Meaning of LANDING in English



crash landing

He was forced to make a crash-landing in the desert.

forced landing

The plane had to make a forced landing in a field.

landing craft

landing gear

landing net

landing stage

landing strip

launch/landing/helicopter pad

The hospital has built a helicopter pad.

soft landing

Hopes for a soft landing have faded.




When we looked upwards again, we were amazed to see all three Fulmars still flying but firing emergency landing signals.

The lake was acceptable for emergency landing , but not for take-off.


The pilot saw a field ahead and slightly left of the aircraft which he considered the best forced landing area.

Callaghan had made a forced landing in a field, but they had seen him get out.

He called the aircraft and was advised that both engines had flamed out and that a forced landing would be necessary.

A turn to the left off the runway heading was made to bring the aircraft over land for the forced landing .

Both engines failed due to bird ingestion and the aircraft made a forced landing in a field beyond the end of the runway.


If there is a possible area for a safe landing , use the brakes and get down into it.

Beware of snow showers, because they can reduce visibility to a few yards, making a safe landing impossible.

He should have Felt his way, tip-toe, his toes Tucked up under his nose For a safe landing .

This is always dangerous because at that moment the glider has insufficient speed to allow for safe recovery and landing .


He had a soft landing on rough ground, and the foliage closed up again behind him.



The pilot saw a field ahead and slightly left of the aircraft which he considered the best forced landing area .

So all was clear at the spaceport landing area .

Choose a line feature along the landing area , with a mark or line across for the touch down point.


Group 4 was a floating reserve lying offshore in their landing craft until required to reinforce one of the other Groups.

These constraints put out of the question any prospect of training fully fledged navigators for the thousands of landing craft crews.

Jitters had been wounded early, and washed back to the landing craft .


He also survived five crash landings .

An unnecessary signal: the radios had been dead since the crash landing .

He says that wasn't bad for a crash landing .

Read in studio A glider pilot has suffered a broken leg in a crash landing at an R-A-F base.

This could and did result in nasty crash landings which could set the bombs off.


The flying club and bar offers a friendly greeting and place to pay the small landing fee .

The club charges about £2.50 landing fee and sell aircraft fuel sweets and drinks.

Eurocheques are accepted for fuel, but for landing fees it is strictly cash.


Many field landing accidents occur because the initial decision to choose a field is left far too late.

Your very first field landing could even turn out to be the most difficult field of your whole gliding career.

Failure to accept that a field landing is necessary Be realistic about the chances of finding lift low down.


The Dowty group will provide twenty five million pounds worth of fuel systems and landing gear for the Tornado.

They entered service with engraved foil type recorders, usually fitted in the landing gear bay.

Boxes of new T-6 main landing gears and P-40 tail wheel assemblies were located and utilised in the mock-ups.

The landing gear is also a touch fighter-style - tall, thin and hard.

Was the landing gear up or down, or was one leg out of phase with the other?

Fibreglass wheel pants were moulded and fitted to the landing gears and fake cowl flaps were attached to a re-worked AT-6 cowling.


As space technology, Bio2 is the most thrilling news since the moon landings .


My chair and everything apart from the rod, landing net and loaf, are left up the bank.

As the trout began to tire, I fumbled for the landing net .

They got their rods and landing nets together and set off for home.

Then I fetch my rod, landing net , loaf and rod-rest.

Use a large landing net , somewhat larger than the size of fish you hope to catch.

You need only one landing net , one keepnet, one set of scales, etc. if you fish close to each other.


It might have been a loading bay, or a landing pad for one-person fliers.

The tennis courts act as helicopter landing pads .

The health authority has recognised that and has sought an alternative and more convenient landing pad .


Our shore controls continued to watch the original landing place .

You'd need the landing place .

Our brief but interesting tour completed we returned to the landing place , negotiating the slippery descent with caution.

Viking was gently warped into the landing place where she was soon securely moored with her bow overhanging the rocks.


Here is a gravitational field device to draw down orbiting objects on to a preprogrammed landing site .

Direct sampling of the dust at various landing sites has indicated that it extends downwards for at least a metre or so.

No thorough reconnaissance of the landing sites had been possible and maps had largely been taken from tourist guide books.


The new station is inconvenient to pedestrians, being a considerable walk from the ferries' landing stage .

A short stroll leads to Menaggio's ferry landing stage .

Sir Gregory, Amyas and two menservants were to take him down to the landing stage where a boat was waiting.

The hotel is set in a quiet back street with its own landing stage and a tiny pavement terrace.

He built the Stone Quay both as a landing stage and promenade.

Burkett's daughter would saddle up a horse and ride down the east shore of Derwent Water to the Lodore landing stage .

It took half an hour before she came across it, moored by a small wooden landing stage .

Around £300,000 a year has been spent patching up its ageing landing stage .


In December 1991 he often visited a nearby farm landing strip and talked to microlight owners and examined their aircraft.

At Dungavel House, where the Duke of Hamilton had his residence, there was a private landing strip .

The landing strip had been described to me in some detail.

He has overshot the landing strip again.

It is certainly an aircraft that requires a good sized landing strip as approaches have to be made fairly flat.

It's used as a landing strip for emergencies only by the Luftwaffe.

He was directed towards a glider landing strip , but he appears to have clipped a tree and then crashed on farmland.

It dips its wings in acknowledgement of the landing strip , and circles, preparing to land.


Mrs Blakey, recognizing that something was wrong, rapped sharply on the landing window and beckoned at the children.

The landing window was cobalt-blue velvet, set with stars.

Damned creatures - Harold had been leaving the landing window open again.

He pulled open the landing window and edged out on to the ledge which ran around the block.

Terry was standing at the landing window , Rose just retreating down the stairs.



Bad weather can force an emergency landing or strong winds can blow them off course.

In 15 of those flights, pilots were forced to make unscheduled landings .


And it won't just be the pilots who are out to make the best landings .

In 15 of those flights, pilots were forced to make unscheduled landings .

He was very naturally scared stiff of using up all his remaining petrol and making a bad landing .

Seven times the aircraft made unscheduled landings .

Also unplanned but unforgettable is one of the B-17s making a one-wheeled landing .

A person who is scared of ballooning will nearly always fly the aircraft on to the ground instead of making well held-off landings .

Callaghan had made a forced landing in a field, but they had seen him get out.


She knew it before she had reached the landing .

Then she retraced her steps, pausing, as she so often did, when she reached the landing .

We reached the landing field towards dusk, landed, fitted on our parachutes and decided to jump in the failing light.

On reaching a landing , she dithered.

His head banged against the wall when they reached the landing , but for some reason it didn't hurt at all.

As he reached the landing he paused, looking around at the five closed doors that faced him.

As she reached the landing , she heard a sound in her room.

I reach the landing and stand outside the door, key poised, listening.


She stood on the landing , maybe a minute, maybe half an hour, staring at the window.

Trailing after her, Ellie stood on the landing , and listened.

She stood on the landing , watching him as he went down the stairs and out by the side door.

Terry was standing at the landing window, Rose just retreating down the stairs.

He was standing on the landing at the top, face white.

A door stood ajar on the landing and Carrie saw the bottom end of a silk-covered bed and drawn, silken curtains.


Jack walked back up to the landing and put his arm around his daughter.

He Was stumbling as he walked across the landing .

Carrie shuddered as she walked along the landing to one of the rear front doors.


the first landing of settlers in America

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