Meaning of LIMITING in English






The log-hyperbolic distribution offers the possibility of a range of curve fittings, one limiting case of which is the log-normal distribution.

In the limiting case , therefore, this control condition reduces to that in which no pre-training is given.

There are two limiting cases to consider: the weak field case and the strong field case.

The limiting case of the Ferrari-Ibañez-Bruni solution is particularly interesting.

In the limiting case , the visitor is simply told that certain specimens and artifacts have certain kinds of names.


Yachts visiting Lake Saimaa must be fitted with holding tanks, but otherwise draught is the principal limiting factor .

Another major limiting factor in excavation is the subjective nature of the excavation process.

In practice, for a given area to remain in isostatic equilibrium, there would always be a limiting factor .

Resources are, however, a major limiting factor .

On the other hand fetch is the limiting factor in the height of waves generated by easterly winds over the North Sea.

The other limiting factor is the creative one.

The other limiting factor in relation to flower pollination and fruit setting is weather.


I found staying at home with the kids very limiting .

I found the lack of available reference books very limiting .

There is a lot of research that still needs to be done, but money is an important limiting factor.


I began this discussion by saying that adherence to systematic nomenclature is a limiting kind of freedom.

In practice, for a given area to remain in isostatic equilibrium, there would always be a limiting factor.

Significant cyclosporin toxicity during prolonged treatment is minimal and does not appear to be a limiting factor at this dose of cyclosporin.

Your prime objective should assist you in coming to terms with the most limiting aspect of verbal presentations.

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