Meaning of LONG-DISTANCE in English




a long-distance call

I’d like to make a long-distance call.

a long-distance commuter

The fare increases will be bad news for long-distance commuters.

long-distance travel

Long-distance travel is becoming much more common these days.




This segment is that represented by long-distance business travellers and executives.


Taking a long-distance call still causes a certain turbulence here.

Let us handle your long-distance calls , the letter said.

Illiterates have no hope at all of calculating the expense of local service, let alone long-distance calls .


The charge for switching long-distance carriers is $ 5.

Calling circles give discounts when you call other customers of the same long-distance carrier you have.

And long-distance carrier Sprint expects to announce similar services this summer.

A coalition of cable television and long-distance carriers predicts it will take until next spring.

The rate scheme set by the commission for this practice will determine how quickly long-distance carriers jump into the market.

Regional telephone companies, long-distance carriers , and cable television operators are among the giants considering Internet forays.

This is half what would be passed on if there were competition among long-distance carriers .

They may join forces with any one of the seven regional phone companies or a long-distance carrier .


PacTel already has sizable operations in San Ramon, and it just agreed to base its long-distance company in Pleasanton.

The new law also states that long-distance companies will be allowed into local phone markets immediately.

The new bill would allow close ties or outright mergers between local and long-distance companies .

Today, most long-distance companies charge callers based on the duration of the call and the distance.

In theory, the long-distance companies are supposed to have your signature on something before we switch you.


There had been little traffic so far: mostly long-distance lorries .

Three weeks later she had. gone off with a long-distance lorry driver.

Polly the tea-lady was also going out - with Bri, the long-distance lorry driver, and their friends Len and Betty.


The long-distance market is less politicized, he says.

Price wars will erupt like the ones in the long-distance market .

Moving to grab a share of the $ 70 billion long-distance market , Ameritech Corp.

At the same time, San Francisco-based Pac Bell is gearing up to enter the long-distance market next year.


Then the Government quietly pulled out and turned the operation over to a handful of communications giants and the long-distance phone companies.

She spends $ 100 a month in long-distance phone bills right now.

If you thought choosing a long-distance phone carrier was tough, wait until you select a service provider.

Norma Foglio still remembers one special long-distance phone call from her husband in the middle of the night.

Black was hunting for a way to make durable amplifier relays for long-distance phone lines.

Early next year it plans to offer long-distance phone service.

The two women hardly know each other, but the bond, even across the long-distance phone line, is immediate.


So, for a moment, consider a long-distance runner who has collapsed near to the finish on one occasion.

This is the loneliness of the long-distance runner .

Even with recent improvements, the air could keep sprinters and long-distance runners wheezing through their events.

No one by 1989 could doubt the Prime Minister's stamina as, politically, a long-distance runner .

Occasionally long-distance runners would jog past, chatting quietly, their daily devotions almost done.

As intended, it was the highlight of the film and successfully reflected the pain endured by long-distance runners .


Sprint Corp. is offering small-business customers free long-distance service for calls made on Fridays.

Chances are the long-distance service you use will give you miles, too.

When Telmex was privatized in 1989, it agreed to give up its monopoly over long-distance service in January 1997.

Helicopters are not suitable for long-distance service .

Thursday became the first regional Bell telephone company to seek federal approval to offer long-distance service to its local customers in Michigan.


I discovered this to be a useful tip, but not when it came to long-distance telephone calls.

Pick up your dry cleaning and your clothes will come wrapped in plastic bags promoting Blockbuster or a new long-distance telephone service.

It is possible, more or less, to make a long-distance telephone call.

Domestic long-distance telephone calls often do not connect, and international calls can be nearly impossible.

When the data hits local and long-distance telephone networks, the speed drops quickly to 2 megabytes.

In a world that spends $ 500 billion a year on long-distance telephone charges, the potential is awesome.

Demand for long-distance telephone service fell by half, because suddenly departments had to pay for what they used.


Long-distance bus service now links the cities.

Long-distance phone calls have gotten so much cheaper.

The development of long-distance commerce led to greater cultural contacts between continents.


A visitor to Keld does not have to be a long-distance walker to enjoy the scenic delights of the environs.

He predicts that at least one in 10 long-distance customers will jump to the regional Bell operating companies, or BOCs.

Illiterates have no hope at all of calculating the expense of local service, let alone long-distance calls.

Instead, they pay basic long-distance rates, which are the highest rates a residential customer can pay, the study says.

It came at last, a huge long-distance coach, with high steps in the doorway.

There had been little traffic so far: mostly long-distance lorries.

We should therefore seek evidence for long-distance exchange as indications of political alliances and the growth of centralised political organisation.

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