stands relatively isolated with settlement earthworks to west and east.


We live so isolated an existence here that to me it seems quite odd.

But you see at home, it's so isolated we never see anyone, I never learned how to behave properly.

He had never felt so lonely, so isolated .


Making sure that she remained in contact with people and not socially isolated .

It is clear that the vast majority of older people are neither socially isolated nor overwhelmed with feelings of loneliness.

He is socially isolated during this time.

A more socially isolated person might become depressed and forgetful, and not be able to cope.

Are all older people socially isolated ?

These families are characterized as being socio-economically disadvantaged and socially isolated .


For those who have a problem and feel very isolated , these groups are a valuable way of re-introducing themselves to society.

He lived a very isolated existence and was something of a recluse.

At the beginning, she was very isolated .

Such conditions produced a very isolated way of life for fenland farmers.



Furthermore, these changes have spread to not only the more isolated areas but also to the protected landscapes of national parks.

They're a unique record of some of the world's most isolated areas ... and the people who live in them.

The drains were at last able to carry the surface water and only a few isolated areas remained flooded.

In the more isolated areas , such as Brenod and Chezery, the average age of farmers was high - over 65 years.

Unlike national parks in some other countries, these are not supposed to be wilderness or isolated areas .


Uncle Buck isn't an isolated case .

Mrs Peters is no isolated case .

If this were an isolated case , it might simply be put down to an individual health authority overreacting to public embarrassment.

The use of the infinitive after see is not an isolated case moreover.

But that was an isolated case .


Montgomery etal isolated cells from 18 day fetal rat intestine by trypsin dissociation.

There are some secrets which isolated cells or computers can not reveal.

A decade later, parallel experiments were made with the isolated cells in culture, with similar results.


Train services Railways are not really flexible enough to be able to serve isolated communities in rural areas.

Small isolated communities did not produce sufficient children to fill village schools with easily ordered year groups.

The isolated communities of the wooded highlands have been fortified.

No constituency should be allowed to have an extraordinarily small electorate on the pretext that it comprises widely dispersed and isolated communities .

It was the sense of identity to be felt in an isolated community , he thought.


But this sculpture remains an isolated example , emphasizing the fact that in its earliest stage Cubism was primarily a pictorial revolution.

Nor was this an isolated example .

This concern over the movements of foreigners is far from being an isolated example of its kind.

Various isolated examples of unrest acted as reminders to the authorities.

His disappointment was by no means an isolated example .


The people in many isolated farms and villages also benefit from the tourists.

Each isolated farm has electricity, a newish car or two and is full of gadgets and gizmos.


In this isolated house , with the elements raging outside, and the windows rattling under the strain?

She was alone in this isolated house and not a soul knew she was here except that wretched Marie.

An isolated house was on their right, guarded by dark gloomy barns.


The shot putt and resultant hospital visit was not an isolated incident in Roy's life.

This friendliness wasn't an isolated incident .

Unfortunately these are not isolated incidents .

The brutal suppression of the insurrection of the early 1980s was not an isolated incident .

Police, however, say that so far only one or two isolated incidents have been reported.

It is understood police believe it may have been an isolated incident .

One apparently isolated incident can vividly illustrate a more generalized pattern of family life.

At the other end of the scale three cases allegedly had been limited to one isolated incident .


The Harpies are vicious, hungry creatures who will gang up on any isolated individual .

Others are isolated individuals with no church within miles of where they live.

The Montgomeryshire breed survived as isolated individuals in 1919 but it, too, has become extinct.

However, society does not consist of isolated individuals .

In the decades before Emancipation only a few isolated individuals had carried dissent to the point of revolutionary commitment.


The jaws were unrecognizable by this stage, and all the teeth were exposed as isolated teeth.

Most of these were isolated teeth , although the sample size for isolated teeth was small.

The results of the analysis in Table 3.9 show that several species have consistent deficits of isolated teeth in their prey assemblages.

All show the same pattern of generally high proportions of cranial and postcranial elements and low proportions of isolated teeth .

Table 3.9 Comparison of numbers of isolated teeth in pellet samples with numbers missing from mandibles and maxillae.

There remain to be considered the three species for which there is an apparent excess of isolated teeth .


Nor could these problems be predicted from studies of the inherent confusability of the lexicon which concentrated on isolated words .

This creates a network of all possible word sequences rather than just a tree of isolated words.


isolated thunderstorms

an isolated mountain village

Children of very rich parents can grow up isolated from the rest of society.

During my first month here, I felt terribly isolated .

If you travel to isolated areas, make sure you have a good guide.

The area is extremely isolated because of the hills that surround it.

The balloon had landed in an isolated area of the Northwest Territories.

Young, single parents often feel isolated and unhappy.


Morris didn't seem lonely or isolated himself, but a hard shell was usually a sign of vulnerability underneath.

Smith, on the other hand, was isolated in a country just beginning to regain its mathematical confidence.

The issue of disability culture was highlighted, with the role of disabled people viewed as being isolated away from wider society.

This might be because Dickens is trying to tell us that society should be close-knit one and not isolated into different units.

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