Meaning of MANY in English



a little/many/some/any more

Can I have a little more time to finish?

Are there any more sandwiches?

have had one too many (= have drunk too much alcohol )

however much/many

I really want the car, however much it costs.

many occasions

I have seen him drunk on many occasions.

Many thanks

Many thanks for the lovely flowers.

not a lot/much/many etc (= only a few, only a little etc )

Not much is known about the disease.

Not many people have read the report.

the first of many

We hope this year’s festival will be the first of many .

twice as many/much (as sth)

They employ 90 people, twice as many as last year.


(there's) many a true word spoken in jest

a good few/many

In time she came to know a good many faces, but none of them were people.

It had been a good few years.

It is likely that a good many valuable stones were destroyed in this way because Pliny was muddling up hardness and toughness.

It was no accident that a good many towns were sited on the borderline between arable farming and pastoral regions.

Overall, it took a good many years for the primaries to wrest control from the bosses.

She solved some problems, but she created a good few more-many of which Britain is still dealing with today.

There are a good many variables that may intervene in just this manner.

We shared this house all the years of my childhood, and a good many summers afterward.

as much/as many/the same again

be no/few/not many takers

five/ten/many etc times ...

Besides being one of Henry III's most frequent ambassadors to Rome, Alexander served many times as papal judge delegate.

I am feeling much better, though there are many times when I feel a dull ache.

Now, as many times before, the City is missing a chance to put the system right.

The amount of metal needed is ten times what we used on Mars.

The males adapt to their new and relaxed home by evolving at ten times the rate of their consorts.

The prince visited many times more.

The real frequency of worldwide maternal mortality may be as much as three to five times higher than this ratio.

Tours leave five times a day.

have a finger in every pie/ in many pies

have had a few (too many)

Ralph Nader may have had a few , but then again far, far too few to mention.

in so many words

"Did he say we got the contract?" "Not in so many words ."

In so many words , she told me that I don't have any talent.

Although it has not said so in so many words , it is also for the supranational space.

And, if taxed by such as Sylvester, he probably would not now admit it in so many words .

But I also knew that if I admitted to that in so many words , Janir would start fussing.

It hurts to write that out in so many words , but how could it be otherwise.

Oh, not in so many words , of course.

There is, in fact, considerable nervousness about saying these things in so many words .

To be fair, the majority report does not in so many words advance the argument.

Zuwaya had a deterrent theory of peace, and stated it in so many words .

keep several/too many etc balls in the air

man/woman of many parts

many and various

Circumstances, many and various , may mean there's no way forward for that relationship.

Conjectures about the newcomer were many and various .

Member States refused to meet the claims of the many and various creditors, third parties to the International Tin Agreement.

The influences on Laski's political and legal thought are many and various .

The reasons why teenage girls get pregnant are many and various .

There are many and various racket strings to choose from.

There were also many and various stories of his birth.

many happy returns

And, no doubt about it, very many happy returns, sir.

Charlotte will be wished many happy returns by family and other visitors to a nursing home in Redcar, Cleveland.

Next up we would like to wish birthday girl Fiona many happy returns.

They went for more, but Nicky Hammond in the Town goal made sure they didn't have too many happy returns.

many moons ago

He left Derby many moons ago complaining they gagged him.

Several colour strains have bee bred since the original black and silver variety came out on the market many moons ago.

When I got my first laser printer many moons ago, my bank manager almost had a heart attack.

not (all) that long/many etc

And not that many women really feel comfortable going for the jugular.

He doesn't recognize the name, not that many people seem to know his or that of his publisher.

He would do the job himself if he had the time-and had the job not that many years ago.

I was told the rules, there were not that many and most were sensible.

McPhail, 20, is making a run for the board not that long after having graduated from the system himself.

So there is not that long a wait.

Thankfully there were not that many in cars.

Well, maybe not that many things.

only so many/much

There's only so much you can do with hair this fine.

A human being can undergo only so many changes and take in only so many experiences.

I think there was only so much fun to go round, only so much and no more available.

It told him it was grass, and grass could hide only so much.

The greens were rougher then, and there was only so much good putting you could do on them.

The truth is there is only so much preparation you can do.

There's only so much you can cling to - your credibility, your belief in small cottage industries - whatever.

sth of five/many etc years' standing

The medical superintendent of a hospital had to be a duly qualified medical practitioner of five years' standing .

too many chiefs and not enough Indians

too many cooks (spoil the broth)

If too many cooks spoil the broth, too many Popes tarnish the faith!

There were too many cooks , they said.

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