Meaning of LOCALLY in English






Advice needs to be locally available .

A directory of staff development resources that would be locally available to teachers is planned.


Papers relied increasingly on locally based stringers and news agencies.

Day care should be viewed as only part of a strategy and should link in with other locally based resources.

Successful bids by management-employee teams would also help to meet the competition objective by establishing independent, locally based companies.

Employment Training is a locally based programme that first helps you select people with the aptitude and commitment you're looking for.

However, even this view of relatively autonomous, locally based development shares some of the same themes as those identified above.

They would be available to share expertise, offer advice and provide an informed focus for locally based educational advance.

Thriving small settlements must have an active and mostly locally based economy.

This was a proposal for a loose federation of locally based groups.


They demanded new schools, supported by local taxes and managed by locally elected bodies.


The group of the population which was most at risk was young children drinking locally produced milk.

Overvalued currencies kept the price of imported goods low, crowding out locally produced goods.

The cheeseboard offers a good selection of locally produced cheeses such as applewood smoked cheese and the wonderfully named Cornish Yarg.

There is an art gallery in the foyer which hosts regular touring and locally produced exhibitions.

Teenagers under the influence of the locally produced khat narcotic plant were said to be responsible for much of the artillery fire.

Many US-owned maquilas claim to be in the market for locally produced materials and components, backward linkages.



Standing in the fields in the centre of the island were two tall stone menhirs, known locally as Jean and Jeanne.

It has bee modernised with a powerful automatic fog-horn known locally as Moaning Minnie.

Large areas of island are covered with thick deposits of black volcanic ash, known locally as picon.

She is also well known locally for the soft toys she makes for various charities.

It is known locally as a popular place for children to play.


The man, who lives locally , won't be identified.

In under ten days her mother would be living locally .

Anyone living locally who wishes to become involved with any of the current projects will be warmly welcomed.

Many will live locally , it is predicted.

The body of Edward Stone, 27, an experienced climber who lived locally , was found half way up the peak.

I do not think we have enough police living locally .


A small charge is made locally for the use of the showers.

Local patients, investigators, and resources are known only to local people, and assessments must be made locally .

These problems are national and should be addressed centrally but efforts could also be made locally .

The twelve enamel plaques were made in Byzantium during the tenth century, but the roundels were made locally at Regensburg.


Prices of fish, eggs, chicken and other locally produced staples are low.

Most towns had a plant or two to spin locally produced cocoons into thread.

The conference included a two-day display of high-technology products produced locally .

A lot of the materials, such as concrete aggregate, must be produced locally because shipping costs would be exorbitant.

This locally produced album features simple arrangements of traditional and original Christmas songs.


There were many types of chamber kiln including the Batchelor Kiln which was used locally .

The viaduct was built by Thomas Brassey to a design by Lewis Cubbitt, using locally made bricks, in 1848-50.


locally elected governments

Microtech employs 1300 workers locally .


Also, locally organised, imaginative initiatives to introduce pupils to science and careers involving the application of science.

Half board for second week is compulsory and payable locally .

He's taking us from the airport to what is locally down as the Darth Vader Hotel.

It is cruciform and aisleless, built of locally quarried ashlar stone.

It made coping with locally severe unemployment difficult, since only the resources of the rate-paying parishioners could be drawn on.

The limitations of what is available for you locally can also be part of this pain.

The series is not yet shown in New Zealand, so Sorbo is a relative unknown locally .

We've now got 150 members locally , with membership at 31,000 nationwide.

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