Meaning of LOCOMOTIVE in English


I. noun




There is some attraction now for those who enjoy the diesel locomotive because the railway has a growing collection.

The railway was worked daily by up to six steam engines until the early 1960s when new diesel locomotives took over.

The railway already had three Hunslet built diesel locomotives with a fourth due to be delivered shortly.

Restored steam and diesel locomotives are on view, together with historic rolling stock.

In its final stage there were 38 motor cars, 19 trailers, a diesel locomotive , and two wagons.

This line used its own diesel shunting locomotives .

It will closely resemble a pair of normal diesel locomotives coupled back to back.


Needless to say such a constraint does not apply with electric locomotives .

Adtranz manufactures electric and diesel locomotives , high-speed trains, streetcars and underground trains, and signal and traffic-control systems.

Other stock includes three metro-gauge electric locomotives and three diesels, plus five electric railcars, all metre gauge.

The 1927 electric locomotive newly-restored in 1984. 2.

Enter the Class 91, the new breed of East Coast main-line electric locomotive .



His first heavy main-line passenger and fast freight locomotive , of the 4-6-2 type, was built in 1941.

From 1942 a class of more powerful 0-6-0 freight locomotives also gave excellent results.


In our steam locomotive comparison, the engine loses traction, or makes an expensive noise and stops.

It is receiving its first coat of Olive Green paint and stands where no steam locomotive has stood for over 25 years.

Bulleid strongly advocated the need for new and more powerful steam locomotives and obtained authority for this.

In the deal were three steam locomotives and a new interloper in the shape of a diesel.

The Motive Power depot at Derby Road had been disused since 1966 when the last steam locomotives were withdrawn from service.

The decision making process can be likened to one of those great lumbering steam locomotives seen in Western films.

In the original engine shed there is a fine collection of Great Western steam locomotives and there are many carriages and wagons.

It is a stone bridge which was abandoned within twelve years when the railway was re-aligned for steam locomotive operation.


Few expect the EU to take over as the locomotive of the world economy.


Railways needed locomotives, rolling stock and signalling equipment, besides rails and bridges.

The ego of Arpaio is like the pot-bellied engine of an old steam locomotive .

The visiting locomotives will progressively arrive during the Steam Festival and after a test run will be used on weekend passenger services.

These have now been carried out and this fine locomotive is back in service on the Centre's line.

This is where he tested his locomotives and his ideas on gas lighting.

This particular locomotive was constructed in 1948, the year of nationalisation.

II. adjective


Both will seek to develop new markets and improve efficiency by adjusting timetables, introducing better locomotive diagramming and crew rosters.

Economic locomotive power came from the United States.

In 1911 Gresley succeeded Henry Ivatt as locomotive engineer.

Machining a locomotive tire, he reported, was now done in one fifth the time.

Siemens Verkehrstechnik has announced plans to set up a locomotive leasing operation by the end of this year.

Sometime from the railyards across the river rises a great red locomotive flare that illuminates the horrid cliffs.

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