Meaning of LATERAL in English



lateral thinking




The adoral shields are slightly wing-like, not or just separating the oral shield from the first lateral arm plate.

The lateral arm plates on the proximal part of the arm are slightly enlarged.


In most mammals, apart from the cat, the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus projects exclusively to area 17.

Certainly the lateral geniculate nucleus in rats looks nothing like the lateral geniculate nucleus in monkeys.


It does make sense that the lateral line would be adversely affected by prolonged exposure to unusually high voltage.

Fossils do throw light on the history of the lateral line and tail.

Recent research has linked induced voltages with lateral line disease.

The gold and black lateral line hits the eye too.

This lateral line system enables the fish to detect differences of pressure in the water.

The scale patterning above the lateral line is particularly pleasing, and the lateral line itself is bright silver.

When this meets some other object, the fish by means of its lateral line can detect the change.


But how would this disparate, lateral movement fit into a linear ideology?

It appeared that these offsets marked some kind of lateral movement between adjacent sections of oceanic crust.

It then does so with tremendous activity, threshing with lateral movements of the sword among the fish.


Post-war lateral thinking solved the problem by abolishing the school, but the building survived that, too.

Arrangement of ideas on the board provides a stimulus for new ideas and lateral thinking . 4.

Others include lateral thinking , straight and crooked thinking, potential problem analysis, rational decision-making, and so on.

So a little lateral thinking was called for.

And that very excess of safety inspired some bright Vadinamians in to a galaxy-class piece of lateral thinking .

It was a peculiar form of lateral thinking , inspired by instinct.

The model represents most of de Bono's ideas on lateral thinking .

It can be immensely useful - and that is what is looked for with lateral thinking - or it can be false.


These ribbon-like leaves are pale green, with a prominent midrib and usually two lateral veins on either side.

The first pair of lateral veins issue from the central rib shortly above the base of the blade.

The leaves are also fleshy with a prominent midrib, with five pairs of lateral veins .

They are also translucent with a prominent midrib and many fine lateral veins .

The leaf-blade bears circular dark patches, and has a prominent midrib and lateral veins .

A prominent midrib and 4 to 6 lateral veins are present.

The bold midrib and the 3-4 pairs of lateral veins are light purple or pink.

Faint lateral veins spread from a somewhat prominent midrib.


A right lateral view and transverse sections are shown, with shading indicating damage.

Where necessary the ventral view is supplemented with drawings of the disk armament, arm spines and lateral views of the arms.


a lateral pass

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