Meaning of LASTING in English




a lasting benefit

These plans are likely to result in lasting benefit to the whole of our district.

a lasting friendship

This began a lasting friendship between the two women.

a lasting impact (= one that lasts for a long time )

The arrival of the railways made a lasting impact on many sectors of the economy.

a lasting impression (= one that someone remembers for a long time )

Sam’s performance had clearly made a lasting impression on the audience.

a lasting influence (= continuing for a long time )

His travels in Africa had a lasting influence on his work.

a lasting/permanent peace

He has the chance to forge a lasting peace with the Palestinians.

an abiding/enduring/lasting memory (= that you will always have )

The children's abiding memory of their father is of his patience and gentleness.

lasting fame (= being famous for a long time )

Diderot gained lasting fame as the editor of the French Encyclopaedia.

lasting happiness (= happiness that continues )

Leonie had found a lasting happiness in her relationship with Jim.

lasting value (= that will be important or useful for a long time )

He wanted to achieve something of lasting value.

lasting/permanent harm

The injury caused him discomfort but no lasting harm.

permanent/lasting memorial

An appeal has been launched to build a lasting memorial to the composer.




Between campaigns he formed attachments of a more lasting kind.

Momentary pleasures are given up, but only because a more lasting pleasure is promised later.

Two other recent plays, both dramatised, although one from real life, left a more lasting impression.



There are people who are convinced that the problem is so acute that lasting damage has already been done.

That was all fairly predictable, and unlikely to prove of lasting damage .

The first meeting is also a time when transgressions are most likely to cause lasting damage .

Her rifle butt had given him a nasty knock, but there would be no lasting damage .

All unpleasant, especially to a small child, but usually of brief duration and causing no lasting damage .


However, a really creative approach can be a great attention-fixer and have a lasting effect .

Some of the tax reforms in this budget, however, will have a large and lasting effect .

Something she'd suffered, like chickenpox: nasty, but with few if any lasting effects .

No one doubts that the move will have significant lasting effects on the world of Unix and its relations.

Decisions taken on these issues were to have a lasting effect on the geographical deployment of full-time staff.

It was a mild hallucinogen - no lasting effects .

That is why what may at first seem to be a casual incident can have lasting effects .

The only lasting effect it may have is on the careers of some of the people involved.


Minton introduced him to Denis Wirth-Miller and Richard Chopping with whom he formed a lasting friendship .

I have made lots of lasting friendships along my Guiding road as I have through Medau and think myself lucky.

Above all, however, is the recurring theme of lasting friendship .

Social clubs especially for hard-of-hearing people may create lasting friendships and opportunities for service.

You meet some delightful people and lasting friendships result - being a husband and wife team helps.

There were many crew changes therefore lasting friendships did not have time to mature.


The arrival of the railways made an important and lasting impact on many sectors of the economy.

Certainly, they have had little lasting impact on teaching practices.

Their coverage is tightly focused in order to achieve rapid but lasting impact on managers' effectiveness.

They may have a lasting impact .

The final chapter outlines what is involved in production planning if a video recording is to have any lasting impact .

Dicey's work has had a major and lasting impact .


The implementation of the rationalisation programme left a lasting impression on Finniston which was to influence his future operating style.

Such stories would have made a lasting impression on my father and given him an early interest in Abyssinia.

It made a lasting impression on me.

But George Burt made a lasting impression on the place, after which it was no longer the old-world village it had been.

His family had been very poor when he was young, and it had left a lasting impression on him.

A heavy stream of important trading statements made little lasting impression on the shares involved.

The first visit by prospective parents is important as it creates a lasting impression .

Yet, regrettably, the lasting impression is of a merely superficial look at grinding poverty.


Like Shelley, he was a lasting influence on Steven Morrissey.

Because they had no lasting influence , they were regarded as minor.

Cochrane's criticism of the impact of health care has had a lasting influence and is often used to undermine health services.


The indigenous media need more than ever to promote lasting peace with justice, through ecumenical and interfaith dialogue.

And as the action becomes bloodier, chances of a genuine and lasting peace become even more remote.

There seems to be only one feasible solution that could bring lasting peace .

A ceasefire, let alone lasting peace , will take long negotiation.


State terror can not be a lasting solution .


Secondly, to give the magazine readability, something with lasting value and relevance that readers wish to keep for reference.

The projects were to be of real and lasting value , and able in the long run to pay for themselves.

I haven't produced a single piece of writing of lasting value in my life.

An adequate transactional competence should be a real achievement of lasting value .


a lasting peace settlement

His next book is about the lasting effects of the Vietnam war.

Japan's creation of a Western-style economy has been the country's lasting achievement.

The committee's decision could have a lasting effect on the community.

The incident left a lasting impression on the young girl.

The speech could do lasting damage to US--German relations.

Until we all give up violence, there cannot possibly be lasting peace in the world.

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