Meaning of MAGNET in English




fridge magnet

magnet school




I once saw a woman whose job it was to make small bar magnets from steel blanks about two inches long.

Like the electron, the muon acts like a tiny bar magnet .

When the suitably insulated conductor is wound round a rod of soft iron it forms a bar magnet .


The plan involved a variation of the magnet school concept.

Although we have approved desegregation plans involving magnet schools of this conventional definition, the District Court found this insufficient.

In November 1986, the District Court endorsed a marked expansion of the magnet school program.



A place for all kinds of wildlife to stop off and drink, it will attract them like a magnet .


The Liverpool waterfront has become a magnet for tourists from near and far.

Some eligibility criteria would be set to prevent the city from becoming a magnet for the uninsured.

Throughout the 1980s the North-East has become a magnet for new investment.

As the population grows, we become a magnet for the big, impersonal outlets.

Over the past two decades this Wisconsinsized country has become a magnet that has drawn social activists from all over the world.

Whatever the attraction, the boys find that their house has become a magnet for aliens.


The Allies seemed to be drawn as if by a magnet to our local villages.

The sudden warmth, meagre though it was, drew Isabel like a magnet .

Somehow sensing this connection, clerics have been drawn as if by a magnet to the rails.

Certain men - husbands not excepted - seemed drawn like a magnet to a female in her circumstances.

Redundant miners are not the only ones drawn by the drugs magnet .


Ever notice what a visual magnet a mirror is?

Most are attracted by the splendour of the city's colleges, but they also prove a magnet for organised crime.

Take care with the magnets by the way, as allowing them to snap together causes them to break.

The centre of town seemed to draw them back like a magnet .

The metal was a magnet that attracted people from all over the world.

This magnet for unwanted paper will fill up and overflow with monotonous regularity and should be abolished.

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