Meaning of MEDICAL in English

I. adjective


a health/medical centre (= where there are several doctors you can see for medical treatment )

The village has a small school and a health centre.

a health/medical check

People over 60 should have regular medical checks.

a health/medical clinic

Test results from a health clinic are available in about three weeks.

a health/medical problem

Have you ever suffered from any of these health problems?

a law/medical/chemistry etc student

Approximately 40% of law students are women.

a legal/medical term

The site provides a glossary of legal terms.

a medical appointment

Children sometimes miss school because of medical appointments.

a medical card (= one that proves who you are when you change doctors )

You will need to bring your medical card.

a medical certificate

You can get a medical certificate that shows which vaccinations you've had.

a medical condition

She has an unusual medical condition.

a medical device

The company makes medical devices that use laser technology for correcting eye disorders.

a medical diagnosis (= given by a doctor )

The company manufactures monitoring equipment for medical diagnosis.

a medical establishment (= a hospital )

New employees must undergo an examination at a medical establishment nominated by the Company.

a medical examination

We need to do a further medical examination.

a medical inspection

Schoolchildren had to undergo a compulsory medical inspection.

a medical/hospital drama (= about events in a hospital )

He played a doctor in the US medical drama 'ER'.

a medical/legal/financial etc expert (= someone who has special skills related to a particular job or subject )

Medical experts agree that screening can prevent deaths from breast cancer.

a political/medical/military etc career

The scandal ruined his political career.

a scientific/medical etc discovery

The book covers the major scientific discoveries of the last century.

a teaching/medical/legal etc qualification BrE:

She has a degree and a teaching qualification.

for legal/political/medical etc reasons

The boy cannot be named for legal reasons.

go for a medical/dental etc check

She advised me to go for a medical check.

health/medical insurance

None of her family have private health insurance.

legal/medical assistance

It was difficult to get good legal assistance.

legal/medical expenses

We had to get a loan to pay for my husband’s medical expenses.

The tenant can incur considerable legal expenses.

legal/medical fees

She received £300 compensation after legal fees had been deducted.

legal/medical/financial etc advice

Good legal advice can be expensive.

medical aid

The capital was in urgent need of food and medical aid.

medical care

People expect good standards of medical care.

medical certificate

medical equipment

life-saving medical equipment

medical examiner

medical help

She needs urgent medical help.

medical notes (= notes that a doctor keeps about a patient )

I asked if I could see my medical notes.

medical officer

medical personnel

There is an acute shortage of medical personnel.

medical practitioner

medical research

The charity raises money for medical research.

medical school

medical supervision

Very low-calorie diets should only be followed under medical supervision.

medical technology

The advance of medical technology has meant that more patients survive.

medical treatment

Every patient has a right to refuse medical treatment.

medical/academic/technical etc staff

We would like to thank all the medical staff at Broadgreen Hospital.

medical/hospital/health etc records

The hospital could not find my mother’s medical records.

Patients’ hospital records are kept on a database.

medical/legal practitioner

medical/legal secretary

medical/scientific evidence

There isn’t any medical evidence to support the claim.

medical/scientific/technical expertise

How can an individual without medical expertise make such a decision?

on moral/legal/medical etc grounds

The proposal was rejected on environmental grounds.

professional/business/medical ethics (= the moral rules relating to a particular profession )

public concern about medical ethics

a code of ethics

technical/scientific/legal/medical etc jargon

documents full of legal jargon

technological/scientific/medical etc advance

one of the great technological advances of the 20th century

the medical establishment

The measures were introduced despite protests from the medical establishment.

the medical profession

The medical profession is still divided about the main cause of heart attacks.




The medical advice remains that public transport single-pilot operations should not be permitted by pilots who have passed age sixty.

They gave information, instruction, and medical advice to married persons as to the means of preventing conception....

This is in line with medical advice for all home pregnancy tests.

A major complaint voiced by the physicians was that patients did not heed the medical advice of the staff.

He claimed he was really being punished for making medical advice too cheap at 6d.

Similarly, medical advice about the necessity for circumcision varies with the times.

If you are concerned, seek medical advice .

In addition to its services, which Sniffen said include medical advice , the center offers food, clothing and emergency loans.


Jones received medical attention on the canvas and spent the night in hospital for observation.

Authorities fear the girl will attempt to bear the child without medical attention .

We asked patients to return to the study clinic if they required medical attention between scheduled study visits.

Doctors say she will need years of medical attention .

Moreover, as the 1939 survey showed, few women sought medical attention for their ailments.

Despite her need of medical attention , the night was young and there was still time to celebrate.

This went on for 13 months until my parents realised that I needed medical attention .


The money will help offset big medical bills , but the brothers say it still doesn't make up for their suffering.

The fund provided him with an emergency grant for unreimbursed medical bills and lost wages.

At one stage, I couldn't even pay a medical bill for one of the children.

He also has donated thousands of dollars to poor people in the town for help in paying medical bills .

And we'd be working to pay off medical bills .

Until recently, many union contracts shielded members from worrying about medical bills because most of the costs were borne by employers.

But they face a big medical bill if Fran gives birth in Pittsburgh.

But she realized that further beatings could result in medical bills .


There were lectures on quite advanced medical care , on intelligence-gathering, signalling and demolitions.

Whether this revolution has improved medical care or worsened it is open to dispute.

There is no need to remind you that health is not the same as medical care .

Doctors control how often patients use medical care and doctors as a group can be kept within a budget, he said.

None of the children who did not recover were receiving medical care for symptoms of constipation at the time of follow up.

Violence is conservatively estimated to cost $ 15. 5 billion a year in medical care nationwide.

Health authorities would be encouraged, he said, to use discretion to ensure medical care is free.

An insurance information sheet jargon: Paying for medical care is an example of the direct costs normally associated with workplace accidents.


For comparison, we utilized patients from clinics at a Midwestern inner city medical center .

The blood sample, if drawn outside Stanford, can be transported to the Palo Alto-based medical center by courier.

Patients would probably have to be moved, either to other military medical centers or to private health-care facilities.

Eighteen medical centers will enroll patients in the trial.

Nonpatient populations were then polled and interviewed through the courtesy of medical centers and universities throughout the country.

HMOs and modern medical centers are powerful institutions with an army of in-house lawyers, risk managers and numerous administrators.

University officials describe the merger as an economic lifeline for the prestigious but financially ailing medical center .

Under the direction of chief executive officer Roberto Rodriguez, the medical center is in the process of reinventing itself.


In a medical centre they found dreadful cases of malnutrition, scabies and diarrhoea.

Shelley was surprised to find her chief in the medical centre .

There are 2 Garages and a modern medical centre .

They drove back to Monte Samana in silence, and Miguel stopped near the medical centre .

Can you get her into the medical centre ?

Shelley, already on her feet, carried her up to the medical centre with Carlos's help.

It is also planning to expand services at the Wimpole Street medical centre to include allergy and sexually-transmitted disease clinics.

Time was indeed passing by ... Lina Freitas came to the medical centre next morning.


Where the witness is ill it is advisable to send a medical certificate with the notice itself.

Pilots over age 40 must renew the medical certificate required as a condition of licensing every two years.

Remember, if you are sick for a second week, we shall require a medical certificate .

The claimant should then submit medical certificates for the duration of their absence from work.

Weekly benefits are paid at four weekly intervals, in arrears, following receipt of medical certificates .

She even had a medical certificate to prove she was clean.

If you're sick you have to get a medical certificate .

If a member of staff is sick for more than 7 days they must provide a medical certificate .


What was the actual medical condition of the evacuees?

How can I change jobs if I have a pre-existing medical condition ?

Exploration of the testicle was deferred because of the potentially life threatening medical condition .

Certain medical conditions increase the risk of taking sleeping pills.

He has described the medical condition .

His family was dynamically dysfunctional in addition to suffering various medical conditions .

The rule itself is out of accord with modern medical conditions and should be abolished.

His subjects involuntarily see specific color patterns when they hear certain words, a medical condition called synesthesia.


Marriage loans were introduced, grants were made available to cover medical costs and family allowances increased in amount and coverage.

Managed care was born of the need to contain soaring medical costs .

His insurers denied the twist of fate was a collision and had refused to pay medical costs .

The overall result will be more effective management of medical costs .

The medical costs average $ 2, 000 per case and sometimes run as high as $ 10, 000.

And medical costs have gone up faster in recent years than other prices.

As the nation struggles to get a grip on medical costs , insurance companies have grabbed the reins.

Such increases could renew corporate efforts to cut medical costs by passing them on to employees, thus further arousing consumer anxiety.


The company makes medical devices that use laser technology for correcting nearsightedness and other eye disorders.

Two medical device makers also were in the plus column.

Boston Scientific develops and markets medical devices .

This group would evaluate current or anticipated shortages of and increased demand for drugs, biologics, or related medical devices .

Also putting in strong years: aerospace and defense, oil drilling and medical device companies.

Assess the impact of modern medical devices on the emergence and prevention of nosocomial infections.

Use of invasive medical devices , such as indwelling catheters, often carries a risk for infection.

Medtronic Inc. v. Lohr: Federal law does not prevent patients from suing manufacturers of defective medical devices in state courts.


As medical director , Munir gets one to two calls a month from people who want treatments not covered by the plan.

Louis, and medical director of its Borderline Personality Treatment Unit.

Home of our medical director and chief administrator, of course, and his wife.


In medical education , or in the teaching of some scientific or technological subjects, it could actually be dangerous.

And hospitals continue to fire nurses while hiring people without medical educations .

Substantial changes to medical education and research are outlined.

I had been through a medical education .

These examinations are probably a poor instrument for measuring the quality of medical education because they concentrate on factual retention.

Baker's medical education was continued at Guy's Hospital, London.

Surely the most important issue, however, is the training and continuing medical education of forensic medical examiners.

Move back now to medical education .


They heard at first that these were industrial spare parts, then medical equipment , then mining equipment, then oil-drilling gear.

Hologic makes medical equipment that measures bone density, used to diagnose osteoporosis.

Shops and companies have also boosted the collections for lorryloads of clothes, blankets, medical equipment , toiletries and toys.

San Diego-based Medical Imaging provides outpatient services and medical equipment to doctors and hospitals.

The nature of Alix's profession demanded she kept a certain amount of medical equipment around.

Other Sunrise divisions make wheelchairs, walkers, and other medical equipment .

It pulled out of mining and consumer electronics, and moved into medical equipment .

We found medical equipment , surgical instruments, weap-ons, clothing, documents.


This led her to shun alcohol and medical establishments and to follow a practical, independent, and disciplined life.

As the medical establishment tightened its monopoly on diagnosis and prescription, it also expanded the area under its control.

These Districts contain the most prestigious teaching hospitals, which are staffed by the medical establishment .

And that tosses it into the lap of the medical establishment .

It has also come under severe attack from the orthodox medical establishment .

Shockingly, the medical establishment is responding.

Despite the growing protests of the medical establishment , boxing still thrives at the championship level.

The medical establishment is susceptible to the same prejudices of general society.


The defence have said medical evidence gleaned from tests on Mr Harris' brain shows he suffers from a rare abnormality.

For there is by now a mountain of medical evidence that moderate consumption of alcohol dramatically lowers the risk of heart disease.

Nick Clayton himself denied he had ever said the things relating to medical evidence that had been quoted.

The story quoted him as saying there was medical evidence which showed that there had been abuse.

Specialist medical evidence in the case showed that he had developed lung cancer as a result of active and passive smoking.

The medical evidence establishes that but for the accident, Fred would probably not have committed suicide.

Lord Penrose said in a written judgment that he accepted medical evidence that Mr McKenzie was suffering from early asbestosis.

There was medical evidence that her life could have been saved had she arrived at hospital earlier.


Employers also arrange medical examinations and may, in some instances, continue to pay children's education fees.

He will now be required to submit to medical examinations to determine whether he is fit to stand trial.

We then waited in another line to enter a room where, presumably, we would have our medical examinations .

There is no medical examination needed to join - even up to age 70.

Can you demand a medical examination ?

Anne passed the medical examination and Sarah failed it.

Came the intense medical examination , much of which is commonplace today, but by no means in vogue in 1928/29.


Some forensic medical examiners , however, are reluctant to prescribe methadone.

Jimmy died of complications of a blow to the stomach, according to the medical examiner .

Surely the most important issue, however, is the training and continuing medical education of forensic medical examiners .

A medical examiner took a smear.

In his body, the medical examiner said, were traces of antidepressants.

The medical examiner has not said whether pepper spray was responsible.

The medical examiner said the cause of death would be further studied, and that full autopsies would be conducted.


Besides, I have a house to run, and my husband's medical expenses .

Those include the deductibility of charitable contributions, education expenses , interest and medical expenses.

Immediate local settlement of major medical expenses .

Large medical expenses could be paid out of Individual Retirement Accounts without penalty.

Half were for cancellation, a quarter for medical expenses and most of the remainder for loss or theft of belongings.

College tuition, extraordinary medical expenses , and career compromises can easily cost much more.

Medicaid helped to cover the medical expenses of the poor.

Such damages can include monetary loss, such as medical expenses , or psychological injury.


These diets are now frowned upon by many medical experts because of their low fibre content.

Naturally, we turn to medical experts to help us distinguish between a cold and the flu or another ailment.

The medical experts found potassium levels were particularly high in some children.

Staff at the centre include medical experts as well as workers from the social services, probation service and youth services.

Of those, more than 130,000 were risking themselves or others, according to medical experts .

The prosecution decided not to proceed because medical experts could not be certain what caused Mrs Fort's death.

Diagnosis and treatment were in the hands of the medical experts who held the franchise on knowledge.

If medical experts had their way, sunbathing would be banned altogether.


Tom had been keen to take advantage of the medical facilities at Wiesbaden, if only to get his teeth sorted out.

Measure O backers say the university-financed roadway improvements are necessary to improve traffic flow, including emergency trips to Stanford medical facilities .

Because she has mild heart disease, she may serve her whole sentence in the medical facility .

In addition, airlines may ask for phone numbers of a doctor, medical facility or funeral director who can confirm facts.

As a result, many women conceive at the time most convenient to their lives and seek satisfactory rather than ideal medical facilities .

All medical facilities have been heavily concentrated in the capital city.

County General had once been a flourishing medical facility , designed to serve the entire Santa Teresa community.


But it is very important to get medical help in the early stages.

Three weeks later, the teacher added these observations: Harold needs medical help as well as much careful teaching.

Charlton was picked up and carried to Hewett's house where medical help was soon to hand.

Granato began experiencing headaches so severe, he sought medical help .

Get any medical help available, then set about finding your own way to manage your disabilities.

His offence against those who came to him for medical help was less easy to punish.

Disturbed sleep patterns may also be one symptom of depression, which requires medical help .

They say she will need medical help and counselling to overcome the tragedy.


His new employer can get his medical history from the insurance company, and his credit history from a credit bureau.

Several important features of the medical history that are suggestive of malnutrition are outlined on p. 190.

Third, the severity of comorbidity was categorised broadly and was based only on past medical history .

Here a check is kept on weight; blood and urine tests are carried out; and relevant medical history is noted.

Clinical data were obtained from their medical histories .

Interviews - paying attention to reasons for leaving previous jobs, frequent changes of residence, and job-related medical history .

Comorbidity was categorised as mild, moderate, or severe by a physician based on the patient's medical history .

The medical history , examination and tests should check for pre-existing problems which can be corrected.


The typical executive has a company car, private medical insurance and a company pension scheme.

Receiving a pension and medical insurance on the basis of past contributions is more dignified than being dependent on children or charity.

Poor families could rarely afford medical insurance and treatment for more than one member, usually the father.

The severe limiting of the category would be pragmatic as well in securing more adequate medical insurance coverage.

The costs involved in private medical insurance schemes have been rising very rapidly compared with inflation generally.

All three, like everyone in the United States, have medical insurance .

Private medical insurance for those aged 60 and over.

In order to justify medical insurance , clearly you must speak of health and disease in order to qualify as medical.


Now the former chairman of Merrybent parish council has written about his struggle against heart disease in a medical journal .

Larson cites a medical journal article of 22 years ago that compares a religious experience to a psychotic episode.

She recovered after vitamin C therapy said the medical journal Clinical and Experimental Dermatology.

For decades, pharmaceutical companies advertised only in medical journals .

The Lancet medical journal reports that children who were underweight before the operation had a growth spurt afterwards.

We found 10 trials by a manual and computerised search of medical journals .

The Lancet is known to the public as one of the world's leading medical journals .

All flow of learned information in terms of scientific, technical and medical journals has ended.


In spite of the title, he was no medical man .

But as a medical man , you should have guessed the matter might be important.

Well, I am no medical man , but that is an understatement.

So it went until a doctor came by to give one of those oral quizzes that medical men apply in such cases.

The second story is about George, a medical man who gave up professional research to go into property business.

This was the doctor, the top medical man of the area.

The local medical men did not object, but rather commended them for their cheapness.

When the College was in its early years, certain outstanding medical men signed the diploma awarded to successful candidates.


There's a medical officer , a navigation officer, a communications officer.

Mr. Kenealy then asked the medical officer a number of specific questions about Miss Price's work.

London appointed the first school medical officer in 1890.

A medical officer of a large multinational company once described people as being like oil rigs.

Advice was sought from all chief administrative medical officers about the care of patients with presenile dementia.

With only one medical officer on hand, their release took some time.

The Government and its chief medical officer disagreed over whether sugar is unhealthy.


And that's the medical opinion .

The learned medical opinion here is that Young needs at least a week off.

I wonder what medical opinion is of this wasteful practice?

Barton has sought four medical opinions , most recently from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.

What is in the best interests of the patient will be judged by the standards of a responsible body of medical opinion .

Much medical opinion also assures us that hypnosis is not essential.

That, too, depends on individual choice, though medical opinion usually favours the hard mattress.

W's solicitor Madeleine Rees commented, ` Informed medical opinion says transsexualism is a medical condition.


On the following day doctors and medical personnel announced an indefinite strike, which was promptly declared illegal.

He was told they were not, at that time, accepting new medical personnel .

Professional training of medical personnel is impossible without a sound general education system.

The rest were either medical personnel or rural community development workers.

Police brass last year ordered that suspects hit with pepper spray be examined by medical personnel before booking.


In the 1660s and 1670s Coxe established a successful medical practice in London.

It is standard medical practice here not to tell the patient about potentially fatal illnesses, especially cancer.

This duty to disclose is not limited by medical practice , it is set by law.

Efforts were made to curb unlicensed medical practice and to improve the standards of that profession.

Medical practice and medical research Ethics affect both medical practice and research, but research usually falls under the closest scrutiny.

But I view what I do as an extension of my medical practice .

Assessing standards and comparing outcomes are important in medical practice and allow comparison of different units and appropriate allocation of resources.

Let us begin with an analysis of some recent and relevant changes in the structure of medical practice .


If the physical lighting is acceptable, and the eye-strain persists, consult your medical practitioner or an ophthalmic optician.

But cancer survivors, medical practitioners and attorneys agree that discrimination against workers with illnesses exists in the workplace.

Dental surgeons do not even have the cheap finance available to general medical practitioners .

Illness is identified or diagnosed by medical practitioners .

Subjects were screened by a fully qualified medical practitioner .

Enquiries emanated from government departments, newspapers, independent scholars, medical practitioners , religious leaders and philanthropic bodies.

As for the medical practitioner before the discovery of antibiotics, what did not exist did not have to be taken into account.

Pharmacists and dental practitioners come next, with around double the national average, followed closely by farmers and medical practitioners.


Projects which tackle medical problems at their root and provide long-term solutions.

Two others have medical problems that have to be corrected before he can work his magic.

The medical problem is directly related to the inadequacy of available resources.

That romantic notion held sway over me, and probably delayed my perception of Clarisa as some one with a medical problem .

Diabetes remains an important medical problem .

Dominic has always had medical problems .

If you are worried about being tough on a child who has a medical problem , ask your doctor for advice.

The group had already missed two days of work because of medical problems .


Like the contagious diseases defeat, Simon's resignation was received as a serious blow by the medical profession .

Of course, it would help if the medical profession had some clue where this paralysis comes from.

He believes that the medical profession is encouraging Down's babies to die at birth because of ignorance and fear.

The medical profession was deeply divided over eugenics.

The courts therefore allow the medical profession to set their own standard.

The Caduceus of Hermes, symbol of the medical profession .

He became very bitter and cursed the medical profession .

Yet the medical profession , seeing no upturn in the incidence of cancer, breathed a sigh of relief.


I think perhaps it is the cocaine I keep for medical purposes , pure, straight cocaine.

It also would protect doctors for recommending marijuana for medical purposes .

You have a right to a special diet for religious as well as medical purposes .

They think marijuana should be legally available for medical purposes .

Appalling Others show real-life autopsies, filmed for medical purposes , showing the removal of human eyes, tongues and scalps.


One patient had colectomy for medical reasons , and another died of carcinoma of the pancreas.

Luis Valencia was released for medical reasons , reducing the number of hostages to 73.

Remember there could be a medical reason for frequency.

Ashby declined and was ultimately discharged with a 10 percent disability for medical reasons in September 1944.

For medical reasons he retired to London in 1842, and there found his partner terminally ill.

This includes testing during pregnancy, before surgery, or for other medical reasons .

One patient had colectomy for medical reasons six years later.


For ten more months, doctors in Britain can continue, legally, to deny people access to their own medical records .

Even if I were interested in Martin, I would never sleep with some one who had access to my medical records .

Jean was sitting upright in her chair, the box of medical records on her lap as usual.

There are no medical records for these children.

The medical records of the clinic patients had no indication of any adverse effects or death related to sildenafil usage.

After patients supply their medical records , a company medical team contacts their physicians for any required information not in the records.

And wrote, then, a single sentence on a line of Miss Thorne's medical record card.

In others, they were limited to folding bedsheets, setting up examination rooms, and filing medical records .


Thus the medical reports on which the plaintiff intends to rely must be exhibited.

The medical report composed during this last exhumation described it as being completely mummified.

But, Father, you only read the medical reports .

Jo Millar showed them photographs of the child, as well as a medical report prepared by Nirmala Shishu Bhawan.

Why is the medical report to remain confidential?

A medical report estimated she had a mental age of seven years and nine months.

He was remanded in custody for social inquiry and medical reports to be prepared.

The Speaker is then to obtain a medical report , and a further medical report after six months.


We are fighting meningitis by raising money for medical research , distributing free information, and offering support to sufferers.

This presents our much decorated medical research with a new challenge.

He was surprised at the vast basement area that was used for medical research beneath the Alexander Fleming House building.

One fund invests in the sports and fitness industry, another focuses on medical research .

But two years later, an independent medical research group confirmed the link.

It is important to remember, though, that medical research is an agonizingly slow process.

You can help by joining the Research Defence Society and supporting our work to safeguard the future of biological and medical research.

Like Manhattan, Bangalore is also a major national center for medical research .


On one occasion in the early 1880s she was persuaded to address male students at Edinburgh University medical school .

The alleged cancer connection was disputed by scientists at the University of Arizona medical school in Tucson.

Putting off medical school for one long, last tour of the world, she ended up settling in Florida.

Eventually the medical school will arrange the funeral, and the family can participate if they wish. 8.

I was an A student, on my way to medical school .

They never taught me in medical school that I would be doing so much paperwork.

That means medical school for Kurt Grote, investment banking for Ray Carey.


Rainforests are the source of a multitude of raw materials with immense potential value to medical science .

Such explanations were comforting, if only because they pointed forward to the ultimate vindication of medical science .

Neuroelectric devices were used during the last century without the blessing of the medical sciences .

I learn from my medical sciences colleagues that the Science Museum has recently placed some proprietary drugs on inventory.

Disorders of the body are left to medical science .

In a world in which medical science has alleviated pain, he will not learn to take painful stimuli.

He believed there was nothing that medical science could have done to have changed the tragic outcome.

She had let them down, medical science had let them down.


The distribution of medical services has always been both unequal and inequitable.

Cutting back on medical services to the poor is counterproductive.

It would need management resources, and some members would have to reduce their commitment to general medical services .

Home-delivered medical services filled the gap between care by overworked family members and impossibly expensive care in hospitals.

At Magee College, a local Group Practice provides a medical service for all registered students.

In many hospitals psychiatrists and psychologists are seen as special disciplinary arms of the medical service .

Do you need to be near to something e.g. schools, college, work, family, medical services ? 3.

Under managed care, the insurer paying the bills also monitors and limits the use of medical services .


The medical staff had realized that she wasn't swallowing her medication, and it was now dissolved before being administered.

And the medical staff has been augmented with an orthopedic and vascular surgeon.

The judge also ruled that medical staff could administer a painkilling sedative to assist him in the process.

Other events, such as those that follow, are avoidable with cooperation be-tween the parents and the medical staff .

Futility and anticipation of poor quality of life were the reasons most frequently cited by medical staff .

The accident unit was manned by overworked junior medical staff .

It upset both nursing and medical staff .

Arguments in favour of a more substantial increase in the supply of medical staff come from several sources.


Bloomsbury House reacted sceptically with a half-hearted inquiry as to the Home Office attitude to refugee medical students .

That, anyway, is the thinking of some modern medical students who find a lot has changed since the Peloponnesian war.

He published in addition shorter primers aimed at medical students and general practitioners.

He sat where medical students usually sat, hands clasped before him, watching the rapid movement of the green-robed figures below.

And each medical student spent three days there.

A doctor asked permission for some medical students to see how the wrist was set in plaster.

Amongst the people who came visiting was a young Maidenhead medical student .


He said other money from his group was used to buy medical supplies and to pay for the logistics of the trip.

In that time they carried two and a half thousand tonnes of food and medical supplies saving countless lives.

The claims were for non-existent medical supplies .

After being rejected by the Sandinistas, he resolved to become a flying doctor and ferry medical supplies to war-stricken campesinos.

And the facility could run out of medical supplies in a couple of weeks.

This week the school is collecting medical supplies , including plasters, vitamins and antiseptics.

Sure enough, doctors ditched the other parties thrown by rival medical supply companies.


She's a great ship, and we've got a pretty good medical team , even though I do say so myself.

But an emergency medical team from Dagestan gave this reporter a lift to the field hospital located just outside the town.

After patients supply their medical records, a company medical team contacts their physicians for any required information not in the records.

Hospital medical teams have been put on stand-by.

But the pre admission briefing means the medical team can get an early look at her ... and she at them!

Ten ambulances ferried the casualties to hospital and medical teams from Huddersfield Royal Infirmary worked at the roadside.


Provision should be made for medical treatment to be included in the cover.

In cases where patients had been injured by medical treatment , doctors also assessed the degree of disability.

This combination of symptoms may be unresponsive to conventional medical treatment .

Many standard medical treatments of 1970 would in 1995 provide grounds for charges of malpractice.

For medical treatment after the assault.

But, analytically, a right to die is not dissimilar from a right to hasten death by terminating life-sustaining medical treatment .

Earlier it had said that Mr Sharif had requested permission to travel abroad for medical treatment .

Five years in a row for those needing medical treatment or social services.


college/medical boards

I have reflected on the position of elected councillors being allowed to become chairmen of college boards .

Soldo and his co-developer, librarian Richard Schiff, visited many state medical boards to introduce the concept.

That will provide the college boards with new perspectives and new experience.

The activity of state medical boards is directly related to their independence and financial backing, Winn said.

Three times during that year, Cottle was called before medical boards to assess his fitness for active service.

in medical/advertising etc parlance

What is a prognosis in medical parlance ?


medical insurance

As many as 30,000 refugees died of hunger and a lack of medical care.

Most companies offer medical and dental benefits to their employees.


Baker's medical education was continued at Guy's Hospital, London.

He said he had Achilles' tendinitis, the medical equivalent of the cavalry for Lewis' relay hopes.

Only a couple in the collection deal directly with medical matters.

The partnership plans to invest mainly in West Coast media, medical products, biotechnology and information-technology companies.

There's a medical officer, a navigation officer, a communications officer.

There were lectures on quite advanced medical care, on intelligence-gathering, signalling and demolitions.

Third, the severity of comorbidity was categorised broadly and was based only on past medical history.

II. noun


How pilot medicals will change I have read with interest the correspondence concerning medical fees.

Only the young, intending teachers, and medicals were allowed the full normal course for their subject.

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