Meaning of MELTING in English




melting point

melting pot

New York has always been a great melting pot.




The sun must only be a rare visitor to this mysterious landscape where spring flowers push through the slowly melting ice .

Surface waters in contact with melting ice tend to be very thinly populated with zooplankton.

The air was filled with sublime music and the sound of burning wood was like the soft crackle of melting ice .

Like melting ice , it dazzled the eye.

Many years ago, before people had freezers, they made ice cream by using melting ice to cool the mixture.


The main difference between the two is the melting point of the solder.

This shows the effect of pressure on the melting point of ice.

It shows that as pressure increases the melting point decreases slightly.

Most pure solids have characteristic sharp melting points .

This fact can be used to determine the identity of unknown organic compounds by the method of mixed melting points .

What is the melting point of melamine?

The unknown compound is matched with a known compound with the same melting point .

The high melting point of carbon may also be significant.


She learnt that these plates did not come up to the manufacturer's high standards and would go back into the melting pot .

The remaining bare shell is then cut up and sent off to its grave in the industry's melting pot .

But again they are an ancient group with ancestors back in the Carboniferous forest, a melting pot for plant evolution.

Magic and medicine were often in the same melting pot .

The Copperbelt has been a political melting pot for years.


The Great River swept sluggishly through meads that were aflame with buttercups and dotted with the last patches of melting snow .

Below us sparkled the Garbh Uisge, bouncing noisily down from the melting snows over jumbled slabs.

The roof itself was holed in places, and melting snow dripped to the floor and spread in muddy puddles.

On the night of 16 March, waters from melting snow began to burst the flood-banks in the Fens.

Bottom right: melting snow from the peaks fuels the rapids.

Usually we are melting snow or ice so we don't bother, but this trip could see us near stagnant water.


For practical purposes T m is taken to be the melting temperature of the undiluted polymer irrespective of the crystalline content.

This allows the onset of molecular motion in amorphous polymers to take place at temperatures below the melting temperature of such crystallites.

Any substance, which can be cooled to a sufficient degree below its melting temperature without crystallizing, will form a glass.

These samples might then exhibit almost perfect first order phase changes at the melting temperature .

The effect of branching is to decrease the percentage crystallinity, broaden the melting range, and reduce the average melting temperature .

Any interaction between chains in the crystal lattice will help to hold the structure together more firmly and raise the melting temperature .


boiling point/freezing point/melting point etc

in the melting pot


No doubt they had all felt this melting ecstasy.

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